Girls Just Want To Have Fun!


Photo_ Fish Zhang 
Hair&Make-up_ Rie Shiraishi 
Model_ Kako Takahashi(eva management)

Spring is the time of the season when a lot of new cosmetics come in.
To update makeup for spring, we called Rie Shiraishi,
a hair and make-up artist with a unique and fresh style.
Here are the 3 SPRING COLOR KEYWORDS that she taught us with some makeup tips.


This Season’s Hottest Trend: Pink Tone

The first thing that we want to take in is PINK as a trend color for spring. One-tone makeup by using similar pink tones is inspired by 60s Factory Girl such as Edie Sedgwick. The point of this makeup look is retro cut crease.

【Base Make】
Choose oil-based foundation to have a natural glow. Use a wet sponge and apply foundation all over the face to have a natural look. To leave a glow, you don’t need to use powder after foundation.
【Make-up Point】
1.Use an ultra-fine powder & a well pigmented〈NARS, Duo Eyeshadow〉(we used nectarine color) for eyelid and draw a thick line to crease with the lip pencil until it is a little longer than the corner of the eye.

2.For lips, select a smooth-textured finish〈NARS Satin Lip Pencil 9203〉. Draw an outline around the lips first and fill in. An orange pigmented coral pink color that fits well with the skin will give you a healthy look. To stand out the pink color on lips and eyes, it is important not to apply blush.

NARS〉Duo Eye Shadow 3902 ¥4,200+TAX、〈NARS〉Satin Lip Pencil 9203 ¥3,000+TAX(NARS Japan 0120-356-686)

MAX&Co.〉Leather jacket ¥65,000+TAX、〈MAX&Co.〉Leather skirt ¥42,000+TAX (MAX&Co.Japan Co, Ltd +81-3-6434-5101)、〈HOLIDAY〉Belt& knitted tank top ¥11,800+TAX (HOLIDAY +81-3-6805-1273)、〈flake〉Silver ring ¥20,000+TAX(flake +81-3-5833-0013)


Play Nude Color with Texture.

Beige and brown are popular colors for spring and summer fashion. Bring nude colors to makeup and match with your outfit! Enjoy the contrast of matte-finished skin and glossy eye-makeup.

【Base Make】
Make a matte-finished skin and apply a powder blush〈M・A・C Sheertone Blush Peachkeen〉on cheeks broadly and lightly. When you do nude-color makeup, use pink or red blush to have a favorable complexion.
【Make-up Point】
1.Apply a warm taupe color powder eyeshadow〈BOBBI BROWN eyeshadow 04〉to eyelids. Apply long-lasting clear lip gloss〈M・A・C Lipglass Clear〉over the eyeshadow to make glossy eyes as an accent to this look.

2.For lips, use a smooth-textured finish〈NARS Satin Lip Pencil 9200〉. Draw an outline around the lips first and fill in. Pink-toned brown color will bring a soft look.

BOBBI BROWN〉eyeshadow 04 ¥3,200+TAX (BOBBI BROWN +81-3-5251-3485)、〈M・A・C〉Sheertone Blush Peachkeen ¥3,200+TAX、〈M・A・C〉Lipglass Clear ¥2,300+TAX(M・A・C +81-3-5251-3541)、〈NARS〉Satin Lip Pencil 9200 ¥3,000+TAX(Nars Japan 0120-356-686)

NIELS PEERAER〉Choker ¥21,000+TAX (Sister +81-3-5766-3103)、〈shelby〉Stone ring ¥100,000+TAX(drama H.P.FRANCE TOKYO +81-3-3345-2717)、〈flake〉Gold ring ¥30,000+TAX (flake +81-3-5833-0013)


Make a Strong Impression with 2 Tone Makeup.

The single color eye makeup look has been a trend for a while, but “2 tone color” is a key word for this spring. The combination of silver and violet provides this futuristic look with good spring vibes.

【Base Make】
To balance with the eye makeup, use a cream type foundation and apply all over the face and cover nicely and lightly.
【Make-up Point】
1.Take silver waterproof cream eye color〈MAKE UP FOREVER Aqua Cream #3〉with a flat brush and draw a thick line to eyelid. It does not have to be perfect. For lower lush line, use a color pencil〈ettusais Pencil Eye Glitter Violet〉to add some shimmer and the scent of spring.

2.To stand out the eye look, use a creamy and soft matte-finished lipstick〈BERBERRY Lip Velvet 412〉. Choose a color close to your natural lip color with an orange-tone to add a little tint to your lip.

MAKE UP FOR EVER〉Aqua Cream #3 ¥3,200+TAX(MAKE UP FOREVER +81-3-3263-8288)、〈ettusais〉Pencil Eye Glitter Violet ¥1,000+TAX (Ettusais 0120-074-316)、〈BURBERRY〉Lip Velvet 412 ¥3,800+TAX(BERBERRY Customer Service (Cosmetics) 0120-77-1141)

Calvin Klein Underwear〉T-shirt ¥6,500+TAX (NAIGAI +81-3-6230-1662)、〈TEATRE PRODUCTS〉Choker ¥14,000+TAX(THEATRE PRODUCTS Omotesando +81-3-6438-1757)、〈flake〉Silver ring on the ring finger ¥20,000+TAX、〈flake〉Silver ring on the middle finger ¥18,000+TAX(flake +81-3-5833-0013)