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vol.8 You’re the next buddy! The most craved sneakers of today
selected by the editors.
Photo_ Hiroyo Kai (STUH)

“SHOPPING ADDICT for GIRL” — the serial publication in which we, the editors,
introduce our most desired items of a month.
The theme of the eighth volume is “sneakers”.
I’m pretty sure every single person owns at least one pair of sneakers,
yet there are various types including high-tech, low-tech, functional, or fashionable.
Let’s check out which pairs the editors do crave for this month!

Negate naïve snakers.

Recently, wearing vintage Levi’s Cutoffs with an USA Converse is my boomed outfit.
However, I feel like shorts are no longer for me as long bottoms are trending in the city
or because I’m pretty aged myself.
I’d probably better get tanning to anti-age my entire look…

SELECTED by Rachel


Women’s Air Max 97 Ultra 17

Eventually, I caught up with the era.

Everyone! I’ve got a good news! For its 20th year anniversary, Nike’s masterpiece, Air Max 97, will be released as Ultra 17. Twenty years ago, I didn't cop them as I thought the model was “too manly” which was comprised of metallic design like a machine. Yet, when I comprehensively observe the entire Air Max series today, 97 could be my most favorite of all compared to the retro-pretty 95s or those stylish models after 98s. The problem is whether I should cop the monotone silver which represents the OG model or I should cop the metallic pink which could be exclusive for this release… It’s such a pleasant agony today.


Nike Customer Service




Against the rules.

I lined up at Isetan Shinjuku for Converse Weapon “Lakers” at the releasing date two years ago, but I guess the new All Star from FACETASM✕CONVERSE could be a larger hit. I was just tremendously impressed by its details. In this model, the ankle patch, the symbol of Converse, is even re-designed. Take a close look at the image. The star logo is fragmented! Moreover, the material is slightly thicker than the general models, so I must shout to every one of sneaker freaks that this unprecedented collaboration is a must-buy!! Actually, I reserved this dark-toned pairs already, so will you?

*Available from October 13th



Circulation of fates.

My first purchase of a sneaker was when I was in a high school.
Recently, when I visited Nike store in Harajuku,
I found the updated Jordan Trunner which was my first pair of a sneaker,
and then I was fraught with great emotion.


adidas Originals by Alexander Wang

AW Hike Lo from adidas Originals by Alexander Wang

Footwear of those enigmatic cyclists.

The second season of adidas Originals by Alexander Wang is finally revealed. The theme of this season is the “enigmatic cyclists” where the items are developed sportier than the previous collection. I heard that if a person buys am item from the collection, it will directly be delivered by the cyclists themselves… Really? Actually, one of the messenger also visited our office as a press service, and it was so impressive! By the way, for the footwear line, “AW Hike Lo” is introduced for the collection. As you can see, the fluorescent colorings capture our eyes and hearts. On top of that, the outsole is consisted of the “Boost”, so the comfortability is not necessary to explain.

Sneaker ¥28,000+TAX

Adidas Customer Support



Sports 3 from MBT

Significance of being “one and only”.

You know when you cop a latest trendy sneaker, it’s highly likely to see the others putting on the same pair in the city. I personally wanna dodge the situation, so I always look for something different from a certain trend. The sneaker from MBT is produced for more like a functional walking shoe than a footwear for fashion. Yet, don't you think the design is pretty stylish? I believe the pair matches with a modern outfit and the brand is actually collaborating with 10 Corso Como for long years. The functionality is exceptional that the thick outsole spontaneously corrects the right way we walk and it reforms our body shape through revitalizing our muscles.

Sneaker ¥25,000+TAX

MBT Walking Shop Ebisu Core

Autumn is around the corner!

After the mid-August, I start to feel an arrival of autumn despite of the burning temperature.
I couldn’t really do fun activities and events for this summer, but as autumn is my favorite season,
I wish I’m able to go somewhere out of the city with a new sneaker.
I’m sorry if I won’t come back from a vacation, haha.



Platform Sneaker from EYTYS

The lovely volume.

I often wear sneakers like everyone does, but I tend to cop the similar type of sneakers as I’m pretty conservative. Additionally, “light”, “knee-friendly”, and “easy to put on” are my criteria when choosing a sneaker. Despite the fact that I’m conservative, the platform sneaker from EYTYS is something I rarely desired to try on which doesn't pass my principles. Even though they seem pretty huge and heavy, they’re actually not that heavy and I love the entire figure of the model. The coloring and the material are also excellent. I’ll mainly wear them for this autumn with a bit voluminous outfit.




adidas Originals×BEAUTY&YOUTH

Campus from adidas Originals×BEAUTY&YOUTH

Just like my favored type of a guy.

I believe everyone has a specific model of a favorite sneaker, and for me, it is Campus from Adidas Originals. The exquisite simple design with the catchy three lines… They’ve been controlling my heart for my entire life! Probably, I was spontaneously inspired by those musicians who wore the model such as Beastie Boys and Jay Kay of Jamiroquai. Eventually, this masterpiece is collaborated with Beauty&Youth as the exclusive model. I’m pretty sure the hairy leather Adidas lines and the purple suede will beat this autumn styles. I really really must cop ‘em!

*Available on October (Stay tuned for the updated info)

BEAUTY&YOUTH United Arrows Shibuya Koen-Dori


Zig Zag Zig Zag.

I love sneakers and I wear them almost everyday, but I’m not really a nut of them.
However, I definitely like collecting sneakers and thus I’ve always been craving for new pairs
in which I think that is a mysterious charm of sneakers.



Marathona Original Shigeyuki Kunii Direction from HUMMEL HIVE

Spin the bicolor.

In my shoe closet, there are about 10 pairs of sneakers, but all of them are monocolor. I didn’t intentionally collect those simple sneakers, but I feel like I didn't meet up with a good bicolor model till I encounter this Marathona Original. The representative model of Hummel, a Denmark’s traditional sports brand, is developed into the modern creation. Moreover, the color-direction was operated by Shigeyuki Kunii of the sneaker shop, Mita Sneakers, that he generated this crazily exquisite coloring. Even though it’s bicolor, it doesn’t seem divided into two parts in which the balance is just superb. Finally, I found this masterpiece.


Mita Sneakers




Did you already dispose of the sneaker?

The design somewhat induces me to recollect all memories of my teen. Slack is a sneaker brand which just debuted this year, and its footwear with this beautiful rubber sole got straight to my heart. Probably because the brand is pretty new, the sneaker itself seems so fresh. They look very clean because they are comprised of clear prints on its high oz canvas material, so they generate the shining look to the white surface. Thus, they won't be damaged or stained easily where they resist raining, and the outsole is very thick hence very comfortable. I actually already attained it and I highly recommend it to everyone!


Slack Footwear


Sneakers mostly everyday.

In retrospect, I wore high heels to go to Disney Land,
but today I cannot even walk three steps with them in the city.
When I put on sneakers then, some of my friends even asked me whether I’m moving out or not.
It was that rare for me to wear sneakers,
but I’ll try to wear heels a bit more from now on like before.

SELECTED by Samantha


Band Slip-On from PIERRE HARDY

Should I go for it or cool my greed down?

I’ve desiring to cop this sneaker for a long long time. The designer is Pierre Hardy who also took directions of shoe designs for Dior, Hermes, and Balenciaga. The brand releases various types of pumps and sandals, and the Slider is one of his most well-known product. This model always stimulates my desire when the brand introduces new coloring. Especially, the latest pair of the bright one with glitters will undoubtedly add an accent to our outfit which is often tend to be dark during autumn and winter. Should I cop both or either one…? Oh well…

(From top) ¥69,000+TAX, ¥57,000+TAX

Pierre Hardy Tokyo


PS by Paul Smith

Leopard Sneaker from PS by Paul Smith

Anti-living things but pro-animal patterns.

Through my entire life, I’ve owned only goldfish as a pet, and I’m honestly not matched with the most of animals. To be real honest, I don’t even wanna get close to them. Nevertheless, I love animal patterns! I always purchase new items from PS by Paul Smith every season, and the leopard sneaker is already added to my “must-buy list” of this season. The footwear is not like a typical simply-printed shoes, and the fake-fur generates a naughty flavor to it. The shoe upper is made of unborn calf, and it displays an excellent ambience as well. Wanna wear them for a long time by caring and treating them attentively.

*Will be available on the mid-October.

Paul Smith Limited


What’s different?

I admire Phoebe Philo’s, the designer of Celine, sneaker style.
It’s just so cool. Het style is not too elaborated in a good way,
so I thought I could probably follow her style with my current sneaker collections.
And, I tried her style and I was so depressed of the difference between me and her…


Onitsuka Tiger

Soft Marty GSM from Onitsuka Tiger

Unline electric appliances.

When I see the term “eco-fashion”, a biased idea comes up to my mind that people call it because they don’t sell clothing that profitably. In addition, I wanna shout out to them that “think about fashion before considering ‘eco’ stuff” since most of those eco-fashion is honestly not stylish. Still, I had nothing to complain when I met the Soft Marty. It really grasped my soul. The nude-color is super elegant and the material on shoe upper is consisted of gorgeous fur in which the entire balance is stunning. Firstly, the sneaker is really cool as a fashion item. Secondly, its leather is called “metal free leather” which is eco-friendly both for the environment and human bodies. Thus, this sneaker is super fire in its look as well as harmless for our nature. Well, that’s perfect! Isn't this the right way of how eco-fashion ought to be?


Onitsuka Tiger (Asics Japan Customer Service)




Pump Supreme Ultraknit from Reebok

My absolute lifesaver.

It’s so common, but I love white sneakers. Especially, a clean simple one is my lifetime hit and thus I tend to cop too many of them. Recently, my collection is filled mostly with the equivalent type of shoes. And, I don't wanna go too offbeat, but I crave something slightly different and new. At such time, the new Pump Supreme saved my life. I was already intrigued by its previous spring-summer collection, but the new collection is improved with the Ultraknit material. The greatest harmony of stylish, sporty, and clean is loaded in this one pair and I have nothing more to say. On top of that, the Ultraknit is the innovative material which is recently invented, and it covers our feet so comfortably. I can finally get something new to enrich my collection. Thank you!


Reebok adidas group Customer Service


Nice to meet you!

Hello! My name is Aileen, a new editor here at Girl Houyhnhnm,
so let me briefly introduce myself.
I am honestly not really an outdoor individual who likes to go out for summerly events or activities.
Camping is unbelievable for me,
and I’ll be tremendously perplexed which shoes to wear if I had to do so.

SELECTED by Aileen

new balance

520 from new balance

Wanna capture the “classic” for this autumn.

Collecting sneakers is one of my favorite activity, but I recently noticed that I don’t own any of those “renowned classic” sneakers. Yet, the latest 520 model from New Balance, which is just released on the July, will probably be one of the next standard for those sneaker freaks including me. The footwear is reformed from the “Unknown” model, a style that was manufactured in Ireland during the late 70’s till the 80’s, and the brown outsole truly represents its era. The comfortability is definitely no need to explain, and the brand’s classic color generates a retro ambience but obviously super cool. There shouldn’t be any question to cop them!


new balance




Pink the best!

I was born to be relatively open-hearted. When I was in school, I thought pink was honestly for b**ches and I didn’t even touch something in pink then. However, I recently spotted most of my stuffs like a pen, a notebook, and a phone case were all in pink. I was actually a pink freak, haha! And, I recently was looking for something in pink for fashion as well, and I found the sneaker. It’s the collaboration between Reebok and Bill’s Ent where they updated the classic fitness shoes which was initially produced in 1987, Workout from Reebok, into the pastel pink color. The pair is perfect for a pink novice like me and I’ll start to profess that I’m proudly a pink freak from now on, haha.




Summer is about to leave soon as usual…

For me, summer is always too quick to fade every year.
I cannot believe it’s already the end of August.
My summer-est memory this year was the trip to Atami in the beginning of July…



Jet from Eytys

Unpolished in a positive way.

For these recent years, I was intrigued by the sneaker brand from Stockholm, Eytys. The brand mostly produces simple designs and I’ve been keeping my eyes on its releases every season, and the model, Jet, was what I thought was the hottest pair within these several years. Jet was inspired by the 70’s old-fashioned running shoes, and the platform sole is somewhat unpolished in a positive way which captured my eyes. Moreover, Michael Madsen, who played the role “Mr. Blonde” in my favorite movie “Reservoir Dogs”, was selected for the model of the shoe campaign, and that was also a reason for me to get into this sneaker.




adidas by RAF SIMONS

Stan Smith from Adidas by RAF SIMONS

The classic easy-to-match.

When I cop a pair of sneaker, I’ll heavily consider how an item will match my style well. The collaborated line of Adidas by Raf Simons is already passing the ninth season, and the Stan Smith’s new series, Comfort Badge, was just introduced. The brand’s initials of “R” and “S” are arranged on the sides where its materials of chenille patch and leather are harmonized. Overall, they look simple, but the details make them to the next level. Wanna wear the shoes with a denim & t-shirt style or a general dress as a summerly fresh outfit.


adidas fashion group showroom

+81-3-5547- 6501