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Vol.02 Stylish Athleisure Items that editors Picked Up
Photo_ Hiroyo Kai (STUH)

a series of features of GIRL HOUYHNHNM editors’ personal shopping wish lists.
The second theme for this feature is “Sports”.
It’s getting warmer outside, so why don't we exercise?
Keeping fashionable sporty looks helps you motivated.
Find well-designed items with amazing functions!

Sports are beautiful.

Although books and movies rarely make me cry, sports easily get me emotional.
Especially, when it’s like the last game for a retiring player.
At the same time, when I’m watching young people playing baseball or soccer at National High School Invitational,
that reminds me ‘I’m getting old too’. Ohh boy, this fact makes me kinda sad.

Tatty’s Picks



Everything is Ripped & Patched Together.

“I’ve liked second hand clothing since before, and I always get Champion’s collage sweatshirts whenever I find ones in my size and good condition. At some point of my life, I’ve gotten this idea: a college sweatshirt has to be vintage (I think some people agree with me). Even though I still hold this belief, a piece from FACETASM is just great enough to ignore it. This cool sweatshirt is mainly made of sweat fabric, having patchworks of denim, rib and knit fabrics. It’s not easy to forget special parts that only vintage has, but I can tell there are not a lot of very fashionable sweatshirts like this one.”





Track Buggy Pants

Track Pants for Grownups

“Track pants have been gaining more popularity in the world. It’s just a sweat pant, and honestly I didn’t expect it to be a trend. Looking back on my childhood, I remember I was trying to look bad, wearing clothing from Karl Kani and Fubu, I was in elementary school. And Adidas pants as my pajama when I was in elementary school. Because of these memories, I feel so embarrassed to wear not only the first two brands but also even the last one, too. I don’t exactly know why, but I think that I could try to wear a pant from NEEDLES. It’s nice and wide legged and the color is not like ordinary training pant but just perfect. Maybe this old school yet chic vibes make it like that. The fact that girls wear NEEDLES kind of shows they’re fashion savvy.”




Sun Tanned Skin x Sports

My skin is so dark that I look like one of junior high school kids every time I wear sporty outfits.
If I play sports, it should be inside ones.. because melanin matters. haha

Rachel’s Picks


Bomber Jacket

The problem with being too shiny is solved.

“When it comes to sporty outerwears, a bomber jacket is king. Actually, though, the bomber jacket has been my least favorite item because it has a unique feeling that kind of reminds me of gangsters. It’ll be still fine if they are made of the melton cloth but not of nylon because all the shininess and colors look too much. Although I’ve been saying that in my whole life, this jacket from Maison Kitsuné changed my mind. The dark navy satin that almost looks black and the red shimmer as an accent color are looking pretty enough for adults to wear. Also, it’s quite a nice-fitting jacket, so it’s highly recommended to people who don't like the latest trend of oversized styles.”


Maison Kitsuné Customer Center


New Balance

New Balance 991

Is it ok that these are exclusive to girls?

“Hey girls! It’s fine to read this though but just keep this in mind: fashionable boys will stare at you for sure if you put on these shoes. And, hello boys, who are looking for a White Day’s gift for your girlfriend! Here are New Balance’s exclusive women’s shoes in special colors! As you may know, they are from 911 series. Once girls wear the pair of shoes, they won’t wear anything else because the sneakers are almost as comfortable as fluffy carpets. The answer for the country that the shoe is “MADE IN” is England. The combination of the upper white lace and the smoky green material looks nice and fresh. It may be too cool to wear this pairs only for sports, but you could actually be that luxurious if you receive them as a gift, don't you think?”


New Balance Customer Center Japan


Spirits, Techniques and Powers!

The relationship between our bodies and minds is quite interesting.
When I do some exercise, I feel not only physically but also mentally healthy.
I want to play sports, having fun and to have a more refreshed mind than ever before!

Miami’s Picks


Clifton 3

Chosen by Thoughtfulness

“I have joined the half marathon only once in my life. Before officially getting a job, my co-worker said to me, ‘Do you wanna join the Shinjuku half marathon?’, and I spontaneously said ‘yes!’. I somehow managed to complete running, but there is no word to explain how my muscle pain felt like. I’m still working for this company that is quite passionate about sports… To stay healthy, I recently feel like running again. I’m about to get a new pair of shoes that are nice and technical for beginners. Based on my standard of thoughtfulness, I chose these shoes: HOKA ONE ONE® Clifton 3. The midsole is nice and thick while the cushion is very lightweight and comfortable. It’s pleasantly comfortable for every parts of our body including our knees, back, and feet. I also love the color combination of Yellow/Blue.”


Deckers Japan



See-Through Jacket

Meet me at the tennis court!

“Although people often ask me if I used to belong to a tennis club, I used to play softball instead (right handed thrower&left handed hitter, first baseman, my favorite player: Hideo Nomo). Tennis has been something closed to me since I was a kid because my dad was a passionate tennis player. As I was thinking I’d like to try to play tennis again, I found this see-through jacket from ellesse AUTHENTIC ATHLETIC. The jacket is designed with mesh fabrics and I love how transparent it is! I always start things after getting clothing, shoes and everything, so that this jacket will be the perfect motivator to take me to a tennis court. Currently, I’m looking for someone who I will play tennis against.”




I love everything new, and the same goes for sports, too.

Lately, I tried KaQiLa that is a new exercise to mainly use rib muscles.
It’s a different exercise from Yoga.
There were some poses like a kabuki actor would do, and it was so much fun!

Samantha’s Picks

beautiful people

Tote Bag with Logo Tape

Don’t Matter What’s in it, You’ll Look Stylish Anyway.

“The tote bag captured people’s attention at the beautiful people’s show last year. Especially, a stuffed bear in the bag totally caught my eye. Oh my gosh, that was so cute. The bag will always look cute whatever you put in it, but I’d personally like to use it for sporty looks. I could bring colorful sport outfits to a gym or swim wears to beaches. It’s so easy to clean up that we don't need to worry about keeping it clean. The bag is even big enough to hold a bath towel. This is what I do: the bigger the bag is, the more things I put in. I gotta prevent myself from being unable to carry the bag around because of too many things in the bag.”


beautiful people Aoyama



Overall with Build-in Bra

It’s Just Super Comfy. That’s It.

“I wish I could run around Tokyo, using runners stations like local runners do. That’s one of my dreams. Why does it stay as a dream? That’s because I haven't tried to join them because I don't know what to wear on the way to go and to come back home. In my opinion, we should completely dress comfortably after running for a while. You know what’s amazing, NERGY understands such a concern. This overall is made of jersey fabrics and the built-in cups give me one less thing to put on. This provides you with absolute comfort. The high waisted design gives more options for us to pair up with a denim jacket or crop tops. Now, I feel so ready to go out and run… but we’ll see if I’m actually gonna do it.”


NERGY(Jun Customer Center)


Run, Climb & Move!

To be honest, I am not good at sports.
But I still want to be healthy, drinking and eating healthy and starting to play sports.
I wanna have a healthy life while having fun!

Sojourner’s Picks


Nylon Jacket

Oversized Yet Impressive

“Even though I don't even know how to ride a bike, my new year’s resolution is to have a healthy lifestyle. That’s why I want to exercise regularly, trying to run, climbing a mountain or doing some sorts of sports. To start my athleisure life, I’d rather get a simple outerwear that looks still good with everyday outfits than technical sports apparels. Recently, I just found this oversized rain jacket from NACO PARIS, one of street brands in Europe. The huge logo on the jacket and the loose silhouette are looking so cute. It’s made of nylon fabrics so that I would be well-prepared for unexpected weather anytime!”


Journal Standard Omotesando




A cap could be a part of my face.

“People say, ‘You never wear hats’ to me, and that’s accurate. Even though I don't even remember the last time when I bought hats, I lately think a sporty item to add to my everyday wardrobe can simply be a baseball cap. When I was looking for a good-fitting cap to try out, I found this perfect one: the cap with a huge alligator logo from LACOSTE. There is no need to mention this stunning embroidered alligator and the nice and heavy fabric. It’s been a while since I wore a cap last time, so I want to start off with the basic color, black. You know what, I’ve already got one for myself!”


LACOSTE Customer Center


I' m good at some sports while I am bad at some.

I love marine sports and I’m great at diving and snorkeling.
At the same time, though, I don't have strong arms so I suck at many things including playing a bar.

Naraly’s Picks



Hoodies, the Symbol of Sports

“I’m gonna be straight forward with you; when I start sports, I need to get all items first to motivate myself enough. In order to play any sports and perform better, I believe fashion is such an important motivator. Anyway, the theme for MSGM resort 2017 collection is ‘Sporty Romanticism’. The red lined logo on this white hoodie looks like letters on a team uniform. The see-through material layered on the white sweat fabrics makes it a perfect piece that doesn't give too much impression to people. It matches with skirts or sweatpants. Whatever you wear, you can just enjoy the cool sporty vibes!”





MISFIT2 and Nantucket Bands

Check Fitness Condition on Your Smartphone!

“The eye catching red band and 12 lights— this item is a wearable fitness tracker from an American brand, MISFIT. By having it on your wrist, it automatically tracks everything from your steps to sleep conditions. You can also connect it with your smart phone. It’s great that the vibration motor works to tell you someone’s calling you even if you keep your phone in your bag. You can choose a leather band as another option, but I prefer this rubber one because I can go swim while wearing it. Also, you can share the data with your friends, so it’ll be fun if you complete each other, checking running records.”

MISFIT SHINE 2 Carbon Black ¥12,800+TAX

MISFIT SHINE 2 Nantucket Sport Bands 2-pack ¥4,000+TAX

※2-pack (Red/Navy)



This spring, I want to play sports again.

I used to belong to a track and field club, so I do love exercise. It’s just too cold to go out and start now.
I’ll be ready for warmer season, getting some clothing that will make me excited to do sports.

Claire’s Picks


Nike Cortez

Balance between Cuteness & Convenience

“This year, it’ll be the 45th anniversary of the Cortez released as the first sneakers from Nike in 1972. Do you guys remember it was so cool Bruno Mars and his performance team were wearing the Cortez in Black/Gold for the Super Bowl half time show? Since so many people have loved the sneakers for decades, I think I should finally get one for me, too. Although I don't really play sports, I walk a lot for my job on a daily basis. With that being said, the lightweight nylon fabric and this color that goes well with any outfits are just the perfection.”


NIKE Customer Center



Classic Half Zip Pullover

Love at First Sight @Vintage Inspired Style

“I found this old school yet cute half zip pullover that reminds me of 90s sportswear. I love the logo in the middle of the piece and the eye-catching national flags on it. It’s also good that it’s not too flashy since the pullover itself is black. I think it would be cool if you get one in XL and wear it like a one piece. It’d even be better if you pair it with basic sneakers and a mini bag from a luxury brand.”


Reebok Adidas Group Customer Center


Well, What’s a sport?

When we were a student, we were almost required to play sports in P.E class, right?
After graduation from high school, I’ve avoided doing any exercise.
I’m at the heaviest point, and noticed I gotta do somethings. It is finally time to try something out!

Saskia’s Picks


Track Suits

This Provincial Piece is Sick!

These track suits are from YARDSALE, a skater brand owned by teenagers in London. They kind of remind me of P.E clothing, but they are still looking perfectly cool. That’s my favorite part of these pieces. On the back, there’s a graphic logo giving it retro vibes somehow. Probably, it’s easy for girls to wear these, isn’t? Lately, in terms of the skating industry, local independent brands are gaining more popularity than ever. The skater kids behind this brand have such a strong passion and it inspires deep inside me to be more athletic.”

Track Suiit Jacket ¥14,000+TAX

Track Suit Bottoms ¥10,000+TAX



Adidas Skateboarding

Matchcoat High

A Romantic Pair of Shoes with Embroidered Mom’s Name

“This is a pair of shoes designed by a professional rider in team Adidas Skateboarding, Na-Kel Smith. On the baby pink suede, there is a hand-sketched rose motif with his mother's rapper stage name. The design implies how he loves his family, at the same time, it is a pair of functional skateboarding shoes. The great things about the high-top construction are that shoes fit you well especially when playing sports and that you don't easily get a blister. I’ve avoided skateboarding in my whole life.. maybe I should get this and try to skateboard!”