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Trip to Hida with full of retro culture.
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Traditional streetscape to feel Japan

A standard of Hida-takayama sightseeing is strolling “Sanmachi street”. Its name is commonly called one and precisely indicate the area of three different streets. There are varieties of individual shops on street such as specialized to sake, miso or general stores and what you should do is an eating binge of specialty local foods like Mitarashi-dango and Hida beef sushi. Latter is especially popular as always around 10 people are cueing. Here, you should concentrate on eat, eat and eat! Lots of shops close by late afternoon so better to visit early.

Sanmachi street
Address:Kami1-machi Kami2-machi Kami3-machi, Takayama, Gifu

Another traditional streetscape is Hida-furukawa. Compare to Sanmachi street, which is vibrant by a lot of tourists, its view features deep quaint with sequential white walls (specifically called Shirakabe-dozo) and sake brewing tour is can’t-miss point here for sake lovers. Thousands of carps are thrown to Seto river, which is running through the town from April to November, though they were moved to other pond for passing the winter at the moment. Well-known nationwide traditional events such as Kitsune Fire Festival in fall and Santera-Mairi in winter are also held in this area.

Shirakabe-dozo town
Address:Furukawachoichinomachi, Hida, Gifu
Kitsune Fire Festival
Date:Saturday of 4th week in September, Every year
Date:15th January Every year

Gassho house is famed for view of Shirakawa-go (Sho river area of Gifu) As you can see, sharp angle of roof top is alike to praying hands (=Gassho in Japanese words) shape is root why it’s named. ‘Gero Onsen Gassho-mura’ places 10 Gassho houses, which are moved from Shirakawa-go. Thatch of roof need to be re-covered in every 20 to 30 years and the cost is over ¥20,000,000. Both manpower and money are required in order to protect precious tradition.

Gero Onsen Gassho-mura
Address:Mori 2369, Gero, Gifu
Opening hour:8:30〜17:00

One for every house. Experience Ema and Sarubobo.

Coloring Ema ¥1,000+TAX

Ema (picture-horse) is displayed at almost every residents of Hida. It’s dedicated to shrine instead of a real horse from ancient time and nowadays it works as luck in order to pray family safety or prosperous business in paper format. It’s told that displaying Ema as horse head toward inside of your house will bring luck. You can experience coloring of Ema at Hida Ema Factory, which is run by Ema-master, Suisei Yamaguchi. You don’t need to have a latent for painting. Once you have his lecture, you’ll be able to draw colorful, fineness and dynamic Ema.

Hida Ema Factory
Address:Furukawachoichinomachi 5-6, Hida, Gifu
Opening hour:9:30〜17:00(irregular holidays)
Sarubobo making experience ¥1,500

“Bobo” means a baby in the dialect of Hida. Thus Sarubobo indicates “Monkey baby” (Saru is the Japanese word for monkey). Sarubobo is loved figure by local as mascot with meaning like ‘protection from bad things’ and ‘A happy home’. In fact, you can see Sarubobo or imitated characters all over the town. ‘Crafts Experience Center’ offers you experience to make Sarubobo. You can choose from 5 different colors on top of basic red. Each color has meaning as following, Red: family, Yellow: economic fortune, Pink: love, Green: health and Blue: academy. It’s fun to select colors depend on who you’ll gift to.

Crafts Experience Center
Address:Kamiokamotomachi 1-436, Takayama, Gifu
Opening hour:10:00〜16:00(Experience due entrance by 16:00. Close Wednesday)

Coverall sightseeing places from the basic to secret.

Something that you definitely don’t want to fail when travelling is where to stay. Yunoshimakan is fine Ryokan (Japanese inn), which is established in 1931 and selected as registered tangible cultural property in 2010. Yunoshimakan features wooden architecture, designed by architect Eiji Tanba, outstanding view from Rotenburo (open-air spa) and retro chic pub ‘moonlight’. They are all very attractive as you may think that there’s no better place to stay than here.

Address:Yunoshima 645, Gero, Gifu

Though its street looks like the real one at night time, it’s actually inside of the Takayama Showa Museum. The museum re-create retro streetscape in Showa 30’s time (=1955〜1965) with valuable items that are personally accumulated by its owner. Each space has theme. Kamen Rider is played on retro TV, vinyl of Seiko Matsuda or Agnes Chan are displayed at record shop and you can even play the family computer game. Girl Houyhnhnm girls must experience this chaotic place!

Takayama Showa Museum
Address:Shimo1-machi 6, Takayama, Gifu
Opening hour:9:00〜18:00
Entrance fee:¥800(adult), ¥500(Junior & high school student), ¥300(4 years old 〜 elementary school)

Kitani Co., Ltd. produces original furniture and licensed master pieces of Scandinavian furniture based on craftsmanship of Hida. It run a booth at Stockholm Furniture Fair in past and has a lot of knowledge about Scandinavian furniture. ‘Takayama FINN JUHL House’ is built by Kitani Co., Ltd. to celebrate centennial of Finn Juhl’s birth. There are full of beautiful furniture inside property that re-created as-is Juhl’s house. You’d never imagine that you can step into house of Scandinavian design maestro by visiting Hida! It’s one of a kind experience in whole world.

Takayama FINN JUHL House
Address:2115 Matsukura, Takayama, Gifu (Inside Kitani Co., Ltd.)
Opening hour:10:00〜12:00, 13:00〜15:00
Entrance fee:¥3,000

‘COSTORICO’ is the certifiable local spot, known by local people only because it’s located a bit far from the central. You’ll find huge skate lump as you walk through café area inside shop. It becomes play area of local kids and also pro-rider. If you want to get the latest info about Hida-takayama, coming this place may be the best. If you are skater, don’t forget to take deck with you when visiting Hida!

Address:Matsunokimachi 1040-40, Takayama, Gifu
Opening hour:9:00〜22:00

Treat yourself by Hida taste

Fruits Sandwich ¥700, Coffee ¥400

Although it’s hard to turn down breakfast of Ryokan or Hotel, having breakfast at café, loved by local is awesome too. ‘Don’ is the oldest café in Takayama that starts operation back in 1951. We ordered coffee that is dripped by same method for over 60 years and fruits sandwich, filled by fresh fruits and fresh cream. Jun-kissa (meaning, ordinary coffee shop with respect) will encourage you to stay for long.

Kissa Don
Address:Hommachi 2-52, Takayama, Gifu
Opening hour:7:30〜22:00(Close Tuesday)
Ramen(regular size)¥700

To try Takayama Ramen, which is Hida-kozan’s specialty as well as Hida beef, we headed to local people loving “Gouri”. Non-fatty soy ramen with base of chicken bones soup is guaranteed by sightseeing staff of town hall who knows everything about Gifu. Good access with two minutes walk from JR Takayama station is grateful too.

Address:Hanasatomachi 5-10, Takayama, Gifu
Opening hour:10:30〜15:00
Banko Anmitsu ¥500

When you want sweet stuff to recover from tiring of sightseeing, we’d recommend Bankoan, located inside “Gero Onsen Gassho-mura” that we introduced in previous page. Here, you can try sweets made by local ingredients, grown with Gifu’s representative clean water at Japanese old folk house. (Masuda construction) Highly recommended one is Banko Anmitsu composed of Shiratama (made by tofu, tansy and etc.) and surprisingly a whole tomato!

Address:Mori 2369 (Inside of Gassho-mura), Gero, Gifu
Opening hour:8:30〜17:00
Hida beef steak (rib-eye) ¥7,000+TAX

Most fun all in all is Hida beef. We were encouraged to try the best for coming all the way to Hida, so stepped into ‘Tengu sohonten’ which serves only A-5 rank beef. Having super tender Hida beef as melting in your mouth the moment you throw it in together with local beer from daytime. This is top of lux.

Address:Motomachi 1-21, Takayama, Gifu
Opening hour:9:00〜15:00(Close Tuesday)