The eyes stay, always TEVA's sandals.

The eyes stay, always “Teva”
Photo_Yuichi Akagi 
Styling_Naomi Banba 
Hair & Make-up_Masayoshi Okudaira 
Model_Emiri Fujita

Teva's sandals are born outdoor sandals,
but also exquisitely harmonize with fashion.
It is a mysterious point of Teva.
Even if you are in the usual place as usual
you can get an eye just by replacing your feet with that sandal.

Classic sandal, you must have.

The strap sandals "Hurricane XLT"
which is the representative brand,
you choose coordination with simple design and coloring.
 It is more functional and easy to walk. No exaggeration to say, "It is necessary."

〈Teva〉Sandal ¥7,300+TAX (Deckers Japan 0120-710-844)

〈PONY STONE〉T-shirt ¥21,000+TAX(H3O Fashion Bureau +81 3-6712-6180)、〈Healthknit×BEAMS BOY〉Long sleeve T-shirt ¥4,300+TAX、〈Ray BEAMS〉Lace wrap skirt ¥8,500+TAX(BEAMS WOMEN SHIBUYA +81-3-3780-5501)、〈MIKIO SAKABE〉Pants ¥38,000+TAX(MIKIO SAKABE +81 3-6304-0838)、〈e.m.〉The right hand of bangle ¥60,000+TAX、The left hand of bangle ¥42,000+TAX、Ring of index finger ¥32,000+TAX、Ring of middle finger ¥16,000+TAX、Ring of little finger ¥18,000+TAX(e.m.OMOTESANDO +81 3-5785-0760)、〈Adeline Cacheux〉Chain bracelet ¥52,000+TAX(JOURNAL STANDARD SHINJUKU +81 3-5367-0236)

The icon model in the 1990's evolved further.

"Alp" which was recognized as a design
which seems to be outdoor among “Teva" emerged as "Alp Premier"
which was updated to the latest sole.
It is a color like vintage reminiscent of classical dress and release of 90's.

〈Teva〉Sandal ¥9,800+TAX(Deckers Japan 0120-710-844)

〈NACO paris〉Raincoat ¥20,000+TAX、〈SAYAKA DAVIS〉One piece ¥79,000+TAX(JOURNAL STANDARD SHINJUKU +81 3-5367-0236)、 〈JOURNAL STANDARD NEU〉Knit Bustier ¥11,000+TAX(JOURNAL STANDARD JIYUGAOKA +81 3-5731-0128)、 〈BEAMS BOY〉T-shirt ¥3,800+TAX(BEAMS WOMEN SHIBUYA +81 3-3780-5501)、〈DIANA BROUSSARD〉Necklace ¥28,000+TAX(JOURNAL STANDARD SHINJUKU +81 3-5367-0236)、Cap is a stylist personal item

No.1 attention item this season.

"Hurricane Bolt" is a new model of "Hurricane"
which should also be called the face of the brand.
The biggest difference is the cover of the mesh material
that holds firmly the instep of the foot.
The fashionability becomes stronger and stands out a beautiful style
that unifies the top and bottom of white.

〈Teva〉Sandal ¥12,000+TAX(Deckers Japan 0120-710-844)

〈MIKIO SAKABE〉Jacket ¥75,000+TAX(MIKIO SAKABE +81 3-6304-0838)、 〈NACO paris〉Tops ¥24,000+TAX(JOURNAL STANDARD SHINJUKU +81 3-5367-0236)、〈JOURNAL STANDARD NEU〉Wide pants ¥17,000+TAX(JOURNAL STANDARD JIYUGAOKA 03-5731-0128)、〈BuddyOptical〉Eye Glasses ¥23,000+TAX(House +81 6-6147-8834)、〈DRESS UP EVERYDAY〉Earrings ¥14,000+TAX、Neackless ¥13,000+TAX(L'atelier de Dress up everyday +81 3-5795-1835)

Unprecedented color.

"Tear float universal light" which grabbed the girl's heart with solid design and coloring.
In particular, a pair of khaki colors different from the image of Teva so far
is useful for color-on-color coordination,
which combines spring-like vivid items.
It is lightweight and excellent in fashionability.
In this spring and summer season, it will be a new classic of sports sandals.

〈Teva〉Sandal ¥8,800+TAX(Deckers Japan 0120-710-844)

〈OSHIMA REI〉Tulle blouse ¥25,000+TAX(MACHU PICHU +81 3-5459-3713)、 〈Gitman brothers〉Shirt ¥25,000+TAX、〈SAYAKA DAVIS〉Skirt ¥54,000+TAX(JOURNAL STANDARD SHINJUKU +81 3-5367-0236)、〈CHEAP MONDAY〉8pieces of ring ¥2,300+TAX(k3 co.,ltd. +81 3-3464-5357)*Socks is a stylist personal item