LIFEWORK with GapFit.

Clothing that gets us more active.
Photo_Yoko Kusano
Model_Yuki Sugimura

In a cold weather, we never feel like to go out unless we wear some clothing that raises us up.
Today, we interviewed Yuki Sugimura, a dancer and also an ambassador of GapFit,
for tips like how to put on fitness wear in a daily outfit
and asked her personal backgrounds such as a catalyst to become a dancer.

Firstly, please introduce yourself.
I am Yuki Sugimura, a 22-year-old dancer. I mainly work as a dancer in a group called FICUS, but I am also a model, an organizer, and a press at a shop.
Wow, you’ve got so many job titles.
Yes, because I love dancing and fashion since I was so little! When I was a kid, I used to wear my favorite outfits while I was playing my favorite music and dancing. I love both of them so much, so it’s really hard for me to choose which one I prefer.
When did you start dancing so passionately?
The catalyst was that I became enrolled in a cheerleading club in my middle school, and I learned fundamentals of dances then. Around that time, I noticed an old-school hip-hop dance matches me the most and since then I mainly dance in that style.
When did you form FICUS, your dance team?
That’s when I was 20. I was managing casts for a foreign artist’s music video, and I met my current members there. Basically, we all had the same vision and style where we all desired to perform in an underground style. After some transformations of members, the group is currently comprised of AYAMI, RINA, and me.
All three of you work as a model individually or being a staff at a fashion brand. I think that’s really different from a general dance team.
Initially, I was immensely inspired by a dance team named BIGDOGSS. In the group, members are not only performing as dancers, but some of them were like a designer of a brand or even a photographer. Thus, I also wanted to establish a girl’s dance group with crews who have extensive cultural backgrounds, so we don't have much restrictions on our individual tasks where we all believe we need to experience various things at versatile fields.
So today, we were shooting your running images. Do you also run a lot in your daily life?
Yeah. Yet, my purpose of running is mostly for maintaining my condition for dancing. I believe most of dancers have experienced a slump at least once, so I try to manage myself by running and listening to my favorite music. So, running for me is more like to keep motivating myself for better performances.
Since 2018, you’ll become an ambassador at GapFit. What do you feel about it?
I’m so looking forward to it! Beside introducing its products, I will also become an instructor for a dance workout at a Gap store. Rather than teaching something, I wanna merely enjoy its moments with the customers. I want all the participants to feel that there is such a pleasant and cool world in a street and a dancing culture. In addition, I wish to introduce the fascination of the brand. Gap is such a great brand that doesn’t judge cultures, ages, or genders since its clothing can be worn broadly everywhere from a baby to a grandma, and I also like to buy its men’s stuffs as well. I love Gap in that sense.
In fact, you incorporated a lot of men’s items in this shooting as well.
Exactly! I purely love fashion, but for me, the most important matter is whether clothing is comfortable to wear. Therefore, I incorporate men’s items since they are generally loose and oversized. As for GapFit, clothing is mainly produced for fitness, but because of its pretty designs, they can definitely be worn in a daily outfit too! Wanna put them on in many different occasions.
What’s your next challenge?
My father currently lives in Yamanashi and I sometimes visit him there, and I’m so surprised that I can go into the middle of such a vast nature by a bus less than ¥2,000 (≈$20 USD). So, I’m actually thinking to gather funds in a crowd-funding to build a treehouse in Yamanashi which was my dream from my childhood. Since I was born and raised in Tokyo, I strongly admire a life in nature. Eventually, I wanna suggest a lifestyle like “a weekend at Yamanashi” for those of whom living in the middle of concrete jungles. Well, my another goal is to open a hostess bar sometime in the future too haha.


“Pink as the protagonist with casual half pants.”

Hoodie ¥4,537+TAX (Gap), Short Pants ¥3,611+TAX (GapFit), Leggings ¥5,462+TAX (GapFit)
“High mobility with the jogger pants and denim jacket.”

Denim Jacket ¥9,166+TAX (Gap), Turtleneck Tops ¥5,462+TAX (Gap), Cap ¥3,611+TAX (Gap), Jogger Pants ¥5,741+TAX (GapFit)
“The exquisite balance of the men’s shirts with the line pants.”

Flannel Shirts ¥6,388+TAX (Gap), Pants ¥7,315+TAX (Gap), Laptop ¥3,888+TAX (GapFit), Sport Bra ¥2,963+TAX (GapFit)
“Making it sharp when dancing.”

Bomber Jacket ¥12,870+TAX (Gap), Sport Bra ¥2,685+TAX (GapFit), Leggings ¥6,388+TAX (GapFit)
“Athleisure style when the jacket is too catchy.”

Jacket ¥15,648+TAX (Gap), Fleece Hoodie ¥7,315+TAX (GapFit), Leggings ¥7,315+TAX (GapFit)