Girls Just Want To Have Fun!


Vol.4 We, the editors,picked and
will introduce the must-have items
for the upcoming vacations.
Photo_ Hiroyo Kai (STUH)

– the serial publication that the editors pick and introduce items
what they currently really want.
The theme of the forth editorial is
“ the extra goods that will enrich our Golden Week trips.”
From energetic oversea trips to chilled local hot spring travelings,
the editors’ plans are various.
We’ll recommend our most demanded yet secret items to upgrade your trips too!

The most decisive goods for a trip.

Recently, I just came back from Taiwan for a business trip.
Then, one thing I learnt from this trip was that
“a woman must bring compression socks for a carry-on baggage when taking a long flight.”
I had mistakenly put my compression socks in the overhead locker,
and for the few hours, I was literally living in hell, especially my calves…

SELECTED by Rachel


Exclusive Sandal from ISLAND SLIPPER

I could wish for nothing better.

The indispensable good for my trip is undoubtedly beach sandals. The best sandal maker that comes to my mind is the Hawaiian brand, ISLAND SLIPPER, and I’ve known it for long years, yet I’ve never purchased it before. The reason was because I wanted a pair which is consisted of suede materials, but I disliked it at the same time because it’s very easy to leave a sweat-stain right after taking it off. I admired people wearing it, but hated it simultaneously when people took it off and when I saw their footprint stains, aww. On top of that, a constant cleaning and caring of a sandal is tiresome, so I didn’t acquire the pair… Yet, the new exclusive model, which resolves my distress, is just launched. The insole is comprised of a deadstock Aloha-shirt-fabric, and I found it in a showroom and so thrilled was I. I’ve been waiting for it for so long!




Morgan Lane

Silk Pajamas from Morgan Lane

Only when I dive into a fluffy bed in a hotel.

The most pleasant yet stressful event for opting pajamas is an oversea trip travelling with female friends. Definitely, our daily room-wear like t-shirt/sweatpants style won’t do good when we are on a trip with friends. Since we’ll take thousands of pictures there, we wish to look as the prettiest as we can be! Accordingly, I’d like to recommend a nightwear from Morgan Lane for a Golden Week vacation. Actually, the designer is a daughter of Jill Stuart and she is an ultra-wealthy girl from New York; nevertheless, she generates what a pop design such as mushroom-patterned pajamas and a huge butterfly swimsuit in which I like her anti-conservative style breaking down the norm fashion. I believe we can cut loose of ourselves wearing a flashy crop-top and short pants to dive into a fluffy bed at least during a vacation. Why don’t we sometimes discard Japanese tranquil aesthetics, haha?

Crop-Top ¥16,000+TAX (Reference Price)
Short Pants ¥22,000+TAX (Reference Price)

Brand News K.K.


Wanna go to a hot spring.

My first-time visit to a classy hot spring was during the last Golden Week
when I was turning to become 30.
Thenafter, I discerned the real virtue of the hot springs
and determined to go to a hot spring again, so is this year!



Joy Case from O-

What to store is depended on you.

JOY CASE – that is the name of this product. Merely judged by the name, the product must be the most fitted item for the theme of this article, a trip. When we come to think about its actual usage and sizing, which is 8cm by 9cm, it should most likely be used as a coin-purse at a trip, but it could also be used as a flashy accessory because of its reflective material. The purse will reflect the headlight from vehicles for sure, so it can be utilized as a safety good during running at nights of Golden Week as well. Despite of its slack name, JOY CASE acquires a high functionality that I highly recommend you to get one! Moreover, it’s very affordable:)




Bang & Olufsen

Bluetooth Headphone from Bang & Olufsen

Long live the wireless.

When I recently bought a Bluetooth speaker, I noticed something big and important – purchasing an appliance is much worthwhile than buying a piece of clothing that is about the same price. Moreover, I often listen to music outside like during my commutation, and so I crave a new wireless earphone, especially because Golden Week must be busy moving around for sure as well. I haven’t used any product from Bang & Olufsen before, but I always liked it because of its Scandinavian-ish pretty, modern designs. In addition, the sound quality is more than enough. Actually, I do not really use the speaker I bought recently because I’m concerned of the sound leakage to my neighbors, so I believe the earphone will compensate tuning music at home too, not only during my commutation.


Bang & Olufsen Japan


Wish to be talented at refreshing.

Generally, I personally like to chill during Golden Week,
yet I sometimes feel sick of it due to the society’s merrymaking,
and the long break apparently doesn’t match my lifestyle.
Well, I guess I’d go to a hot spring this year.



Multiple Tint from NARS

Cosmetic squads for travelling in 2017.

I always wish to give myself plenty of time to prepare packing, but my wish never comes true and I must rush myself to pack stuffs in the last minute. However, unless I forget my passport, wallet, or phone, I won’t be in trouble, and I can buy whatever essential things when I arrive the destination. Thus, my trip-principle is to bring a baggage as minimal as possible, and I’m so passionate about my rule than anyone else. Undeniably, my principle applies to cosmetics too, and so my indispensable cosme-selection will be “Multiple Tint” from NARS. The item can be used as a blush or a lip, hence an inevitable item for my purse when travelling. Additionally, the coloring is so natural and transparent which is very easy-to-use. We’ll presumably take a lot of pictures during a trip, and it will certainly help us boosting our souvenir selfies.

(Pic from top)
5405 (Sheer Berry), 5406 (Light Pink), 5407 (Poppy Red)

¥4,800+TAX Each

*On limited sale from May 19th (Fri)





I’ll really chill this break!

Based on our company’s schedule, employees can start taking their summer break since June, and so I have already created my travel plan then. Integrating my paid vacation and the summer break, I’m planning to be off to Hawaii from May 29th till June 2nd. So, the question is which shoes should I put on there? Well, I have some criteria. First, it must be very relaxed to be worn for a long flight; second, comfortable enough for walking long hours; and third, can be worn both in the city and the beach. Then, the answer seems to be UNEEK LEATHER from KEEN! Open Air Footwear is obviously comfortable merely putting it on as well as walking outside or merely staying in a flight. The new piece comprises the cowhide which hugely upgraded the sick look to it from the previous models. Absolutely, I’ll get the white one! It must match with the beautiful white beach in Hawaii.




“Food” spurs me to a trip.

Among the countries I have been to in my life,
the place with the best food was Vienna, the capital city of Austria.
Especially, the dish called Gulasch, Hungarian stew, was my absolute favorite!
The dish was just like a beef stew with merely beef itself,
and I was addicted to it; thus, I tried it for 6 times while staying there just for 5 days, haha.

SELECTED by Samantha


Sunglass from MYKITA

Tough yet light, the reliable buddy for a trip.

Utilizing it for protecting myself from ultra violet as well as hiding my no-make-up face during a long flight, a sunglass is my essential item for travelling. Sunglasses from MYKITA are always my first choice which becomes my best buddy during a trip. The biggest reason is because of its light weight. I wouldn’t be tired even wearing it for a while because its durability is remarkable that the piece doesn't comprise any screw. In addition, I don’t need to feel anxious of dropping it on beach and sand cracking into its joint. One day, I had accidentally sat on the sunglass, yet it didn’t even get a tiny scratch. The sunglass I’m currently using is a plain model, so I’d rather go for a bit aggressive design like that for the next purchase.

¥61,000+TAX Each





As tiny as possible, but as pretty as possible.

Even if a baggage is full of stuffs, I want my bag to be as small as possible while I’m sightseeing various spots. A sacoche is acceptable, yet I’d rather carry a bag from OLYMPIA LE-TAN which can enrich my feeling when touring. The design is distinctive and superb, and the bag can be an accent on a simple outfit as well as whatever unique clothing we tend to buy when being hyper-excited for travelling. Additionally, the distinctive embroidery might be a great catalyst for me to start a communication with local people. I’m already daydreaming that an adorable old lady at a port in Spain shouting “cute bag!” to me when I’m wearing the item, haha! The imagination motivates me to work hard till Golden Week and the summer break if I’m able to take a break though…




The one who travels first wins.

Despite the fact that I have been a lot of foreign countries
back then while being a student,
there is not much opportunities to even plan it as an employee today.
However, I’m aggressively planning to visit Asian nations
where I haven’t been much before during the upcoming Golden Week!

SELECTED by Claire

GUESS Originals × A$AP Rocky

Rocky’s Low Cap from GUESS Originals × A$AP Rocky

Must-have if you are a Rocky fun.

As Supreme or Tommy Hilfiger are currently influencing fashionable teenagers today, GUESS was that kind of thrived brand when Rocky was young back then. That was his concept and catalyst to start the collaboration actually. I was especially attracted by the low cap in the shocking pink. The item would probably fit any shape of heads and hairstyles, so even as flashy as the color can be easily adopted to our outfits. I can imagine a typical spiral-permed girl with a tanned skin in NY is wearing the cap and walking down a street, haha. The fact that Rocky was the one who designed it surprised me. The unusual collaboration of “kawaii” and “gangsta” style makes the item exceptionally superb!





Chinese-Character Socks from HAN KJØBENHAVN

Highly recommended for people who wanna show off your JAPANESE-ness.

Just like our nerdy mates in Akihabara, I like their styles wearing the worn-out white socks that can be slightly seen under the hems of their pants. Recently, I discovered this pastel-colored socks with the Chinese characters on them in which I thought was really mismatched but conspicuous and thus interesting. Furthermore, I prefer its style of not showing itself too cool but a bit lame. Currently, Chinese characters are somewhat booming among global fashion, and the gap that the elegant brand in Denmark pushes its street taste captured my heart. It’s so much fun to appeal that “I am a JAPANESE” outfit in foreign countries, haha!

¥4,800+TAX Each


To the tropical islands.

This summer, I’m considering to take early day-offs to go to Hawaii,
so my selections have completely become full of summer items.
It’s been four years since my last visit there,
and so I’m too delighted for the subsequent visitation
and am already hanging my Hawaiian shirts ready to go in my room. Mahalo!




Despite of the general look…

I truly feel the hat will cover any kind of outfits since the hat already attains the adequate, absolute beauty to it. Even with a sham, cheap Hawaiian shirt or with a worn-out tank top with shorts, the elegance of the hat will offset whatever outfits to be sufficiently stylish. As I missed a chance to buy it last summer, I’ll unquestionably get it this summer. Absolutely!

Square Hat ¥24,000 +TAX

Velvet Ribbon Hat ¥20,000 +TAX



White Mountaineering

Tropical-pattern from White Mountaineering

Time to bloom the fruit scandal.

I usually never wear particular patterned-clothing, except for a Hawaiian shirt. I really love the piece that acquires a stylish yet thug ambience. By the way, my impression of a tunic-dress was either like a Hawaiian muumuu or 90s Japanese gals’ daily wear, but this item changed my longtime perception. The mixture of unnatural yet luxurious vibes make it elegant. Additionally, the base navy color captures my soul and doesn’t let me go.


White Mountaineering


Finally, the season has come.

Golden Week, our favorite season of the year,
is finally around the corner!
Going out for a vacation is nice as well as just staying at home and chilling.
Personally, my way of spending Golden Week is to stay up real late outside,
but I really must be careful not to cut loose drinking too much.

SELECTED by Saskia

bonjour records

Hoodie & Sweatpants from Editorial Magazine

The superior chill time.

It is exceptionally nice to travel somewhere far away, but I believe spending time for whatever we like at home is as pleasant as travelling as well. Taking a rest is one of our priority for utilizing Golden Week. At such time, the collaborated hoodie and sweatpants by bonjour records and EDITORIAL MAGAZINE, the Canadian independent magazine, must be our buddies at home. Among all of the five colorways, red grasped my heart the most. In movies such as “The Royal Tenenbaums” or “E.T.”, red sportswear was worn by main characters, and then its pretty yet a bit lame design attracted me so bad. This summer, I’m ready to be a nerd!

Hoodie ¥8,900+TAX

Sweatpants ¥8,500+TAX

bonjour records Daikanyama-Store



Leather Bag from PAMEO POSE

To HOTEL PARAISO during Golden Week.

I’d love to go to resorts during the vacation, yet my wallet is unfortunately out of budgets, so I, Saskia, will revel in a resort-feeling merely by purchasing the item from PAMEO POSE. The bag is apparently inspired and derived by amenities from HOTEL PARAISO, an imaginary hotel that doesn’t actually exist. It contains a quite large volume which is capable of storing plentiful stuffs, and I love its luxurious leather handles too. Let’s savor the resort-feeling by dressing slim-styles up such as a camisole or a long dress with the bag as a vacation-ish accent.