Girls Just Want To Have Fun!


vol.10 Never enough! 
The sweatshirts and long-sleeved tees the editors want.
Photo_ Hiroyo Kai (STUH)

“SHOPPING ADDICT for GIRL” — the serial publication in which we, the editors,
introduce our most desired items of a month.
The themes of the tenth volume are “sweatshirts and long-sleeved tees”.
They’re merely simple items, but that’s how you make differences from the others.
Let’s check out the awesome items the editors picked for this month!

Machine wash is the problem for thick hoodies.

When I was living with my parents,
my mom always complained me about a thick hoodie which takes long time to dry.
As I’ve become independent, I’m having exactly the same anxiety today.
It seems hoodie-hangers for drying are invented,
but honestly the designs are completely lame.
Hope someone from the fashion industry produce a cool one…

SELECTED by Rachel



Pictures make people happy.

One day, I found this collaborated hoodie by an artist, Julian Klincewicz, at a Ray BEAMS store. He is merely a 21-year-old guy, yet he works in versatile fields such as a filmographer, a musician, a model, and even a skater, and he visited Japan in this spring. Well, I firstly didn’t know this piece was the collab with him, but I was intrigued by its design of the rolled-eyed-print. Additionally, I loved the green color which is just like a typical college hoodie, not like a common hypebeast item. With this, I could possibly make everyone laugh and warm even in a cold winter day. Rolled eyes are the global communication tool, haha.





Hoodie from LOOPY HOTEL

Backpacks prohibited.

If you’re a girl, you gotta cop this hoodie. Loopy Hotel is a brand directed by TEITO, a 23-year-old illustrator, who grew up in foreign countries such as Brazil hence obtains a unique creativity. WISM fell in love with the brand and thus started dealing with its products, and according to the store, all of its items would be instantly sold out once they are released. I also fell in love with the Madonna print once I entered the store and so purchased it immediately then, haha. Unfortunately, the size XL was the only available one though… Yet, I’ll wear it with inner downs by covering the space inside during a winter. Undoubtedly, I really wanna show off its back image! By the way, a Nigerian stranger complimented this hoodie when I was in a foreign airport. Madonna is such a universal icon!




Sweatshirts are the best!

I was shocked to realize how much clothes I have
when I moved to a new house last month.
The plain sweatshirts were the most numerous among them.
I need to manage my habit of buying large quantities
of different sizes and colors by mail order ....



Flare sweatshirt by FACETASM

Absolutely it’ll "look good with its single piece!"

A common phrase we see in magazines and E-commerce saying that it’ll "look good with its single piece!" Though sometimes I wonder "Is that so?" in my mind, the sweatshirt I found in 〈FACETASM〉 is a perfect piece for that word. Because now, sweatshirts are way too popular and so many are available in the market, small differences in terms of printing and sizes all look the same, so what we need to decide purchasing is + α element. Its super flare sleeve with volume is quite obvious, and also back print work done by the French brand 〈P.A.M.〉 is one of a kind. It may be difficult to layer outers on top of it so buying right now and wear it immediately is the right.

Sweatshirt ¥27,000+TAX





Let’s get proper meaning of the words.

Though I’m not particularly fan of AKB (popular idol group), the news I saw about Ririka Sudo who became a topic of wearing a print T-shirt with "DAMN" message which was recognized as an ironic answer to older idol when she announced sudden marriage statement. I guess that she didn’t have deep intention about wearing that T-shirt (Maybe merchandising of Kendrick Lamar?), it’s better to get meaning of what’s written properly for sure. Here comes long T-shirt by PRiVATE LESSONS. The message means "I'm sorry, cash only". When ordering this at the exhibition, the designer advised me "watch out because walking street by wearing this, you can be really said something!"Lol

T-shirt ¥6,480+TAX


Recently, two winter coats arrived at my place
where I completely forgot that I ordered them previously.
Well, my birthday is around the corner,
so I’ll accept them as gifts for myself, haha.
Not like the lyrics of “I’ve bought it” in Independent Women Part 1 by Destiny’s Child,
I want something that is not purchasable with money…


Palm Angels

Hoodie from Palm Angels

Named it “Silver”. (Personally)

Don't you feel secure with hooded clothing? I’m sorry for the sudden question, but I feel like a hooded item can protect our head from an instant accident you know… Additionally, it protects us from raining as well as keeping our necks warm during a winter. Thus, I love hoodies, and this piece from Palm Angels was my recent hit. The brand is directed by Francesco Ragazzi who is a photographer as well as the art director of Moncler in which the brand’s name is derived from his photobook, Palm Angels, which was published in 2014. By the way, the most conspicuous part is obviously the print! The solitary wolf is so powerful and catchy! He’s as cute as I wanna name him after and even take care of him.





Border Long-Sleeved T Shirts from GUESS GREEN LABEL

Wanna go back to parents’ house after such a long interval.

While there has been a lot of long-sleeved tees released everywhere in this season, the item from Guess Green Label grasped my heart. It is a premium product-line from GUESS that is mainly focused on republishing the classic goods from its 80’s products. In addition, it is an exclusive collection that is only purchasable in a few selected shops! The item somewhat reminds me of myself 20 years ago that I was probably wearing something like that at home back then. The entirely moderate designs such as the balanced thickness of the borders or the small logo in chest strongly stimulate me to cop it. Wanna wear it with an oversized denim to generate a large relaxed style.

¥9,900+TAX Each

The Showroom


The group of death.

Since sweatshirts and long-sleeved tees are my extremely favorite things,
the theme of this volume really put me
in an agony of which items to choose.
Please take a look at those winners of my competition.



POPS Series from TANG TANG

Forgive me of my sentiments.

How could I not buy these items? The POPS series are produced by Tang Tang, a t-shirt brand, where the products obtain some old-fashioned Japanese song-titles in a simple, stylish design. I just love ‘em! They are the mixture of my beloved old-days music and my favorite Tang Tang’s simple design, so how could I not cop them? By the way, I personally prefer a long-sleeved tee since it kind of acquires a more local-ish flavor to it. Thus, I surely purchased the Sentimental Journey one already. On top of that, the material is super soft and comfortable, so I’m sure you’ll love ‘em too!

¥12,000+TAX Each

Tang Tang Design



Hoodie from AURALEE

Sexual Violet No.1

It’s pretty rare to see an elegant yet alluring hoodie just like this. Firstly, the purple tint is moderately balanced out in a gorgeousness and an informality, and the overall figure is also extraordinary where it acquires a casual yet a fascinating ambience. It’s such a typical great job of AURALEE. The song, Sexual Violet No.1, by Masahiro Kuwana is played in my mind when I see this piece. Since the song was published in 1979, it’s pretty old, but I want every one of you to listen to it! The chorus is obviously superb, but the song entirely acquires an attractive atmosphere from the beginning to the very end. Well, I went a bit off the topic, but anyway it’s really cool, so please try listening to it!

¥26,000 +TAX



Retreat from the battlefront.

There is countless clothing at my home that used to be in the A squad
which then unfortunately became the B squad and finally to my room-wear.
I always have a feeling that my sweatshirts
and long-sleeved tees could someday come back to the battlefront, but it never happened.
Perhaps, I should start cleaning them up…



Hoodie from SEVER

Be aggressive when needed.

The piece initially caught my attention by its bright green color and when I looked at the item carefully, I was also intrigued by the message in its chest. I firstly found the item on Instagram where foreign stylish models were wearing it with the tag “#russianmafianewworldorder”, and I felt like what a funky hoodie that is! More surprisingly, the designer is a mere 19-year-old Russian model who had participated in a Gosha Rubchinskiy show. Entirely, the item is pretty aggressive, but I’d rather go for a loud one when it’s a hoodie. Moreover, the whole figure is slightly rounded, so it’s definitely nice to wear it in an oversized style. The products just started to be dealt in Japan from the last month, so you must quickly cop it before they’ll be sold out!





Long-Sleeved T Shirt from HYEIN SEO

I can see Kaneda's Motorcycle from AKIRA through it.

These items are full of cycle-wear vibes where they acquire a bold design with the “CAOS” logo on its chest that completely seems like a sport apparel. I firstly thought it’s too sporty, but actually the sleeves and the back straps are really cool, and they nicely offset the sportiness into fashion. I’m sure the items can make you super unique and fashionable from the others. In addition, they are somewhat futuristic since this Hyein Seo’s collection is inspired by the Japanese SF comic, AKIRA. Hyein Seo from Korea is one of the most developing brand today and I was so impressed how one mere item can present such the brand’s worldview. Furthermore, the figure is really flexible where you can adjust the size of the waist with the back straps, so you can definitely revel in disparate styles.

¥18,150+TAX Each



Wishing to be a shiny woman.

Recently, the weather in Tokyo is always raining, raining, and raining…
Based on my whole life, I know I’m a woman with rain. However, I hate it so much.
By the way, I’ll be having a late summer vacation at the time this article is updated,
and I’m so afraid of the weather then. Let’s pray to the god.

SELECTED by Aileen


Zipper Sweatshirts from JOHN LAWRENCE SULLIVAN

Wanna try something new in a style.

John Lawrence Sullivan is well-known for its jackets with exquisite silhouettes in which the brand’s high tailored technology makes them possible. Yet, I chose the sweatshirt for this time. As this season’s collection is inspired from German architecture and music, the embroidery on its front represents “Germany” in German. I must take my hat off to Sullivan that the brand turned an ultimate casual item, a sweatshirt, into a very elegant piece. Additionally, the zipper on its back can also be adjusted, so the look’s really innovative! This is such a masterpiece which has reformed my classic concept of a “sweatshirt”.




Color at Against✕Aimi Odawara

Long-Sleeved Tee from Color at Against x Aimi Odawara


This long-sleeved tee is the collaboration between Color at Against, a select shop in Yoyogi-Uehara, and I&ME, a brand designed by Aimi Odawara. The combination of the comical illustration by Aimi and the phrase, “directly from my heart to you”, is so pretty! Additionally, it’s unisex and there are 2 colorways, white and yellow, which are absolutely good for couple looks as well! The concept of Color at Against which is “never lose a playful mind, adults with a heart of a child”, and Aimi’s punk spirit generated this amazing collab item. Love this slack vibe!


Color at Against


The autumn with full of music.

From Tatsuro Yamashita’s live performance in September, RINGO FES, and to Asagiri Jam,
it was such a distinctive autumn with full of music lives.
Especially, I’m so thrilled that there are many of my favorite artists
from overseas performing in Japan in this and the upcoming year.




Shape it up and put it on.

I believe clothing with a logo always become a masterpiece of a brand. For instance, you don’t wanna wear a band tee in which you don’t know it well. Thus, we only wish to put on clothing with a logo or a print that we can be proud of wearing it. And, the hoodie from ISABEL MARANT ETOILE is what I obtain the confidence with. Previously, I had an impression that the brand is renowned for its exotic and oriental designs, so this classic-ish logo hoodie gave me a new impact. There also are the other products with the same design, but I was only into the hoodie among ‘em all. The figure is oversized, but entirely the shape and body lines are exquisite, so it won't be too casual if that concerns you. I gotta wear it with the floral dress from the brand that I purchased last year to relish the world of ISABEL MARANT.





Sweatshirt from FILL THE BILL

My equation.

I’ve always loved vintage sweatshirts, and I often tend to buy a grey or a white sweatshirt every single time I visit a vintage shop. Then, everyone around me always asks me “why do you always get the same stuff?”, but for me, every piece differs in its shape, size, and coloring, so I probably possess strongly elaborated preferences. Honestly, I couldn’t find an amazing sweatshirt at retails recently, so I had this mind that a sweatshirt must be a vintage. However, the item from FILL THE BILL completely changed my equation. The mock neck figure perfectly matches with the brand’s original stiff material. Especially, the damages on its neck and hems are finely balanced out and hence superb. Overall, the item passes all my criteria of a sweatshirt! Finally, yes finally, I’ve encountered this awesome piece.