Girls Just Want To Have Fun!

The best brand list is here!!

Girl Houyhnhnm’s selected 20 brands
for the upcoming autumn and winter.

In today’s world, how uniquely we style ourselves is
considered more crucial than what brands we put on.
However, we, the editors,
would like to recommend awesome brands since recognizing
a brand’s philosophy is more impressive than just wearing an item without discerning a brand.
Thus, we’ll introduce 20 notable brands that would potentially enrich
our autumn and winter fashion for wrapping up this year!

Marc Jacobs

Black Music Vibes.

The brand always amuses us for its challenging collections every season. The concepts of its creations are always so fantastic, and I definitely wanna look into Marc Jacobs’s brain for how is it working. For the recent autumn/winter seasons, his collections mainly acquired somewhat dark and sick tones, but his new collection is super bright and cute that is apparently inspired by Hip-Hop music. The coloring, styling, and accessary usages are old-fashioned yet also innovative at the same time, and I really wish to cop those outfits in the images. You must check out every single style since it is for sure to enhance your autumn winter outfit! Seemingly, matching wide track-pants with platform shoes will be an inevitable look of this season.


The brand we should never lose a focus of.

As its chief creative officer shifted to Raf Simons, Calvin Klein is one of the most remarkable brand of this season. Most of its items are sold out in every store hence hard to cop them now, but its underwear store was just opened recently which was directed by Raf himself. I strongly recommend you to visit the new Calvin Klein store since women’s items are exclusively available there in Japan! By the way, the first looks of CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC were simple yet really simulative too, and I was so impressed by his creations. I believe it must be the leading brand of a western culture of this season.


Theory of coloring.

Every season, I always perceive “isn’t MSGM the most colorful brand of all?” In one word, it’s loud. However, it’s surely not just loud, but the brand obtains a great philosophy of coloring. The compositions of colors are so exceptional in which its sporty and street vibes are blended through its exceptional usages of tints. Unquestionably, vivid colors are necessary for the upcoming cold, dark seasons to brighten our minds! When you want something gaudy, go for MSGM!

MM6 Maison Margiela

Wardrobe boss.

MM6 Maison Margiela produces affordable clothing that the concepts and ideas are inspired from its main line, Maison Margiela. Its popularity must be derived from its classic but distinctive designs. Additionally, most items are pretty easy to match with versatile outfits and they certainly generate elegant atmospheres. In this season, the brand produces a lot of jackets as it’s the current trend, so if you still haven’t found a good outer, you gotta check out MM6 Maison Margiela!


The revolutionary of designers.

The brand represents the era of 2010’s where celebrities and hypebeasts in the entire world are so obsessed with its work. Demna Gvasalia, the designer, is simply a genius who achieved the mixtures of street and couture vibes into one united art. The oversized MA-1, extra long-sleeved logo sweatshirts, and patched denims… In today’s world, you see the other brands and stores are imitating Vetements’ items everywhere, but you know you must go for the authentic one, right?


Completion of Street × Couture.

If VETEMENTS is the brand which transformed street-vibe into the couture, then KOCHÉ is completely opposite. The brand acquires a high technique of a couture production and its products are generated through its highly skilled work for daily-clothing. I’ve never seen track suits as elegant as that one in the picture, and even a rugby jersey eventually turned into a luxury item. I’m totally touched with its original perspectives. Honestly, the items are pretty pricy, but the knit which is a masterpiece of the brand is what I think every girl ought to own at least one.


Femininity in the street.

As the designer himself is really charismatic and well-known, many people often have manly, street, and aggressive impressions on OFF WHITE. Yet actually, the brand is quite feminine. Especially, this season’s autumn/winter collection displays the femininity where the tops and jackets are cropped and small details such as slits and necklines are so alluring. The gap between the men’s and the women’s collections are so disparate, and I’m so preoccupied with its awesome creations. I’m pretty sure Virgil really knows how to win a woman’s heart haha.


Unstoppable desire.

The brand is really “contemporary” where its designs are very constructive, and by a glimpse, it’s hard to tell how an item is designed and what an item is consisted of. Thus, I wanna try all the items so bad, so I can discern the details of each clothing. Even though the designs seem quite difficult to put on a daily outfit, many tops are actually easy to match with a general-wear. Especially, I like knitwear and sweatshirts, but I would most likely to recommend the shirts from Y/PROJECT. The shirts from the brand are comprised of unique patterns, and so anyone who is sick of wearing general shirts anymore, Y/PROJECT will be your solution!


Also popular among boys!

Despite it’s still a relatively young brand, there already are a lot of masterpieces! Especially, the roller coaster belt is popular among boys as well. Actually, its renowned buckle’s design is derived from a seatbelt of a roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California where Matthew, the designer, is from. As he always loved the buckle of the roller coaster, he asked the same manufacturer to generate the original buckle for the brand. Moreover, many of the other products are also inspired from his personal or California-related backgrounds, so probably those philosophies make the brand popular among boys too.

Ashley Williams

New western look.

As the past trend of normcore seems to be faded away, loud designs are getting to be more prevalent than ever before. In this season, I was impressed by the mixed gaudy concepts of Ashley Williams. The collection is the combinations of street, romantic, western, and also the fresh American looks. I know we are all sick of just a general street vibe or a mere cute clothing, so I’m thrilled that the brand produced what a greatly balanced collection.


The world famous Sacai.

The delegate of Japan! Sacai is renowned for its unique, slightly showy designs, yet there must be solid philosophies that drives its popularity. Well, I have to take my hat off to Sacai in which it always possesses a stable quality that entertains us every single season. Furthermore, the brand turned the classic clothing from Levi’s, Lacoste, and Porter into the Sacai-ish products. On top of that, the collab with The North Face is a must, must, must cop models of this season!


The balance prodigy.

Sullivan’s attractions come from its transformation of mannish clothing into feminine pieces, and that is superb! They’re really the one and only designs. Since the brand was established as a tailored men’s brand, most of you perhaps acquire sharp and cool impressions toward the brand, but they are actually quite adoptable for a general woman style where each figure and every pattern probably grasps a girl’s heart. Especially in this season, the mastered color in the image is so exquisite! The velour long dress on the right is a blend of cool and beauty.


Men’s clothing for women.

Today, it’s nothing uncommon for a woman to wear men’s clothing. Yet, it surely doesn’t mean you have to adopt that too. Nevertheless, Doublet is a Japanese men’s brand which could be one of the most developing brand in the nation nowadays and thus even a girl should cop its items! Personally, I believe oversized clothing and graphic items from Doublet could be even better when a girl puts them on. For instance, there have been several female models who were appointed in the brand’s look book last season. In addition, the pink corduroy pants, which was also introduced in the previous Shopping Addict article, acquires the delicate tint and its figure is beyond any expression as well.


Let’s see Tokyo’s “now”.

Right after the brand debuted last year, its popularity is unstoppably raising where it even held a pop-up store in Isetan Shinjuku and a lot of medias also introduced and recommended the brand. By the way, its latest collection is influenced by 90’s street fashion in Japan, and that’s exactly what we needed and wanted for now. The designs are mostly classic and standard, but each item is comprised of some original accents to it. Thus, the 90’s street fashion is now upgraded with the current moods! Moreover, the clothing is not merely designed by one particular person, but everything is designed through various creators whom they are the current leading persons of Tokyo fashion today.


Purity like a kid.

Jackets with three arms, weird patterned shirts, extra long-sleeved hoodie… I initially perceived like what a liberal brand this is! Tsukasa Kudo, a Japanese designer, just established a brand, KUDOS, which is only a season old, but the designs are so fresh, unique, and innovative that I haven’t seen anywhere before. For some of its clothing, I’m so curious how would I even match them with the other brand’s clothing. Actually, the collection of this season wasn’t firstly planned to be merchandised, but the look book was way too perfect, so it was officially determined to debut this year. Even before its debut, buyers were rushing to purchase its products. Anyway, the items are not dealt in a lot of stores yet, but you must stay tuned with its releases.


Kappa Kontroll

Today’s sporty.

Kappa Kontroll, Kappa’s new label which was just started in this spring/summer season, is finally arrived in Japan! Kappa’s logo, OMINI, is fully printed in its items, and most clothing is inspired from Kappa’s past collections. The brand incorporated the current street vibes into its previous models where Jacopo Pozzati’s, the director, concept is fully represented. Even for those of whom don't usually wear sport brands, this could be the one to try it out. Recently, it’s no longer rare to adopt sport brands into general outfits, and often those styles are rather so hot! You don't need to think about it difficult, but merely wearing anything from Kappa Kontroll will be a look. It’s just superb.


Feelin’ high.

A very mysterious cutsew brand conquered the Monkey Time’s entire online store when the brand had debuted in this season. In simple words, it’s a super secretive yet incredible brand. In a rumor, there is no particular designer of the brand, but unknown creators from various cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Seoul gather and share ideas to produce the items. The sarcastic graphic merely stimulates me to cop all the models! On top of that, its qualities are so good where the items are hand-printed in a renowned factory in Japan which supported Japanese 90’s street fashion. Generally, it’s hard to print graphics on shoulders, but the brand and its factory made it. You must cop this era’s new masterpiece!


Stupid elegance.

Again, it's a new brand just debuted in this season. The brand is based in Shanghai, but it holds its collection in Paris, yet the designers are a unit of a Japanese and a Swedish—well, it’s so global! Each style in its look-book is just like an art piece where the images are displaying fashionable lifestyles in Shanghai. The thing is that these comical images don’t look like a joke, but they’re truly stylish. The mixture of entertainment and fashion is united into a cool culture. Apparently, there are some stockists in Japan too, but the items are really limited, so be attentive to its availabilities!


Elegant punk spirits from Korea.

Rebellious and energetic. And, there is a darkness into it too, so this brand might present you a strong impact. However, when I look at them closely, I somewhat feel elegance out of them. The punk spirits from these kind of creations are so magnificent! Actually, the designer, Hyein Seo, is graduated from Royal Academy of Fine Arts — Antwerp, a very refined art school in Belgium. When she was in the school, her collection got a bit famous then, and Rihanna wore her item which made her brand even more famous in this fashion industry. Her products from this season are inspired from a Japanese SF comic, Akira, so they’re somewhat futuristic and wild! Its items might be a bit hard to incorporate into our general outfits, but the collection was powerful enough to mention it in the article. I’m always thrilled when an Asian designer is getting popular globally.

Conflict of Ego

Absolute independence.

This is one of the most conspicuous brand in London nowadays. It’s been only a year since it’s debuted, but its popularity is beyond words. The designer is a smart, aggressive person whose marketing skill through social media is amazing! For example, the designer declares herself that “I am a feminist!” on a social media where she herself also became a famous figure in this industry. Moreover, I can observe her intelligence in her items and there is also an originality to it too. I’m waiting for its products such as sweatshirts and tops to be purchasable in Japan! Please!