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Don't you want new nails?
supervision_Tomomi Fukuchi 
Photo_Kazumasa Takeuchi[STUH]

As the temperature is raising recently,
our demand for sandals is simultaneously increasing.
Isn’t there any girl who is seeking for colorful toes for the upcoming season?
Today, we interviewed Tomomi Fukuchi, a hair-stylist who is a renowned devotee of nail polish.
From classic colors to vivid colors,
she’d recommend us the best nail polish for the summer.

“Cold colors that match summer styles.”

“Personally, I love cold colors, especially deep green and blue from Yves Saint Laurent which obtain the exquisite shiny coloring. Cold colors can be great accents in summer outfits such as a white t-shirt, a blue striped shirt, or pink or red items that can generate a color contrast. Recently, dark colors such as blue or black lip sticks are booming in the city, so matching the dark lips with cold colors on nails must present the luxury yet stylish aura to you.”


(Pic from top)

a Laque Couture



¥3,200+TAX Each

Yves Saint Laurent Beaute

+81 3-6911-8563

“The distinctive color that is exclusive to you.”

“It’s probably because I’m a big fan of nail polish, when I see people putting on Chanel’s nail polish, I instantly discern it is from Chanel without asking. Chanel always releases exceptional colors including those popular limited colors as well as classic tints that are rarely seen in the other brands. For example, take a look at #536 ÉMERAUDE. The deep green is comprised of rich golden pearl so-called polarized pearl which is super gorgeous. These items are great choices for whom wish to become ‘distinctive’ than being just ordinary.“


(Pic from top)





¥3,200+TAX Each

CHANEL (Perfume/Cosmetics)


“Adapt the elegance.”

“No. 129 Femme-Fleur, which is consisted of pink pearls, shines like a pure white shell when applying it solely. No. 338 Mirage is splendid light purple. Generally, purple is a neutral tint which can be matched with whatever outfits, and it is neither too girly nor elderly, so it’s one of my absolute favorite color. No. 618 Vibrato, the golden tint, acquires a gorgeous yet not conspicuous color in which I think it is also an easy-to-use color. Every single nail polish from Dior is fascinating since it can always enhance elegant vibes to us.”


(Pic from left)

Dior Vernis

no.338 Mirage

no.618 Vibrato

no.129 Femme-Fleur

¥3,000+TAX Each

Parfums Christian Dior

+81 3-3239-0618

“For the moment when you really wanna be a standout!”

“Summer is around the corner, so many people must be looking for bright nail polish for the upcoming season. I chose three vivid colors from NARS, which is renowned for its bright items, that must be matching with your forthcoming tanned skin. For instance, aligning the shocking pink for pedicure is nice as well as matching the color with manicure, or changing different colors on your hands and feet will also be pretty. The colors are suited for the moment when you really wanna be a standout in a nightlife. You can opt colors based on your preference or your outfit of the day to revel in these loud tints.”


(Pic from left clockwise)

NARS Nail Polish R

3637 (Shocking Pink)

3659 (Light Blue)

3666 (Mandarin Orange)


¥2,000+TAX Each

*3666 is only available at Isetan Shinjuku or Hankyu Umeda Main Store.



“The exquisite balance of translucency is superb.”

“The ‘Mix Holographic Nail Polish’ comprises unique glitters that are various in its sizes which obtain different colors, shapes, and materials. Applying it only once on nails remains a bit weak, so layering it several times will make your nails glaring with its glitters. Personally, I love its exquisite balance of translucency, which is just superb. Generally, a nail polish gradually fades its tints away day by day, but the item is consisted of persistent glitters which remains pretty long. I’d strongly recommend a busy person to get one!”


Nail Lacquer 948



+81 3-3479-8053

“Nail polish with offbeat textures.”

“FUZZY series, the product line from ANNA SUI COSMETICS, offer uncommon items which comprise fibers in its nail polish. After heavily applying the nail polish, the dried nails will attain a feathery texture where fibers are floating in the air with random patterns, just like a nail art. Highly recommended for people who like milky pastel colors with soft, sweet ambiences. These pastel colors must match with summer outfits as well. Beside pastel-lovers, I’d also recommend to those unique-lovers, who crave for distinctiveness, that I can guarantee them of the offbeat quality.”


(Pic from top)

ANNA SUI Nail Color A






¥1,200+TAX Each



“Purposely go for natural nail polish.”

“Essie, the brand I often use its nail polish for a model shooting, acquires a variety of calm, natural colors. Today, I selected three easy-to-use tints: white, brown, and pink-beige. Since these colors are very natural in their looks, they are matched for people who cannot present vivid nails at their offices. The items are not consisted of pearls, so your nails won’t be too glaring at workplace, which is grateful for some of you. Even though summer is probably the best season for vivid nails, purposely going for natural nail polish must be a fresh style as well.”


(Pic from left)

♯10 blanc

♯501 au natural

♯690 not just a pretty face

¥1,500+TAX Each

essie Customer Service


“Tints which match Japanese skin!”

“The flaxseed nail polish from Shiro is comprised of moisturizing component, flaxseed oil. These smoky tints are remarkable which are just released in this spring. Yellow beige, blue beige, and smoky blue seem quite calm and natural colors, yet they are pretty conspicuous when applying on nails. In contrast, vermillion red and bright yellow are vitamin-colors that must be fitted with tanned skin during summer. As it is a domestic brand, any tint must be matched with Japanese skin colors.”


(Pic from top clockwise)

Flaxseed Nail Polish

7D03 Smoky Blue

7B14 Yellow

7D02 Blue Beige

7B16 Red

7D01 Yellow Beige

¥2,400+TAX Each