The trend sneakers from ACE Shoes, shown by it girls.
Photo_Kisshomaru Shimamura 
Styling_Erica Mimura 
Hair & Make-up_Taro Yoshida

What we need is just like “ACE Shoes”,
which recommends us items that meet mood by catching world trend very quickly
and sorting out what's good for the time
that the world's sneaker trend is broken up more than ever.
Among such best selected models, girls attracting attention in each city of Tokyo,
Fukuoka, and Osaka wore a pair of sneaker of what they like.
This time, “Tokyo × VANS” edition.


You are mainly modeling as “JELLY” magazine exclusive, then what made you become a model?
Originally I was a girl who wear glasses, very thick type one. A sober type girl who likes comic and game as a hobby. Well, sometimes there is setting in comic like “If she takes off glasses, she was actually a beautiful girl”, isn’t it? I was longing for it, and when I was in junior high school third grade, a friend took my glasses off, did makeup to me and we took a photo at Pri-kura (Photo booth for fun) together and I got like “Wow!” Lol. Since then, I became interested in cosmetics and fashion, and I started by applying to the “Popteen” model that me and friends around me reading at that time. After graduating from “Popteen” at my age of 21, I’ve been experiencing various things including TV, radio and theater, but mainly on “JELLY”.
What kind of fashion do you usually like? Do you often wear sneakers?
Recently, I wear street taste clothes at private. It’s may be to do with I’m getting socialize with people of different genres from my own taste so far. I am easy to be inspired by people around me. So I wear sneakers a lot with that flow. When I went to Taiwan a while ago, I bought a full pattern sneaker of which is not yet sold in Japan.
What have you been into recently?
Kagami Ken-san! So, I'd like to go to the “Strange Store” run by him. I wear T – shirts daily, so I'd like to buy stickers and more else.
Please tell us your future goals.
I want to publish my own book. It could be style book or photo collection. Because my preference is finally getting fixed through experiencing various kinds of works, I want to leave it as one form.
〈VANS〉 sneaker ¥7,000+TAX

〈Cry.〉 Jacket ¥36,000+TAX (Cry. +81-3-5785-1453), 〈ALLEGE〉 One-piece ¥32,000+TAX (colors +81-5778-3782), 〈PONY STONE〉 Earrings ¥9,000+TAX (H3O Fashion Bureau +81-6712-6180), Socks Stylist’s own

Exclusive for Ace Shoes

What do you do?
I work at “CANNABIS” Harajuku.
How did you decide to work at apparel?
Though I learnt about space at the university in design department, I became no longer fancy to write drawings. Lol. Originally I love the clothes and despite said that before, I was still interested in making space, so I thought it would be nice to work like VMD at “CANNABIS” which is making free space at the exhibition.
What kind of fashion do you usually like? Do you often wear sneakers?
I personally like the “CANNABIS” taste, so I wear brands that the store carries from everyday . Then 〈SUPREME〉 or 〈STUSSY〉. Anyway, I like easier comfort, so my foot is mostly sneakers. Over-sized tops that I don’t even know what size they are, thick pants, and 〈VANS〉 or 〈NIKE〉 on foot.
What have you been into recently?
Drinking in (Shinjuku) 2 chome. I often went there since I was in college, and recently my friend opened a bar called “Ally”. Because I like to drink, when I have a little time to wait, I sometimes go to the girls bar or cabaret club by myself. Lol
Please tell us your future goals.
I always thought about doing an adult shop. Lol I Opening bar might be nice because I like liquor. Designing the shop by myself. Anyway, I hope to take advantage of my current experience and to add more fashion elements to that.
〈VANS〉 sneaker ¥7,000+TAX

〈LITTLEBIG〉 Jacket ¥73,000+TAX, Pants ¥33,000+TAX, 〈JERRY PINK〉 T-shirt ¥7,000+TAX, 〈BED JW FORD〉 Belt ¥20,000+TAX (All items from CANNABIS +81-3-5766-3014), Socks Stylist’s own

VANS STYLE23V SLVR Exclusive for Ace Shoes

How long have you been getting into the model?
About two years? But it’s been around for half a year since I came to be able to join fashion shooting. Until then I worked in a hospital and, even if I modeled, it was almost for hair salon. I came from Iwate to Tokyo, spending excited and fulfilling days by working in the world that I didn’t know.
By the way, do you remember the work of fashion you did for the first time?
Shooting for the E-commerce site was the first time I worked on clothes. I was so nervous, kind of frozen. Lol Nostalgic.
What kind of fashion do you usually like? Do you often wear sneakers?
I wear anything from mode brands to vintage clothes. When wearing sneakers, I likely to use it as a spice of clean styling. Wearing 〈VANS〉, 〈NIKE〉 and 〈PUMA〉 daily.
What have you been into recently?
I’ve started going to the gym two weeks ago to improve my posture. I’ve just started really, so for now I feel pleasant muscle aching on the next day. Lol Though I haven’t run outside yet because I don’t have much endurance but one day I want to run Arakawa, near my home while looking at the Sky Tree Tower.
Please tell us your future goals.
As I mentioned earlier, my work in the field of fashion has only just started, so I'd like to become a full-fledged model soon. Eventually I'd like to try advertising and TV commercial work too!
〈VANS〉 sneaker ¥7,000+TAX

〈Cry.〉 Shirts ¥22,000+TAX (Cry. +81-3-5785-1453), 〈PHEENY〉 Pants ¥22,000+TAX (PHEENY +81-3-6407-8503), 〈PONY STONE〉 Choker ¥10,000+TAX (H3O Fashion Bureau +81-6712-6180), Socks Stylist’s own