The trend sneakers from ACE Shoes, shown by IT girls. The ‘Osaka Edition’.
Photo_Yuhki Yamamoto 
Styling_Erica Mimura 
Hair & Make-up_Taro Yoshida

What we need is just like “ACE Shoes ”,
which recommends us items that meet mood by catching world trend very quickly
and sorting out what's good for the time
that the world's sneaker trend is broken up more than ever.
Among such best selected models, girls attracting attention in each city of Tokyo,
Fukuoka, and Osaka wore a pair of sneaker of what they like.
Last time comes as “Osaka Edition”. 〈PUMA〉sneakers meet Osaka girls.


What do you do?
I work at the shop called "11747391". It is an affiliate shop of "goffa x" in Tokyo and deals vinatge clothing as well as import brands.
What kind of brands?
〈COTTWEILER 〉, 〈XANDER ZHOU 〉 and 〈NAPA by MARTINE ROSE 〉 is also popular these days.
Any particular brand that you are interested in?
I would recommend 〈Vaquera〉, which we’ll carry from next season. Though the shop mostly deal men 's like clothes basically, designs of 〈Vaquera〉 are somewhere feminine.
What kind of fashion do you like? Do you often wear sneakers?
I like simple ones for both brands and vintage. I would wear sneakers, like I actually have a "SUEDE" of 〈PUMA〉 and recently I bought sneaker of 〈FENTY〉, the collaboration collection with Rihanna.
How did you find the sneaker you wore today?
Though the model name is "SUEDE", there’s more volume than the standard one I usually wear and I found it’s cute. I'd like to mix it with girlish item like a one-piece.
What have you been into recently?
I also work in a bar called "RockAway" and I am into watch short movie taken by the skate team "Evisen" who are hanging out there.
Please tell us what you are aiming for future.
I'd like to wear a lot of clothes and be the most eye-catching girl within fashion industry in Osaka. Lol
〈PUMA〉 Sneaker ¥10,000+TAX

〈P.A.M〉 Sweat ¥28,000+TAX (comcode +81 3-6434-7136), 〈PHEENY〉 Pants ¥26,000+TAX (PHEENY +81 3-6407-8503), 〈REPLICA〉 Stole ¥10,000+TAX (lignespring showroom +81 3-6337-5253)


Will you tell us about yourself?
I am still a college student, studying about religion and the world situation.
How about outside college?
I work at a shop called "THE GROUND depot." in Horie. It mainly deals men's domestic brands such as 〈CE〉, 〈BEDWIN〉, 〈CULTCLUB〉 and 〈nonnative〉. I was asked to start working there when I happened to stepped inside the shop one day. Lol
Then you like men’s fashion? Do you often wear sneakers?
About 30% of my wardrobe is men’s brands. It accelerated because I had a haircut. My foot wear is usually sneakers.
How did you find the sneaker you wore today?
Volume of toe and sole is cute compared to standard SUEDE. Maybe I want to match it with flare denim.
What have you been into recently?
The hamburger shop called "RICHGARDEN" in Shinsaibashi! I eat a classic burger at least once a week. Lol Please try it when you have chance to come to Osaka!
Please tell us what you are aiming for future.
I haven’t decided concretely yet. However, I'd like to go to Tokyo, so I’ll try to find out what I want to do in Tokyo after graduating college.
〈PUMA〉 Sneaker ¥10,000+TAX

〈Vicious〉 Jacket ¥14,000+TAX (lignespring showroom +81 3-6337-5253), 〈ARIES〉 T shirt ¥11,000+TAX (comcode +81 3-6434-7136), 〈Cry. 〉 Pants ¥27,000+TAX (Cry. +81 3-5785-1453)


Will you tell us about yourself?
I’ve been interested in the universe since I was little because of my father who likes Science Fiction, and I’ll study astrophysics at college in United State from next year. So, for now I am studying English everyday. Until a while ago I worked at "N. Hollywood" but I quit.
What Science Fiction film do you - a hardcore universe lover - think interesting?
"Interstellar" is definitely interesting. Also "π (pi)" filmed by Darren Aronofsky though It is a work on the physics side. Moreover, "October Sky" which is based on a true story that high school students challenge to make rockets, and I motivate myself by watching this. Lol
What kind of fashion do you like? Do you often wear sneakers?
Almost vintage. I like vintage clothing store called "jaBBer", and I shop there a lot. That's why I tend to choose low-tech sneakers.
How did you find the sneaker you wore today?
I usually wear only black sneakers, so white color was just fresh to me. It matched well with clothes thanks to its suede material. Though design of the upper is radical, the silhouette is close to low-tech sneakers I’m always wearing so I found it easy to bring it into my everyday style.
What have you been into recently?
Making a Plamodel. Recently I bought 10,000 yen Plamodel of Space Shuttle. I worked overnight and over for a month and I made it! Lol
Please tell us what you are aiming for future.
I'd like to graduate college, take my degree and get to a research work related to space. And one day I want to be an astronaut!
〈PUMA〉 Sneaker ¥9,800+TAX

〈AKANE UTSUNOMIYA〉 Tops ¥42,000+TAX (MIDWEST +81 3-3463-6589), 〈Stussy Women〉 Skirt ¥12,800+TAX (Stussy Women HARAJUKU +81 3-5414-5505), 〈Dead Studios〉 Jacket ¥13,000+TAX (lignespring showroom +81 3-6337-5253)