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vol.11 Winter is around the corner!
Anti-cold items selected by the editors.
Photo_ Hiroyo Kai (STUH)

“SHOPPING ADDICT for GIRL” — the serial publication in which we, the editors,
introduce our most desired items of a month. The theme of the eleventh volume is
“winter items”. Well, I wonder if there was an autumn in this year… Gradually, the
temperature is decreasing everywhere, so we must prepare copping new goods to
enrich our winter! Check out the best winter items selected by the editors.

No more excessive layering.

For winter items, I usually care whether it’s warm or not rather than how it looks like.
Yet, I often regret later why I had purchased it because of my biased decisions.
As I recently moved to an apartment nearby a station,
I guess I can rather care about items’ looks this year.

SELECTED by Rachel


Mouton Neck-Warmer from THE NERDYS

Modern military wear.

The mouton neck-warmer from THE NERDYS was what everyone including stylists, editorial designers, and I who were in the brand’s showroom all purchased. As you see, this item is derived from the neck part of a classic B-3 jacket. The designer himself said, “you won’t see the same thing in the other brands.” Absolutely, he is right and I was totally shocked by his innovative idea! I wanna put it on with a B-65 jacket in which I can revel in the army and air force styles at the same time haha. I’m pretty sure the piece will be my buddy of the winter!





Down Coat from CHEN PENG

Like a celebrity who rarely walks outside.

I certainly know it’s one of the most prevalent trends of today, but I cannot resist myself to cop an oversized colorful down jacket! Especially, CHEN PENG, a brand from London, (←トル)caught my special attention when I saw Rihanna who wore it real uniquely. Thereafter, I was wondering if I could buy one in Japan, and I finally discovered it on the Isetan Shinjuku Re Style TOKYO’s Instagram. I’m always jealous how celebrities wear down jackets so casually since they most likely take cars to everywhere, so they can wear downs very lightly on arms which seem so stylish. As I mentioned, I recently moved to an apt nearby a station, so I’ll try wearing it as casual as the celebs do.


ISETAN Shinjuku


The No.1 cold weather protection outerwear is which one.

When we did shooting during the winter time,
we were talking about raised topic of
"What is the best cold weather protection outerwear"
and the answer was Baltro Light Jacket
by that features high specification of GORE®WINDSTOPPER®·
Why I mentioned this in here is because I happened to forget it at the time of item selection ....



Fur Jacket by FLAGSTUFF

My No.1 fur jacket of the season.

The fur jacket by which I fell in love when I saw the its look image at Instagram, posted by friend’s hair & make-up artist. I instantly thought like “I need to get it” so asked the timing of trade exhibition, but unfortunately I was too late. It’s already over. Since then, I looked forward to hearing from the shop about item delivery and finally I tried to wear it as soon as it’s arrived, but eventually I gave up because didn’t fit me at all. It evokes me emotional memory. I thought that this pale pink may match to a man like me,,,. What you want and what actually fits you is definitely different. But even seeing it again, soft pink shades, and not too exaggerated design is well balanced.Well, I want to wear it.



+81 3-6804-8510

NAPA × Martin Rose

The pullover down jacket by NAPA by Martin Rose.

<Martin Rose>, as expected!

Because <THE NORTH FACE> or <OUTDOOR PRODUCTS> comes first to my mind, as outdoor brands that do collaboration with fashion brands, I was surprised to hear that<Martin Rose> chose "Napapiri" for the partner. But it’s also great element of the collaboration that spotlight hits brand, which has not been pulling attention so far, and love of possession is stimulated by not going to the classic on purpose. By the way, the one in picture is a pullover type. The mountain parka type that SUMIRE was wearing inside featurea while ago is also cool.



+81 3-3408-6908

Love the Yahoo! Weather Forecast app.

When I was little, my mom always scolded me to wear more stuffs,
but today, my motto is how to wear more stuffs that I won’t feel any cold.
By the way, I always know the exact weather of three days ahead,
so if you’re concerned about the upcoming weather, ask me haha!


White Mountaineering

Shawl Collar Coat from White Mountaineering

Longer, the better.

The shawl collar coat from White Mountaineering is one of the products that I wrote “recently, two winter coats arrived at my place where I completely forgot that I ordered them previously” in the last Shopping Addict article. The classic checkered pattern can truly match with whatever clothing, and the item is already becoming my masterpiece of this season! Since I’m relatively tall and I personally like to wear oversized, I tend to buy men’s items of size 1, but this piece is already designed oversized and the shawl collar, which is exclusive to women’s line, make it super pretty! When I noticed recently, 40% of all my clothing was men’s stuffs, so I gotta cop more of women’s pieces in this winter haha.


White Mountaineering



Wool Blanket from Baashu

From the country of wool.

Since there’s been consecutive cold days nowadays, the air conditioner killed my throat haha… If I sleep with the heater on, it's gonna be too dried in the morning, but if I turn it off when going to sleep, I wake up in the middle of a night because it’s too cold. My largest interest of today is to discover the best tools to enhance my sleep that I can comfortably take a great rest then. And, the blanket from BaaShu was its solution. This item is manufactured in Izumiōtsu-shi, the place where 90% of wool in Japan is manufactured in the area, where it’s labeled “wool 100%, made in Izumiōtsu”. What a reliable item it is! The quality is no need to explain, and I also love the cute, casual coloring despite of its exceptional functionality.




From midnight to dawn.

What I like in this season is a night view of an industrial area.
When the air gets dried, the view becomes more clear hence exquisite.
Wish to tour around those industrial islands with these winter items!



Down Jacket from NANGA × F/CE.®

Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence.

I purchased a M-51 mods-coat, which is my absolute favorite, a few years ago, but it’s thin and thus I cannot truly rely on that during a winter. At such time, I found this collab down between F/CE.® and NANGA, one of the most renowned down-makers in Japan. Most of you might think it’s the equivalent to a general M-51 coat, but they are completely disparate! Firstly, this is a N-3B model with breathable wind-stop materials, and additionally, there is a huge pocket in the inner side of its back too. Furthermore, the dull green color really grasps my heart as well. As it’s a military color, it won't be too conspicuous, and if you wear a red scarf with the jacket, it’ll generate an extraordinary Christmas style for sure!





Exclusive Nuptse Bootie From BEAMS

White breath in the middle of light.

I often feel melancholic of cold weathers, especially in the morning, but I somehow don’t dislike a winter. I like the atmosphere that my friends and I say “it's freakin’ cold” when we step outside. Thus, I prefer going outside doing something rather than just staying at home. For these recent years, my feet during winters were always protected by sheep skin boots, but the Nuptse Bootie by The North Face was something intriguing me for these two years. Actually, I even tried a pair in a store last year, but I somehow didn't cop it. However, when I discovered this BEAMS’ exclusive pair, I knew I must buy this one this time for sure! Since it's waterproof, I don’t have to concern about whatever weathers, and additionally, the upper is made of fake suede which generate a casual vibe to it in which I like the part which doesn't make it too sporty.


BEAMS BOY Harajuku


Opening soon!

I’m already sick of cold weathers, but one thing which makes me happy
during the season is the opening of outside skating rinks.
Obviously, there are countless numbers of skating rinks worldwide,
but my dream today is to visit the Vienna Ice World someday.


beautiful people

High Neck Pullover from beautiful people

A mere innerwear yet such a big deal.

Unfortunately, since I’m relatively short, I cannot wear the most of large outers despite of the low temperatures. Therefore, how I usually protect myself from a winter is often by layering innerwear. And, the pullover from Beautiful People was something really got straight me in this year! Especially, the brand name that was written in its back side of the neck is really distinctive hence super cool. Moreover, it's made of very thin wools where the heat-retention quality is the top tier. In today’s society, layering high necks with shirts and sweatshirts are becoming a prevalent trend, so innerwear is no longer a mere weather protection clothing, yet it has a really crucial function to our styles now!

¥21,000 +TAX Each

beautiful people Aoyama



Over Knee Boots from G.V.G.V.

Conservative aggression.

During a winter, legs always become ultimately cold, and so we must protect them extra attentively. And, I believe knee high boots are a solution to it for girls! Well, I observed a lot of people in 2018SS fashion week snaps who wore knee high boots. Yet, a black pair won’t be a very interesting choice, and then I found the very impactful boots from G.V.G.V! The velour in purple is so conspicuous and I just love its aggressiveness. The aggressive style with a function of cold-protections is such a perfect piece. By the way, the boots seem pretty slim, but they are also stretchy which is very comfortable to put on and to walk too. Matching the pair with long-hemmed skirt will be an absolute outfit of today as well!

¥32,000 +TAX



Waiting for it!

The season has finally come! The season of oysters. Recently,
I ordered fresh oysters from Mie Prefecture and had an oyster party with my friends.
Of course, with sake too!
It was a fantastic night with satisfactions both physically and mentally.

SELECTED by Aileen


Fake Fur Coat from Sacai

The best combination of boa and fake fur!

Even though it’s still November, I don't feel like I can overcome the upcoming winter this year. How will the temperatures even be in January and February…? When I was looking for the strongest cold-proof clothing, miraculously I discovered the greatest item ever which was the coat from Sacai, comprised of boa and fake fur! When zipping its front all up and putting on the hoodie, it will complete an absolute gear that will enhance the highest ability of my cold protection. On top of that, the design is way too pretty as well. I will confront this winter without any fear with the coat!





Hold Neck Fake Fur Coat from PERVERZE

The important fact is to protect your neck.

PERVERZE is a fresh young brand which just debuted last year. In fact, the designers are unknown, and the only thing we know is that the brand is designed by the young creators. The fake fur coat named as “Hold Neck” covers our entire neck where it will retain the warmth within. In retrospect, my mom always told me “if you secure your neck well, you won’t catch a cold.” And, she was actually correct. Conserving neck will really improve blood circulations which will retain heat in our body for a longer period. After all, mommy is always right haha. By the way, the coat itself is enormous which seems very warm as well. Gotta cop it!




Unstoppable demand on outers.

When I counted the numbers of outers I bought within these six months,
there was a total of five pieces. Except for an item,
all of them are purchased at vintage stores where I couldn't resist myself to cop them.
Thanks to that in which I feel like I can spend a warm winter this year haha.
Yet, the contents of my wallet is so “winter” though…



Down from PERVERZE

Addicted in orange.

Since the last year, I’ve always been intrigued by a color, orange. One of those items I bought recently was also an orange mountain parka which makes my closet full of orange stuffs once again. Well, I guess the down from PERVERZE will be added to my orange collection. Actually, I didn’t own a down jacket before, yet I’ve always been wanted one, and I finally encountered this amazing piece. The great thing about this item is that it’s not a mere “orange” piece, but it acquires different vibes and coloring when it reflects on light. Seemingly, my addition in orange won't stop in a month or two.





Arm Warmer from FUMIKA_UCHIDA

Fascinated by a background story.

I wanted an arm warmer so so bad for a long long time! Wanna slightly show off its gloves through the hems of a coat. I can definitely enhance my style with it, and surely, it’s warm. FUMIKA_UCHIDA, one of my most favorite brands, produces the arm armor which is based on military details and on the fair isle pattern. In fact, the fair isle pattern is really hand-made by fisherman’s rib stitch in Fair Isle, Scotland, so there is no repeat in its pattern. In every season, I’m fascinated by FUMIKA_UCHIDA’s philosophy and background stories such like that, and the arm armor caught me in this year. Let’s overcome the winter with it!