International Gellery BEAMS
Season Styling

Style of this fall / winter
and the clothes we want to wear.
Photo_ Kenta Sawada 
Styling_ Lisa Sato (BE NATURAL) 
Hair_ Jun Goto (OTA OFFICE) 
Make-up_ Akiko Owada 

We picked items that we want wear this fall / winter season
from“International Gallery Beams”,
which introduce us the world's trends as soon as possible with an international mind.
For the coming season when the fashion feeling accelerates,
let 's take a look what clothes and style you want to grab.


〈leur logette〉 Coat ¥160,000+TAX、 〈FRUIT OF THE LOOM×BEAMS BOY〉 Parker ¥7,800+TAX、 〈VIKA GAZINSKAYA〉 Shirt ¥100,000+TAX、 〈AKIRA NAKA〉 Pants ¥45,000+TAX、 〈SOLOVIERE〉 Shoes ¥49,000+TAX
〈A.W.A.K.E.〉 Coat ¥143,000+TAX、 〈ISA ARFEN〉 Blouse ¥49,000+TAX、 〈AKIRA NAKA〉 Pants ¥45,000+TAX、 Shoes personal effects
〈AKIRA NAKA〉 One piece ¥64,000+TAX、〈AKANE UTSUNOMIYA〉 Belt ¥12,000+TAX
〈A.W.A.K.E.〉Tops ¥35,000+TAX、 Others personal effects
〈leur logette〉Biouse ¥36,000+TAX、 〈AKANE UTSUNOMIYA〉Knit ¥38,000+TAX、〈AKANE UTSUNOMIYA〉Pants ¥48,000+TAX、 〈Robert Clergerie〉 Shoes ¥73,000+TAX