Girls Just Want To Have Fun!


Vol.01 We'd like to get this item for this spring!
Photographer:_Hiroyo Kai[STUH]

“SHOPPING ADDICT For Girl” is where GIRL HOUYHNHNM editors share their personal shopping wish lists.
The first theme for this series is “Early Spring”.
It is still cold outside, but spring is almost upon us and
beautiful spring items started showing up in shops.
Every month, our team of editors, who are always on the hunt for the latest items,
shares the updated shopping lists, so check them out!

Women’s items aren’t for me tho.

『“I’m the one and only male editor for GIRL HOUYHNHNM from HOUYHNHNM.
Of course, I pick up some women’s items, but they might be chosen from a male point of view.”

Tatty’s Picks


Work Coat

Street yet Elegant

“KOCHÉ is the brand from Paris based on the concept “COUTURE TO WEAR”. They bring couture techniques and street style essences together, and their ready-to-wear collections are getting much attention these days.
KOCHÉ presented a collection on the street of Harajuku during last Tokyo Fashion Week. So many girls, including the designer’s friends and random models from the street, joined the show, holding lanterns on their hands. And their show was very fantastic enough to surprise the world.
You can enjoy the best part of KOCHÉ’s designs by wearing a top with frill and lace. If something for everyday life is needed, this coat will be a better piece for you to have than the top. It is a basic work coat that you can simply style; but the inside of the coat has crocodile textile that is symbolizing KOCHÉ.”




Coyote Negro


Only One Shop in Japan

“LAILA is the place where I often get impressive experiences. When there was only one store in Tokyo,
I bought my vintage T-shirt vintage T-shirt that I’d been looking for so long there, and it became the most luxurious thing I’d ever bought. The shopping experience taught me how exciting it was to have an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. At the same time, though, the most expensive T-shirt in my wardrobe kind of made me lose the sense for money.
The latest thing I found at LAILA TOKYO today is jewelry from Coyote Negro. It’s an upcoming small brand based in NY, and their style includes somehow primitive essence in it. In Japan, LAILA is the only place where sells their items, so that it seems very special and exclusive. All the rarity makes me feel like getting their goods so bad.”

Bracelet ¥61,000+TAX

Ring ¥34,000+TAX

Earing ¥38,50+0TAX



Declaration of A New Style

“In my whole life, I’ve been saying that I love American casual style over anything, but it’s finally time to break out of my shell.
I was so inspired by GIRL HOUYHNHNM in many ways that
I decided to challenge myself and try out a new style this year.”

Rachel’s Picks


Skateboard Shaped Clutch Bag

Dreaming of Skate Parks

“Do you guys skate? Although it’s quite embarrassing to say that I’m so uncoordinated, I dream about extreme sports more than other people. Especially, my interest in skating is so big that I just stop and stare at skater girls on the street whenever they’re there.
There’s an item that could join the squad this spring; the skateboard shaped clutch bag. This bag is doublet’s collaboration with newneu. the brand that produces innovative bags, using Velcro. I like that one side of the bag is hook and loop adhesive taped and the other side is all leather where you can be creative with stickers that come with the bag. Probably, only a mini wallet and a phone fit into it. I mean, the size doesn’t really matter tho. It’s all good as long as the clutch bag looks awesome, right?”


RHC Ron Herman




Color Combination Guaranteed to Look Nice

“Almost everyday I wear sneakers, but I finally decided to look a more matured woman this year. One day, when I went to a fashion event, I found these stunning shoes; bi-color pumps from MAISON EUREKA. The brand is owned by the designer, Yurika Nakatsu, who lives in Berlin. The chunky heels are comfortable to wear and they make your legs look longer. I was going to buy the basic black ones (you know I wanted to look more matured), but the ones in the new collection colored just like Gundam got my heart. Because it’s still cold outside, I haven’t tried out any new clothing for spring yet. I’m so excited for these shoes to make my spring days even better.”


Journal Standard Omotesando


This year, I want to try a lot of things.

“Even though it may seem like I’m having a simple and plain life,
surprisingly I’m actually investing a lot of money on beauty.
Since I’m interested in healthy lifestyle, I am a beauty&sports editor for GIRL HOUYHNHNHM.”

Miami’s Picks



Color-block Knitwear Looking Cute from Every Angle

“My wardrobe consists mainly of basic neutral colors and I might wear all navy three times a week. This spring, though, I want to get items with some colors. I randomly found this knitwear from AKANE UTSUNOMIYA. When you put this on, the vertical color block lines look so cute. Especially the accent colors on the entire length of the under arms is great. When you are talking on the phone or typing on keyboards, people can see a bit of colors from every angle. I cannot decide whether I should get pink×green knitwear or blue×yellow one. In 2017, I’ll be dressed in beautiful colors and I’d like to change up my look.”





REMEDIES Collection

Good News for Skincare Sufferers!

“I’m pretty sure that people who haven’t found the best skin care products yet must know what their skin issues are. The new collection from BOBBI BROWN, REMEDIES has 6 different kinds of treatment targeting each skin issues. Personally, I chose SKIN MOISTURE SOLUTION NO.86 since my skin is dry and parched. The naturally-derived Ingredients such as murumuru butter and raspberry leaf helped to restore my skin to glow. I highly recommend this collection that allows you to pick up what you need depending on your skin problems.”

(from left to right)








I will rock every dress!

“As getting ready for the launch of GIRL HOUYHNHNM,
my desire for fashionable items grew fiercely. Spring is just around the corner! My only concern is my wallet!
I just can tell that it’s going to be so tough to stop myself this season tho.”

Samantha’s Picks



Hey, How would you wear this?

“When you recall that you need a light coat for spring, the season already passed away; that is often the case. The coat from ELIN is what intrigues me this season. The coat has a slightly oversized fitting, but the sleeves and waist are tight which represent the lovely balance. The whole figure is undoubtedly gorgeous in which the coat can be splendid in whatever style. I personally wanna try to pair it with either a sweatpants or a denim and sneakers on my feet. In addition, the coat obtains a little water-repellent which can be perfect in a rainy day as well.”






Treat me like a lady once

“Usually I like to dress casual, but I recently feel like adding feminine flair to my style. I want to try something new while remaining on my style radar, then this perfect item popped up in front of me; the exclusive skirt from MAME that you can only get at ESTNATION. The slit and the vivid pink colored lining – this skirt got my heart since it seems challenging yet rich and gorgeous. When paired with either an oversized MA-1 or a T-shirt, the skirt would look good for everyday uses.”




“This year, I’d like to look for things that pumps me up.

Every year I want something, I always do some other things to achieve me getting it, saving money for months.
Okay! I’ll do the same thing again! Let’s go and find items that make us hyped!”

Sojourner’s Picks

Acne Studios

Embroidered Coat

Loved It at First Sight!

“Don’t you think that girls love delicate details such as embroideries and laces since they were born? They just show positive response to these things and be like ‘they are mine!’. Obviously, I am one of these girls. As the new year begins, I’m attracted to this coat from Acne Studios.
In general, designs with embroideries tend to be too girly but that’s not the case for this coat. The coat is designed with huge Paisley embroideries on the rigid blue denim. Since there’s no collar for this, it would look even better to have something that has designs around your neck. As suggestions, you could pair it with an Oxford button down shirt or a turtleneck shirt. This is the piece that you can find more details as you see more and that Fashionistas would need in their wardrobe.”


Acne Studios



Stand Collar Shirt

Gettin’ Close to Shirts At My Pace

“When someone asks me ‘what’s the most important clothing item?’, one answer sticks in my mind ‘a shirt’. Since I was a little kid, I dressed up nice and formal, and that might have been influenced my style today. Through experiencing wearing so many shirts until now, I finally find what’s the most important about shirts. It’s about that they have to be comfortable enough to move around and do stuff. The past years have taught me how to dress up nicely with the shirts. And this year, I want a luxurious shirt to be one of my daily styles.
Good timing, I found a shirt from TOPEXP, a brand just launched in LA year 2016. Once I saw it, I fell in love with the long cuffs and the clean material. Literally I keep imaging possible ways to style it, thinking like ‘I’d pair the shirt with a black turtleneck’. Oh my, I just can’t wait it to be mine.”


Journal Standard Omotesando


“It’s my goal to add ‘a little luxury”bit by bit to my life.

“Everyday, I apply body oils on my skin at my desk, drink freshly brewed tea, and get motivated. That’s my daily routine!
I’m a food&beauty editor who is crazy about healthy living.”

Naraly’s Picks


Two-Piece Sets

Spice Up Your Wardrobe.

“The chic ready-to-wear pajama is the one that I’ve been checking a lot through snaps from S/S 2017 collections. Even though I found it cool how fashion editors rocked the pj dressing, I couldn’t really try it out. When I saw this georgeos resort collection of BAUM UND PFERDGARTEN, I fell in love with these two-piece sets. They were inspired by the design team, Dimore Studio, and their color pallets and material textures were just perfect. My original plan for the season was only to wear warm knit wears, jeans and sneakers; but the plan is obviously changed. I’ll actually enjoy seasonal styles, wearing this top teaming with jeans, or pairing the pants with a hoodie.”

Tops ¥42,000+TAX

Bottoms ¥38,000+TAX




Bath&Body Items

The Reason why I Love Fresh Scents

“Who loves fresh things? I suppose everyone does, and I’m definitely one of them. I selected bath & body products from the bio brand, HUYGENS, that just came to Japan last month. There’s something exciting when you actually walk into the shop in only Aoyama. You can pick up your favorite scents and purchase a bespoke and customized item. It reminds me of not only my childhood memory that I made my own soap but also that girl’s mind.
It’ll be so cute if you collect bottles of different colors. Because I was very curious about everything, I chose all the different ones; but you can stick with your most favorite scent and get the series of the collection. Also, you could get one product each time and enjoy exploring what’s best to you.”

(from left to right)
HUYGENS Hand Wash (ROSIER) 500mL ¥4,400+TAX

HUYGENS Soft Massage Oil (AROMA TONIQUE) 100mL ¥3,500+TAX

HUYGENS Multi-Purpose Dry Oil (MORNING BLEND) 100mL ¥4,700+TAX

HUYGENS Bubble Moose Bath Form(ENVELOPPEMENT)500mL ¥5,000+TAX



Nice to Meet you! I’m Claire.

“I’m a boyish girl who loves street cultures, pretty girls, and gangsta rap.
I hope I’ll change and look a bit more feminine this year.”

Claire’s Picks

PS by Paul Smith


Taste spring from your feet.

“PS by Paul Smith, the new brand started from Fall/Winter 2016 as a diffusion line of Paul Smith, projects dynamic yet detailed designs. What gets my attention at first sight of the shoe is the vivid pink color. It is not rare that girls love the flashy-colored items just like it. Even though the color is so vivid, the material where it is suede generates an awesome harmony with its intensity. Additionally, it is less challengeable to wear the vivid-colored footwear than flashy clothing. I’d recommend wearing the shoes stepping on the back side.”


Paul Smith Limited



Over Crewneck Sweatshirts

Devote, especially to the essentials.

“I love a girl with a mannish style. The girl who wears oversized items just like a boy has a distinctive prettiness. The huge sizing where the whole body is overly covered and the unique relaxed figure from the shoulder to waist generate an exquisite balance. Every oversized outer and tops can fit well with high-waisted jeans, or pencil skirts can also form an absolute loveliness. When wearing simple items, the overall silhouette is a key rather than its detailed design.”




2017: the year of the Rooster, according to the Chinese zodiac.
So it’s my year!

“I’m Saskia and the one who is freaked out by the fact that 24 years have already passed.
In terms of fashion, beauty, cooking and drinking,
I want to be getting a bit more matured step by step.”

Saskia’s Picks


Denim Pants

Boys’ Denim Delivered by skate crew

“People will never be bored adding new denim pants to their closets, or rather spontaneously be attracted by another pair anytime, yet my absolute choice is the one from POLAR SKATE CO. The denim with a refined stonewash depicts vintage, and the details such as pockets and tags are also developed with fascinated embroideries. The denim is versatile which can be styled with a VANS sneaker to be boyish or styled with whatever your daily girlish items. In this season, I’d love to try purchasing one size larger purposely that I am able to show off my belt well.”






Conceited with the Simple yet Distinctive White Sneaker

“The classic daily item—white sneaker—is indispensable. The routine piece can be either casually or formally styled in whatever situations where it is highly appreciated for decades. This velcro calf leather sneaker from MaTeS has a very simple design, yet the ‘MaTeS’ logos on the shoe tongue and the backstay parts make it superb. Here’re perfect shoes to discriminate yourself from being “typical” with a white sneaker.”


Eddy Brocade Co.,Ltd.