Can’t take eyes off from SUMIRE and Himi.
Photo_Takanori Okuwaki (um) 
Styling_Ryota Yamada 
Hair & Make-up_Taro Yoshida 

It’s been about 10 months since “GIRL HOUYHNHNM” launched.
The model SUMIRE who’s started an actress activities appears with her brother Himi
for the first ever interlocking project with the brother web-site “HOUYHNHNM ”!
Natural feeling of air brought by two casts who are neither friends nor lovers,
synchronizes with the mind of “GIRL HOUYHNHNM”.


Man:〈Belvest〉 Suit ¥270,000+TAX (YAGI TSUSHO LIMITED +81 3-6809-2183) , 〈DANIEL w. FLETCHER〉 Knit ¥79,000+TAX, 〈NICHOLAS DALEY〉 Beret ¥36,000+TAX (International Gallery BEAMS +81 3-3470-3948) , 〈soe〉 Shirts ¥27,000+TAX (M.I.U +81 3-5457-2166)

Woman:〈MAISON EUREKA〉 Coat ¥78,000+TAX (ON TOKYO SHOWROOM +81 3-6427-1640), 〈ALLEGE〉 Jacket ¥65,000+TAX (COLORS +81 3-5778-3782), 〈UNUSED〉 Shirts ¥26,000+TAX (H BEAUTY&YOUTH +81 3-6438-5230), 〈The Elder Statesman〉 Beanie ¥31,000+TAX (EDSTROM OFFICE +81 3-6427-5901)
Man:〈RAF SIMONS〉 Windbreaker ¥108,500+TAX (DOVER STREET MARKET GINZA +81 3-6228-5080), 〈NEEDLES〉 Shirts ¥21,000+TAX, Shoes ¥23,000+TAX (NEPENTHES +81 3-3400-7227), 〈WILLY CHAVARRIA〉 ¥33,500+TAX, Belt ¥14,500+TAX (JETTON SHOWROOM +81 3-6804-1970), 〈AMBUSH®〉 Wallet chain ¥150,000+TAX (AMBUSH® WORKSHOP +81 3-6451-1410)

Woman:〈MAISON EUREKA〉 Apron ¥38,000+TAX, Boots ¥100,000+TAX (ON TOKYO SHOWROOM +81 3-6427-1640), 〈UNUSED〉 Knit ¥38,000+TAX (ROOTS to BRANCHES +81 3-5728-5690), 〈NEON SIGN〉 Shirts ¥32,000+TAX (NEON SIGN +81 3-6447-0709), 〈HOLIDAY〉 Pants ¥20,800+TAX (HOLIDAY +81 3-6805-1273)
Man:〈NICHOLAS DALEY〉 Jacket ¥87,500+TAX, 〈Paraboot〉 Shoes ¥68,000+TAX (International Gallery BEAMS +81 3-3470-3948), 〈Gosha Rubchinskiy〉 Sweat ¥16,500+TAX (Comme des Garçons +81 3-3486-7611), 〈FRED PERRY〉 Long Sleeve Polo Shirt ¥17,000+TAX (FRED PERRY SHOP TOKYO +81 3-5778-4930), 〈NEEDLES〉 Quilt Skirt ¥36,000+TAX (NEPENTHES +81 3-3400-7227), others Stylist's Own

Woman:〈MAISON EUREKA〉 Knit ¥42,000+TAX, Shoes ¥41,000+TAX (ON TOKYO SHOWROOM +81 3-6427-1640), 〈JOHN LAWRENCE SULLIVAN〉 Jacket ¥78,000+TAX, Pants ¥50,000+TAX (JOHN LAWRENCE SULLIVAN +81 3-5428-0068), 〈FRED PERRY〉 Polo Shirt ¥11,000+TAX (FRED PERRY SHOP TOKYO +81 3-5778-4930)
〈NAPA by MARTINE ROSE〉 Jacket&Down vest ¥105,000+TAX (JACKPOT +81 3-3352-6912), 〈JOHN LAWRENCE SULLIVAN〉 Cut and Sewn ¥24,000+TAX (JOHN LAWRENCE SULLIVAN +81 3-5428-0068)、〈KAPTAIN SUNSHINE〉 Work Suit ¥56,000+TAX (CLIP CLOP +81 3-5793-8588), 〈MAISON EUREKA〉 Shoes ¥39,000+TAX (ON TOKYO SHOWROOM +81 3-6427-1640), 〈UNUSED〉 Socks ¥3,300+TAX (ROOTS to BRANCHES +81 3-5728-5690)
Man:〈DANIEL w. FLETCHER〉 Coat ¥265,000+TAX, 〈F.LLI Giacometti〉 Shoes ¥89,000+TAX (International Gallery BEAMS +81 3-3470-3948), 〈adidas Originals by Alexander Wang〉 Blouson ¥32,000+TAX (adidas customer support 0570-033-033), 〈MACKINTOSH 0001〉 Pants ¥111,000+TAX (MACKINTOSH JAPAN +81 3-3589-0260)

Woman:〈UNUSED〉 Coat ¥52,000+TAX (alpha PR  +81 3-5413-3546), 〈ALLEGE〉 Jacket ¥62,000+TAX, Pants ¥32,000+TAX (COLORS +81 3-5778-3782), 〈adidas Originals by Alexander Wang〉 T Shirt ¥16,000+TAX (adidas customer support 0570-033-033), 〈WILLY CHAVARRIA〉 Belt ¥14,500+TAX (JETTON SHOWROOM +81 3-6804-1970), 〈MAISON EUREKA〉 Key Chain ¥5,800+TAX (ON TOKYO SHOWROOM +81 3-6427-1640), 〈JOHN LAWRENCE SULLIVAN〉 Shoes ¥94,000+TAX (JOHN LAWRENCE SULLIVAN +81 3-5428-0068)