Two of my dress style
Photo_Ryo Hanabusa 
Styling_Nao Nomura 
Hair&Make_Naoyuki Ogimoto 
Text_Yuichiro Tsuji

“JOURNAL STANDARD” which catches exactly the movements of the times
and always gives us new discoveries.
It is because attractive staff with sense is gathered to deliver unique ideas.
As if expressing such “two sides” of them,
we had coordinated with different facial expressions with one key item as the axis.
In conjunction with the official website of “JOURNAL STANDARD”, we will introduce two dresses.


Trench coat of "STUDIO NICHOLSON” is charming with a light in comfort.
It's cute to dress smartly, but it is also good to dress down.
You should be able to meet new style.



Differentiate with a little dress technique.

ーSo, your position is “VMD”?
Yes, it means “Visual merchandiser”. My job is designing product displays and making floor plans, and directing the interior space.
ーDoes the item you wear is change with day-off and at work?
I often wear the clothes that are handled at the shop. Rather than girly items, I like something a little men’s like. It may be more likely to wear stripes or such items than that. Originally I like old clothes, so I may mix vintage.
ーThe point of the style you got challenged this time was how to dress down the trench coat.
The way I dared to shoulder is a trend of this season, I think that it is a very cute style like a girl. I thought that I can dress down beautiful trench coat with a little way of dressing, such as how to use a belt. I like the mix of trend color pink and sax. I also like to use a lot of big accessories and emphasize the sense of coordination mix.
ーI felt hairstyle and makeup are powerful impressions.
I think that a conservative makeup suits me better. Again this time I pulled the eye line, it was about matching the color of the lip with pink shirt i wearing the inner. But, as makeup is mature, I pulled back my hair. So, it seems like the hairstyle is emphasized and it is a bit impressive impression. I put blue in the hand nail so that it links with my feet socks and shoes, and put orange in the foot nail. I like this orange that shines in this blue tones. In this time, I felt that such detailed consideration is important in expressing fashion.
ーIs there anything you keep in mind when choosing clothes?
The balance. For example, when choosing a sweat, dare you bought a big one and play with a silhouette. If there was a good thing with a just silhouette, I chose high waist items for the bottom to be fitted, and I am constantly conscious of dress with a bit twist.
ーDo you have any styles you are interested in this spring and do you want to try on challenging related to fashion?
As I challenged with this time, I'd like to incorporate some small techniques into my style. Instead of making a difference with items, I'm thinking of enjoying fashion with such a way of dressing.
〈STUDIO NICHOLSON〉Coat ¥92,000+TAX(JOURNAL STANDARD Omotesando +81 3-6418-7958)

〈MAISON EUREKA〉Pink shirt ¥35,000+TAX、〈SANDY LIANG〉Saxe blue shirt ¥34,000+TAX、〈MAISON EUREKA〉Denim pants ¥36,000+TAX、〈SUSPENDERS〉Belt ¥2,000+TAX、〈GLEN CLYDE〉Socks〈F-TROPUE〉Sandals ¥19,000+TAX、Earrings ¥20,000+TAX、〈DIANA BROUSSARD〉Necklace ¥28,000+TAX、〈ADELINE CACHEUX〉Ring ¥66,000+TAX、〈GILES &BROTHER〉Thick bracelet ¥15,500+TAX 、Medium bracelet ¥12,500+TAX、Gold color fine bracelet ¥13,000+TAX、Other fine bracelet ¥12,000+TAX(ALL JOURNAL STANDARD Omotesando +81 3-6418-7958)

On the official website of “JOURNAL STANDARD”,
check out the dressing of this trench coat!

On the official website of “JOURNAL STANDARD”,
check out the dressing of this trench coat!