Girls Just Want To Have Fun!


vol.7 What’s your favorite pattern? Items what editors want now.
Photo_ Hiroyo Kai (STUH)

The theme of the seventh volume is “pattern”.
Floral, camouflage, checkered, leopard…
We’ve researched patterned items that we, the editors, wish to cop immediately!
Today, we’ll be introducing awesome items that can be used for this summer as well as goods
that are applicable till the end of autumn.

The loudest clothing for 365 days.

I’m a type of person who cannot just pass by those weird patterned vintage clothing
when I see it at a shop.
However, I cannot wear those gaudy stuffs in the city,
so I go to Fuji Rock Festival every year covered by those loud clothing.
Last year, I selected an Elvis Presley-patterned dress for the event, haha.

SELECTED by Rachel


Knit Pants from Stella McCartney

Feels like The Specials.

When I used to like Ska bands during my teenage era, I was so into a flag checkered pattern. Just by following a typical trend then, I also put on a black and white checkered slip-on. Since the pattern was more suitable for teenagers, I was keeping a distance from the checkered items for a while since I’m pretty matured. Nevertheless, the knit pants from Stella McCartney got me straight into my heart. Don’t you think the checkered side-lines are way too pretty? I definitely do. If there is a pattern that represents a country, just like a national flower or bird, a tartan check is definitely of the British. Additionally, I believe The Specials-ish flag check is a culturally emerged version of a tartan check.


Stella McCartney Japan



Camouflage Tote Bag from Alexander Wang.

Exceptional balance of feminine and loutish.

Recently, a survival game is my leisure-time boom, so I tend to select most of my clothing in camouflage. I sometimes cover myself entirely in camos just like an actual army, so that’s a bit too much for a woman. In a game, I prefer MultiCam patterns, but for daily fashion, a tiger stripe camo or a basic woodland pattern are much feasible. I think a cute camo like duck-hunt is rather harder for a girl to wear. Thus, my recent biggest hit is the woodland camo tote bag from Alexander Wang. The elegant cow leather offsets a mannish impression of the camo. Even if you carry the bag with cargo pants, it wouldn't be “too army-ish” like me, haha!


Alexander Wang


Going to Fuji Rock for a first time!

Preparation of tools, long distance travel, unreadable weather at site and accommodation problems.
Though I love music, because I knew that for me,
full spirit is needed that exceeds my motivation of "I want to listen to that artist"
so I’ve been Summer Sonic so far, but this year,
I’m finally going to make a trip to Fuji Rock that includes work in there.
I am looking forward because it is a pretty good lineup.


Olympia Le-Tan

Shirt from Olympia Le-Tan

Watch out! Marion!

Marion taking a shower. A human figure appearing through the curtain who holds the knife in the hand and swing it down as soon as opening the curtain. Marion is stabbed many times, her blood splashes and dyeing water red .... Yes, it is such a famous one scene of the psycho thriller movie "PSYCHO". I believe that Olympia Le-Tan that creates season's collection inspired by Hitchcock film expressed the scene I mentioned above on this shirt. Though it is a pretty violence motif (moreover, pattern in all over!), it seems to be able to wear without resistance as its touch is pop. Women have privilege to wear this in stylish with a bit of poison in positive way. If men wear it, he likely to be just cheapie ... so I envy a woman.

Shirt ¥90,000+TAX





Now in the middle of the trend.

It can’t be. to become the attention in the fashion scene this much. In my memory, speaking of the people that made crazy in the past are only football boys who adored FC Barcelona, ​​which club was offered official uniform by back in the 90’s and some Italian taste fashion lovers. However it is now collaborating with , and teens also enjoy to wear logo jerseys as fashion. When I saw at the press exhibition, I frankly thought it’s cool. Since it’s a bit embarrassing for me to wear a big logo clothing, I’d like to enjoy the trend casually starting from the socks.

Socks ¥1,900+TAX each



It’s already the second half of the year.

2017 has already been a half way through.
It’s as usual, but don’t you think it’s too quick?
I’m so intimidated that this year will be ending in a moment…
According to the public, Scorpius, my zodiac, is going to face a fortune period
that occurs once in twelve years from October 10th,
so I must get myself prepared for it!。



Checkered Pullover Hoodie Shirts from YSTRDY’S TMRRW

Wish it to be delivered asap.

I’ve been thinking that my face is not a type of look that matches with patterned items, but the checkered pullover hoodie shirt from YSTRDY’s TMRRW completely changed my fixed mind. One of my colleague from my previous office invited me to visit its showroom, and I fell in love with the brand in a glimpse. The brand just debuted since this season hence very remarkable, and its first collection is focused on the late 90’s fashion in which Kazuya Sugano, the designer, had most inspired of. Even though it’s a men’s brand, there are a lot of items that girls can wear in oversized figures, and so I ordered the shirt which acquires the exquisite coloring with the catchy pullover design. By recollecting my youth, I definitely wanna wear it on the day it arrives!





Terra-Float Universal BEDWIN from Teva®

Tend to apply too much sunscreen.

Every single summer, I’d be known as “Teva® tan”, which is a particular sunburn on feet of wearing Teva® too much, and I think I’ll be having my trademark again in this summer as well. It’s because I just encountered Terra-Float Universal BEDWIN which is the collaboration between Teva® and BEDWIN & THE HEARTBREAKERS! The straps of the paisley textile will be great accents for a simple summer outfit. By the way, the item will only be manufactured for men’s sizing which starts from 25cm, so I’m planning to get it at the size. In the Past, I used to struggle that my feet weren’t large enough to wear shoes that I craved, but luckily, I’m able to wear both men’s and women’s footwear today. What a fortunate foot sizing I have!


Deckers Japan


Unlike me.

I like patterned items on my own,
but they’re honestly pretty complicated things.
The situation should be familiar to you too that when you see an item at a store and you think it’s so pretty,
but when you actually cop it and wear it, you regretted the purchase.
Nevertheless, everyone still gets the fancy stuffs by believing those items will someday be a part of a great outfit.
I definitely do too, haha.




Sparklers on Yukata.

A too colorful yukata is not my style, so I often prefer a standard one. However, I just discovered a well-balanced of standard and stylish yukata from Tsukikageya, so I wanna share it with you. This brand is pretty unique that you can find distinctive yukatas such as “YOKOSHIMA (=border) no YUKATA” or “Onee-chan (=adultery) no Yukata” in which you rarely see in the other stores, and I’ll introduce you the one called “Rangiku (=various flower pedals)”.  It’s a typical pattern of a yutaka, but Tsukikageya made it fancier since the brand doesn’t adopt a typical dying method called Chusen-zome. It’s absolutely a great summer dress, and I’d love to cover myself with a carp-patterned obi (= kimono sash) with the yukata.

Yukata ¥51,416+TAX
Obi (= kimono sash) ¥52,000 +TAX





Passionate love is the carps in a pond.

“All Star 100 Nishikigoi Hi” is the All Star’s 100th year anniversary model. When I was little, I loved looking at goldfish, but I never had any sentiment toward carps then. However, I somewhat started to feel carps are “pretty nice” recently. Nowadays, I like to look at the actual carps swimming in water as well as to cop some carp-patterned items. By the way, there is also a carp on obi right next to the image. Anyway, the carp-pattern on the shoes is completely different from a typical design in which this pattern is more like a mixture of camo and carps. I wanna match the sneaker with a black tank-top and a black skinny pants. Oh actually, I was once interested in carps when I was an elementary school kid that I was frantically looking for a fish with a human face.

Sneaker ¥8,000 +TAX

Converse Information Center


Prize for myself.

It actually was my birthday when I was writing this article,
so I selected the items that I wanted for my birthday gifts.
Oh well, for those of you who know me,
I’ll be happy to receive these gifts from you, haha!!

SELECTED by Samantha


Mini Bag from MARROW

What I carry is only my phone, lipstick, and lollipop.

Summer is the season where people go out and play hard for all day long till night. And, I’m always concerned “what should I carry” in a bag since I often only carry those stuffs I wrote above, so “no bag” is my general style. Yet, I discovered a bag which completely changed my mind which is the python mini bag from Marrow. This minimal but elegant bag is made in Japan high quality, and it would undoubtedly catch people’s eyes even in a dark ambience. Moreover, the bag is made of actual pythons despite of the price! It’s way too reasonable and affordable, so I wanna buy two of them in the case I make it dirty.

Python Mini Bag ¥29,000+TAX




Display Watch from Sony

Innumerable patterns of image in a push.

“FES Watch U” is created by Fashion Entertainments which is the Sony’s intra-venture business. The watch is entirely comprised of electronic paper where it transforms its picture pattern by pushing the winding crown. I was attracted by the system in which I can download any design by any creator in the world for free through the smartphone app, and I can also use pictures that I took previously or images that I like on internet as my original watch designs. It’s so nice that I can switch whichever design anywhere at anytime which makes me feel like I myself become a creator. I’m so impressed by Sony’s technology where one watch can obtain innumerable designs.

(From left) Silver ¥46,000+TAX Premium Black ¥60,000+TAX

Fashion Entertainments (Sony)

Jean Seberg is laughing.

I resolved myself to “get slimmer till this summer!“, yet the summer has already come,
and my weight is unfortunately not different.
When the theme was decided as “patterns”,
I recalled my past determination of not putting on any border stuffs since it makes people look fatty.
Border… how dreadful.


MM6 Maison Margiela

Shopping Bag from MM6

Be careful in many ways.

Countless red “FRAGILE” tapes are overprotecting the bag just like the currently broadcasting drama, Kahogo no Kahoko (Eng: Overprotected Kahoko). I wonder what to put inside, but well, I think anything including fragile stuffs can be accommodated. Actually, it’s made of thick PVC material, so it’s truly tough. In addition, it’s capable under raining as well as containing heavy things, and it’s pretty large, hence good for those girls who always carry a lot of stuffs. Moreover, there are also bag pack and clutch bag types as well. Since the temperature is tremendously increasing, I’m merely wearing easy-washing plain t-shirts, but I craved something new to improve my simple tee&denim outfit. The bag certainly matches with red clothing, and I cannot stop thinking what clothing to match with this bag!


MM6 Maison Margiela Omotesando



Sandal from ELVIO ZANON

Start dancing from feet.

Patterned clothing is not my preferred style, so I’d rather put “patterns” on accessories. Additionally, I personally prefer the patterns that are not too conspicuous. Therefore, the patterned sandal from ELVIO ZANON, which acquires African music atmosphere, perfectly passes my criteria. While the sandal is not entirely showing off its patterns, only those two upper belts generate an extraordinary ambience. I just have to take my hat off to the design. On top of that, the leather is very tough, and the heels are so stable as well. It’s not a red footwear, but I feel like to start dancing when I put them on my feet. Do you mind if I wear it everyday till the end of this summer?




My grandma asked me to hand it over to her.

The patterned items that I have the most are the leopards.
Recently, I noticed that I own a lot of shoes, pants, and shirts which are in leopard,
and my grandma asked me to give them over to her, haha.
Probably, I was born under a family line of leopard.



Bra Top and Corset from FUMIKA_UCHIDA

Get excited no matter what.

The brand, FUMIKA_UCHIDA, was established in 2014 by Fumika Uchida, who was a former owner of JANTIQUES, and these items are so special which make people feel thrilled just by wearing them. After spending years of observing vintage clothing in her former store, her current designs are now vintage-based yet modern feminine styles, and the items, a bra top and a corset, grasped my heart in this season. The camo pattern with the denim material was created originally from the brand, and I really liked the balance of its mannish pattern in female-only items. I wish to wear them for a long time in order to generate vintage, dated ambience to them.

Denim Bra Top ¥25,000+tax
Denim Corset ¥39,000+tax




Pajama from DEREK ROSE

We’ve finally met.

Beside typical patterned goods such as camos or leopards, I rarely see the other patterned items except in a vintage shop. However, I instantly fell in love with the textile of the pajama from Derek Rose when I met them. The items look like general white-based floral patterned textiles, yet there actually are birds and insects in them, so they don’t have too sweet or too bitter impression. In addition, the material is solely manufactured by the brand, so it acquires extra comfort and cozy feeling. Furthermore, it’s not only used as a pajama, but it can also be worn as a casual daily wear with a jacket, a shirt, a tee, or with pants. Actually, I already copped the pair and am wearing them most of the recent days, haha.

Pajama ¥27,000+tax