Meet with Elegance.

Elegance of 〈Gas Bijoux〉 that shines in casual style.
Photo_Koichi Tanoue 
Text_Yuichiro Tsuji

〈Gas Bijoux〉 is founded in Saint-Tropez, a resort in southern France.
The subtlety and elegant jewelry created by skilled craftsmen is
as beautiful as the French government gives warranty.
It is certificated as French National Treasure company back in 2011.
In this feature, staff of 「FREAK'S STORE」,
which is one of the main dealers in Japan wear fine items.
Check elegant presence of 〈Gas Bijoux〉 that shines in casual outfits.

Jewelries of 〈Gas Bijoux〉 that complements the strength
and beauty of women, are worn by staff of 「FREAK'S STORE」.

Rie Kurihara/FREAK'S STORE Harajuku staff

Jewelry that exudes presence in the sexually adult fur jacket centered outfits. Dress down chic fur item by casual border cut & sewn and denim pants, yet 〈Gas Bijoux〉 jewelries emphasize femininity. Lightly swinging earring as you walk, bangle and ring that express unique, strong presence while not feeling their weights. Each item raises the grace of a woman. It also brings out high impact as a simple outfits companion.

Kiho Ogasawara/Director of Freada

Wearing a charming long gown with colorful ethnic patterns, and military design incorporated vest for the inner. 〈Gas Bijoux〉 also matches to style with somewhat strong strength taste. Streamlined motifs of earrings and rings and delicate stamps (engraved marks) put by craftsmen on them integrate with ethnic pattern that emphasizes the beauty of supple women. Elegant presence of 〈Gas Bijoux〉 may be just right for a such style rather than hard characteristic of Indian jewelries.

〈Gas Bijoux〉 is a handmade jewelry brand born in southern France.

〈Gas Bijoux〉 born in 1969 at Saint-Tropez, a resort in southern France where the sun light stream down beautiful blue sea. Jewelries with subtlety and elegant shining made by gold, silver and sometimes natural stone are made by hands of skilled craftsmen at its own atelier in Marseille.
Currently the brand is directed by Marie and Olivier who are children of the founder, André Gas. They carefully inherit father André's passion for the jewelry and develop to new creation. The source of inspiration for their design is "journey". Various stimuli in unknown places such as blue gradation of beautiful sea and encounters with coral living in it, are shaped as jewelries and give beauty to women.
In 「FREAK'S STORE」, it presents novelty candle to those who purchased this brand’s jewelries. There are wide varieties of items available, so if you are interested, let's run to the shop.


〈Gas Bijoux〉Earrings ¥12,600+TAX、Ring ¥10,000+TAX、Bangle ¥17,100+TAX(All items from Gas Bijoux Aoyama 03-6450-5024)、〈Freada〉Coat ¥58,000+TAX(FREAK'S STORE Shibuya 03-6415-7728)、Other items her’s own.
〈Gas Bijoux〉Earrings ¥14,300+TAX、Ring(Right index finger) ¥10,000+TAX、Ring(Right middle finger) ¥10,000+TAX(All items from Gas Bijoux Aoyama 03-6450-5024)、〈Freada〉Gown ¥52,000+TAX、Best ¥23,000+TAX(Both items from FREAK'S STORE Shibuya 03-6415-7728)、Other items her’s own.
Left to Right 〈Gas Bijoux〉Earrings ¥10,000+TAX、Earrings ¥6,000+TAX、Ring ¥7,000+TAX、Necklace ¥9,300+TAX、Earrings ¥14,300+TAX(All items from Gas Bijoux Aoyama 03-6450-5024)
※The candle is a novelty present.