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The New way of how to dress BOA JACKET.
Photo_Naoto Kobayashi 
Styling_Dai Ishii 
Hair & Make-up_Shinya Kawamura(mod’s hair)  

BOA JACKET by , the permanent masterpiece item
that everyone should have ever seen.
Because of its greatness, it tends to be categorized as the "standard",
therefore the way of how to dress it is mainly American Casual.
However, sticking to theory is boring.
We propose GIRL HOUYHNHNM way of new dress code that is not restricted by existing rules.

Coat ¥25,000+TAX (nano universe customer service 0800-800-9921), Shirts ¥6,800+TAX (NUDE TRUMP +81 3-3770-2325), Skirt ¥9,800+TAX (Color at Against +81 3-6407-0961), Scarf ¥900+TAX (KINJI HARAJUKU +81 3-6406-0505‬), Sandals ¥11,000+TAX (KEENJapan +81 3-6416-4808), Socks Stylist’s Own
Jacket ¥18,000+TAX (LEE JAPAN +81 3-5604-8948), Shirts ¥1,900+TAX, Skirt ¥2,500+TAX (KINJI HARAJUKU +81 3-6406-0505‬), Cut and Sewn ¥5,000+TAX, Glasses ¥3,600+TAX (Banny +81 3-3408-1114), Pants ¥5,500+TAX (OTOE +81 3-3405-0355), Bag ¥7,800+TAX (danjil +81 42-720-8703), Shoes ¥11,500+TAX (MINNETONKA MOCCASIN +81 3-3405-5706)
Jacket ¥18,000+TAX (FREAK’S STORE SHIBUYA +81 3-6415-7728), Sweat ¥1,900+TAX (KINJI HARAJUKU +81 3-6406-0505), T shirt ¥3,800+TAX, Cap ¥5,400+TAX (Color at Against +81 3-6407-0961), Pants ¥8,990+TAX, Glasses ¥3,600+TAX (Banny +81 3-3408-1114), Bag ¥6,800+TAX (danjil +81 42-720-8703), Shoes ¥11,000+TAX (MINNETONKA MOCCASIN +81 3-3405-5706)
Jacket ¥18,000+TAX(LEE JAPAN +81 3-5604-8948), Fleece ¥6,500+TAX (KINSELLA +81 3-6447-4544), Pants ¥7,900+TAX(I&I STORE +81 3-6424-4994), Glasses ¥3,600+TAX (Banny +81 3-3408-1114), Scarf ¥1,000+TAX (HARAJUKU CHICAGO JINGUMAE +81 3-5414-5107‬), Bag (from Left)¥7,800+TAX, ¥6,800+TAX (danjil +81 42-720-8703), Towel ¥2,100+TAX (MARUJI +81 3-3910-1409), Shoes ¥15,500+TAX (HUNTER CUSTOMER SERVICE 0120-563-567)
WRANGE COAT The original of boa outer wear.

Though various brands are releasing boa outer wears nowadays, its original is the BOA JACKET presented by in the 1970s. Cowboy was supposed to be wearing it, it featured longer length than other jackets to improve cold protection as well as its inner boa. If you would like to enjoy the original character of BOA JACKET among a lot of variations, the original model and the standard material of "Denim" or "Corduroy" are recommended. 〈Wrangler〉Jacket both¥18,000+TAX(LEE JAPAN +81 3-5604-8948)

SHORT BOA JACKET for FREAK’S STORE Modernize the brand 's first Zip Fly denim jacket.

"11 MJZ" is the memorial first Zip Fly denim jacket produced by that has a long history. "FREAK’S STORE" arranged the jacket, released in 1956 to be a special make-up model this time. The combination of short length and boa, which is the up-coming material of the season, present the casually trendy feeling, in parallel with its simple design excellently matches with the voluminous bottoms. Jacket ¥ 18,000 + TAX (FREAK’S STORE SHIBUYA +81 3-6415-7728)

The "New" Wrangler that we’ve never seen before.

Long boa coat, which had not been in collection so far was produced as a special make-up model of "nano universe". It features reversible spec of Boa × Corduroy materials, and the persistence that each fabric' s weight and stretch were coordinated in order to make clean silhouette is unique to . Neat no collar design so easy to be layered. Coat ¥25,000+TAX(nano universe customer service 0800-800-9921)