Girls Just Want To Have Fun!

Off to.

Trip to Hida with full of retro culture.
Videographer_Yusuke Oishi 
Video Director_Airi Kikuta 
Styling_Kaori Kawakami 
Hair & Make-up_Katsuyoshi Kojima (TRON) 

Going out for drink and clubbing until morning with stayed friends after work.
This kind of weekend is definitely fun,
but because girls are living powerful everyday regardless on or off,
travelling to outside Tokyo once in a while seems attractive.
Superb nature, traditional Ryokan (Japanese inn),
amazing food and booze that are only available in the place.
We went “Hida”, north part of Gifu prefecture to find out those fun.

Sightseeing, foods and local spots that cannot be found on guide book.

Gifu prefecture, known as ‘country of limpid stream’ features huge forest which occupies 80 % of land and beautiful, fresh water natured in there. There are many places registered as nature or cultural heritage thanks to magnificent nature power so lots of sightseeing spots around area. Yes, we’d like to go everywhere, but also accomplish to eat all nice foods and step into hidden local spots. We’ve made Girl Houyhnhnm presents special movie of Hida with such greedy view. Check next page for places we went for shooting.


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