Girls Just Want To Have Fun!


Surrendering myself to the charm of voluminous accessories.
Photo_Yuki Kumagai 
Styling_Michiko Yuasa 
Hair & Make-up_Jiro for kilico 
Model_Ines Yasuda (eva management)

In this spring, accessory seems to change from “sub-item” to “major item”!
There are various colors and materials, but common keywords are “voluminous”.
It can be said that seasonal expressions will occur as the bigger the bigger.
Just by wearing “usual me” becomes “special”. Fascinated by free and bold design.

Shake at my ear.

From the resort collection of J.W. Anderson,
pick up the earrings with a vivid color and shaking balls accentuate.
It neutralizes the beauty of one shoulder dress.
Cute and vivid color balls earrings make you happier!

〈J.W. Anderson〉Earring ¥46,800+TAX,Ring ¥21,100+TAX(All Edstrom Office +81 3-6427-5901)

〈J.W. Anderson〉Dress ¥171,300+TAX(Edstrom Office +81 3-6427-5901)

The balance of powerfulness and gentle colors.

“VTOPIA” is the accessory brand that handled by eri who is the owner of “Dept”.
Items created by designers who love vintage
are compatible with nostalgia as found from grandmother’s closet,
and gorgeousness like costume jewelry.

〈VTOPIA〉Neck scarf ¥6,000+TAX,Circle-shaped necklace ¥10,000+TAX,Triangle-shaped necklace ¥16,000+TAX,Right hand ring ¥11,000+TAX,Ring of index finger of left hand ¥13,000+TAX,Ring of middle finger of left hand ¥6,000+TAX,Ring of ring finger of left hand ¥5,000+TAX(All Mother River Side Boutique +81 3-3780-4455)

〈Marques Almeida〉Shirt jacket ¥75,000+TAX,Denim pants ¥83,000+TAX(All Via Bus Stop, Aoyama Store +81 3-6427-3021),〈G.V.G.V.〉Ankle strap sandals ¥32,000+TAX(k3 OFFICE +81 3-3464-5357)

Coexistence of sweetness and strength.

In this season, accessories of “TOGA PULLA”
that has the details of “idol” in various countries
such as Native American Totem Paul and Balinese Barong.
These accessories match feminine items such as see-through shirts and dress.

〈TOGA PULLA〉Earring ¥11,000+TAX,Beige bangle of right hand ¥19,000+TAX,Black bangle of right hand ¥16,000+TAX,Bangle of left hand ¥19,000+TAX(All TOGA, Harajuku store +81 3-6419-8136)

〈TOGA PULLA〉See-thorough shirt ¥38,000+TAX,Camisole dress ¥79,000+TAX,〈TOGA PULLA Shoes〉Shoes ¥59,000+TAX(All TOGA, Harajuku store +81 3-6419-8136)

More Power to the street style!

Earrings like big buckle choker and big size safety pin
are those of new collection “SUEPLUS SOUND SYSTEM” of AMBUSH®.
Earrings can be passed through pierced holes even if they are hooked,
so various ways of use are possible. Gold that upgrades rough street style is brilliant.

〈Ambush®〉Leather Choker ¥68,000+TAX,Pin earrings ¥22,000+TAX(All Ambush® Workshop +81 3-6451-1410)

〈Ambush®〉T-shirt ¥14,000+TAX(Ambush® Workshop +81 3-6451-1410),〈Cheap Monday〉Denim jacket ¥14,700+TAX(k3 OFFICE +81 3-3464-5357),〈Marques Almeida〉Sweat pants ¥56,000+TAX(Via Bus Stop, Aoyama Store +81 3-6427-3021),〈Reebok classic〉Sneakers ¥14,000+TAX(Reebok Adidas Group Customers 0570-033-033)

Design with sense of fun.

“CARVEN” proposes a style that adds accessories with a contemporary essence
to a feminine retro style.
Bangles which is like an object, and swing pearls creates
a wonderful “discomfort” in classical attractive clothes.
Save sweetness with a choker.

〈CARVEN〉Choker ¥17,000+TAX,Bangle of right hand ¥22,000+TAX,Big bangle of left hand ¥30,000+TAX,Small bangle of left hand Reference Products(All Bluebell Japan +81 3-5413-1050)

〈CARVEN〉Rib knit, ¥47,000+TAX,skirt ¥102,000+TAX(All Bluebell Japan +81 3-5413-1050)

Shining skin and glow of silver.

“Simon Miller” was inspired by the hill when the designer visited Yamagata
and developed a unique seasonal theme called “Green Hill”.
Earth color styling and silver accessories of native African taste
are looks like a powerful combination,
so better to give a soft image with shining skin.

〈Simon Miller〉earrings ¥43,000+TAX,necklace ¥51,000+TAX,3ring sets ¥63,000+TAX(All Edstrom Office +81 3-6427-5901)

〈Simon Miller〉Camisole leather top ¥66,000+TAX,Knit bra top ¥36,000+TAX,Pants ¥37,000+TAX(All Edstrom Office +81 3-6427-5901)

Take the summer first.

“G.V.G.V.” is has sports feminine as the theme of this season.
The PVC material choker makes a summer mood.
This would be more fashionable when you wear it with other ones.
Why don’t you show the accessories with your animal pattern shirt
and aim for Tacky style?

〈G.V.G.V.〉PVC Double choker ¥6,000+TAX(k3 OFFICE +81 3-3464-5357)

〈G.V.G.V.〉Velvet opening clothes shirt ¥45,000+TAX(k3 OFFICE +81 3-3464-5357)〈AKIRA NAKA〉Knit rib wide pants ¥42,000+TAX(HARUMI showroom +81 3-6433-5395),〈Marcomonde〉Sandals ¥30,000+TAX(Marcomonde +81 3-6805-0812)