Girls Just Want To Have Fun!

7 models, has been conscious


Today, girls can succeed at self-promotion by her own idea,
looking and SNS tools without belonging to powerful agencies.
However sometimes we don’t know who to really check as increasing
of too many free models or influencers.
So, GIRL HOUYHNHNM has selected 7 girls who are ‘definitive models’.
This is bridge feature to the magazine 「HOUYHNHNM Unplugged」
so you can check their story on paper as well.


Korean model, SUNG MIN is expected upcoming model as playing active role at VOGUE and ELLE in Korea, though it’s been only 8 months since her debut. She came to Japan first time for this shooting and showed us 16 like character as ‘The place I want to go most in Japan is a convenience store!’

〈TARO HORIUCHI〉 Dress ¥70,000+TAX、Blouse ¥24,000+TAX(HiRAO INC +81-3-5771-8809)、〈MIKIO SAKABE〉 Pants ¥38,000+TAX (MIKIO SAKABE +81-3-6304-0838)、〈TOGA PULLA SHOE〉 Shoes ¥55,000 +TAX(TOGA HARAJUKU STORE +81-3-6419-8136)、〈Bijou RI〉 Neckless ¥11,000+TAX (Bijou RI +81-3-3770-6809)、Bangle Stylist own

Photo_Takahiro Otsuji (go relax E more) Styling_Kazuhide Umeda Hair & Make-up_Keita Iijima (mod’s hair)