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Vol.03 Editors’ picks for the spring colorful items!
Photo_ Hiroyo Kai (STUH)

Shopping Addict – serial publications introducing items
what the Girl Houyhnhnm editors currently want.
We, the editors, spontaneously tend to crave plain dark items;
however, the theme of this month is “color”.
Colorful clothing is what always raises girls’ moods
such as rainbow, red, lavender pink, etc.
Embody colorful in your own style!

Color of Sticker

Girl Houyhnhnm makes logo sticker
and we are making other colorway version as the current one is out of stock.
The new colorway comes with black on red ‘Bred Color’.
I personally want Knicks color.



T-shirt and Leather pants of OFF-WHITE c/o VIRGIL ABLOH™

Differentiated Red by material.

Color we often see at shopping or trade show nowadays is red. Red items are released by varieties of labels regardless genre, but it comes with a bit of twist by luxury street head, OFF-WHITE c/o VIRGIL ABLOH™. T-shirt and Leather Pants that also used in show come with notable materials of pile in the former and leather in the latter that aura is outstanding compare to red released by other labels which is also consolidated by Made in ITALY quality. The label now became top at men’s scene with support of celebrity, but you’d never knew women’s is that cute, would you?

T-shirt ¥39,000+TAX、Pants ¥204,000+TAX


+81 3-6712-6777


Ring belt by ROTOL

Best of belt.

If you want to take color into your style, I would encourage to do with belt. It has many color variations, easy to bring to your coordinate and most of all reasonable. There’s no reason to use it. I’ve researched wide labels from non-famous to popular and my personal best was the one by ROTOL. As you can see, color tone is beautiful and plenty length (180cm) is a point that comes to under knee even if I (height 180cm) wear it. This belt allows you to take trendy mood into your style easily. I actually got white color for myself and I liked its chemical like white color that is different to lot of others, which look like Judo belt because of cotton material. Not mentioning that white is not really “Color” though,,.

Belt ¥4,500+TAX



Try again and again when I fail.

The theme of this month is “color”.
As I held up my personal late 20’s theme to “not rely on black”,
I completely lost my style and messed up savings then, haha.
Since I recently lean on the black-style again,
I’d rather style as gaudy as possible this spring.

SELECTED by Rachel


Glitter Pumps (TOGA PULLA SHOE)

Heavily fulfilled just by imagining to match them with denim pants.

Why is a lady always allured by a pair of shoes from TOGA PULLA SHOE? In my personal view, it comprises a vigor, an elegance, and a fascination such the elements every woman desires. I used to opt plainer monotonous items, yet I am currently charmed by this gaudy glitter green pairs as a new aspect of the brand’s attraction. Personally, I tend to recollect “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” by looking at a pair of glitter shoes and therefore I always crave it. Additionally, the square toe flats remind me of my nostalgic life in 90S as well. Shoes indeed recall great memories.


TOGA Harajuku Sore


FENTY PUMA by Rihanna

Backpack (FENTY PUMA by Rihanna)

Rely on the artist’s prestige when trying a fussy color.

The only color I do not see in my closet – baby-pink. I ignored wearing the color last spring even though it was trendy as well as this year despite of its continuing popularity; however, I changed my mind when I encounter the item from FENTY PUMA by Rihanna. The idea which piles glossy baby pink on khaki… I take my hat off to her. It’s just extraordinary, so please check out the brand’s official website! Moreover, the bag acquires chinoiserie-like flower patterns, so it’s not too girlish, and it obtains a PC pocket inside which is a great news for a nomad worker. Therefore, I’d like to overcome my negative impression of baby-pink with the backpack under the great commander, Miss Rihanna, this spring.


Puma Customer Service


First of all, the lip.

The other day,
I was again asked if I was without makeup even though I was…
Let’s apply spring-ish colors to become more gorgeous
from the plain-looking face!




Crushed on it!

Probably, there is no female who dislikes to stay in the first floor of a department store. You know the ecstasy when you get a new item at an elegant cosmetic counter in its luxurious perfume scents. ROUGE COCO GROSS from CHANEL is what I purchased recently with that elated experience. I selected three colors including #742 FRAGOLA, #776 IMPULSION, and #778 CAVIAR out of all the 27 colors. The clear coloring and its fresh and juicy textures are so practical! By the way, #776 and #778 are top coats which are derived from the idea called layering in which they can be piled on lipsticks and upgrades their tints by doubling the makeup.

(From above) #776 IMPULSION (Limited Color)、 #774 EXCITATION、 #778 CAVIAR (Limited Color)、 #728 ROSE PULPE、 #756 CHILLI、 #726 ICING、 #762 HEART BEAT (Limited Color)、 #738 AMUSE-BOUCHE、 #748 NECTAR #736 DOUCEUR #742 FRAGOLA (Limited Color) ¥3,600+TAX Each ※Limited colors are end on sales once they are sold out.



Split Shirt (NÏUKU)

Find me, please!

My wardrobe is somewhat conservative which mostly stores natural plain-colored clothing, and that seemingly reflects my personality in which I am relatively introverted. However, I have a mood that I want to wear vivid clothing since colorful items are boosting this season. The green-striped split shirt with the orange sleeve-lines from NÏUKU is what responds to my desire. As what it’s named after, there is an orange piping on its slit at the split part. When you put on the item, your arm is gorgeously shown in the space of the slit and that balance is superb. I want someone to witness me wearing it in the city as I’ll be graduating from the conservative fashion.

¥36,000+TAX(Reference price)



Overwhelm the closet with colorful clothing.

As long as it’s the time for a new season,
it’s the term for minimalism as well.
I don’t wanna waste, but I have to… Please help me taking out my stuff!

SELECTED by Samantha



The pink that I wanna challenge this season.

Honestly, I didn’t wear pink clothing at all for a long time. Nevertheless, I feel like my history without pink is about to cease since I encountered the wide pants from VIKA GAZINSKAYA. The pants attract me of its exceptional balance where the layered tucks offset the too-girlish pink color. The designer is often snapped at Paris fashion week, and I saw her matched the pants with pink check shirts; furthermore, her outer was even pink! As a beginner of this color, wearing all-pink style like her is a bit too much, so I'd like to begin with a jacket such as a rider’s.


International Gallery BEAMS



T-Shirts (Hanes)

Unbelievable that I didn’t own one.

Last summer, I wore Hanes t-shirts almost everyday without cheating on the others. I, as a devotee of Hanes, strongly recommend BEEFY-T which is the classic tee that adopts a thick 6.1-ounce fabric. I’m addicted with its durability that does not lose its shape even wearing it through an entire season. In addition, it’s so easy-to-wear despite of its thickness. Eventually, the new BEEFY-T model is released! The new piece has a chest pocket. Even though the difference is slight, the whole impression will be quite disparate once there is a pocket. In this spring, I wanna try the red one with a camisole and chinos to style a pop outfit.

Pocket T-Shirts ¥2,000+TAX Each、T-Shirts ¥1,500+TAX Each

Hanesbrands Japan


Because it’s spring!

Spring, it’s the season when diverse colors are emerging.
During the period, merely selecting a color fulfills my heart.
I wish to take off a heavy winter coat and begin reveling in the spring-colored items.

SELECTED by Sojourner


Earring (ST, CAT)

The exceptional item that I don't want to share with.

I’m currently binge-shopping for buying too many earrings that I cannot even count how many pairs I bought in this season. Since I’m not pierced, my choice for ear-accessories are often limited, so I consistently keep my eyes open to various brands’ accessory collections. Then, the piece perfectly matched with my preference! The earrings from ST, CAT are all one-of-a-kind item. I personally prefer accessories to be gaudy and colorful, and the marble-pattern in its matte-material generates an extraordinary harmony. Even though the colors and shapes are completely disparate, there is somewhat a unity which fits with whatever styles and outfits.

¥8,800+TAX Each

Emma Greenhill

Scarf (Emma Greenhill)

Sense of humor in a painting.

When the theme of this month is determined as “color”, the first thing came up to my mind was a scarf. I often tend to wear a monotonous style, so scarfs, especially the vintage ones, are the only items that I can revel in styling loud colors. My recent favorite pieces are from the U.K. brand, Emma Greenhill, which usually acquire mysterious yet lovely animal images. “Wearable art” is what the scarf is called since the designer voluntarily paints the patterns in her original stories. The scarf is made of silk which attains a pleasant texture, and the pattern look differently by how you tie it in which you can arrange the appearance in your preferred style.

¥29,000+TAX Each

Steven Alan Tokyo


Illuminate my standards.

Gray, navy, and white – the three primary colors that forms me.
My life is basically constructed by these colors or used to be,
but recently, I’m obsessed with chromatic-colored items.
Is that a magic of spring? Well, I’m not really a spring person though.



Men’s Polo Shirts (LACOSTE)

Dispatch !!! That's it !!!

Navy and white ones are my lifetime buddies, and I bought a khaki piece of L.12.12 Classic Pique Polo from LACOSTE last year. I was going to purchase another navy piece since my current model is quite worn out, but I was immensely preoccupied by the colorful models. By the way, I recommend a girl to wear a men’s size since the oversized style looks much better than a women’s just-size (in my personal opinion).


LACOSTE Customer Center



Era Half Moon (VANS)

Pink color unrequited love.

Even though there are various colors among the same model, I‘m especially obsessed by the pink pair. I’ve never owned any pink item in the past, yet suddenly my personal pink-boom has emerged, and I already bought two pink sweatshirts and a pink t-shirt this year. Meanwhile, the pink Era Half Moon from VANS was launched recently and grasped my soul. The retro design and its pink are so compatible as well as the blue brand tag illustrating an exquisite presence.




Sweet seventeen-ish spring.

As I was born in April, spring is somewhat a special season for me.
When I physically sense the warm spring wind,
I suddenly feel like I want to sprint as my soul desires.
The situation is, for example, when a teenager crush on someone in school, haha.

SELECTED by Saskia


Color Knit (UNIF)

Hardly wear it like a tomboy.

UNIF is one of my absolute favorite brand of all days. I’m always influenced by its distinctive items as well as its bad girl-like brand look where it stimulates me that “I wanna be like ‘em!” I’m attracted by this sweater as I’ve been believing a tomboyish girl often incorporates a colorful item in her outfit. The random coloring and its border patterns are characteristic, and it adopts the rib-fabric which would fit for whoever’s body shapes. To be a Saskia, you’d better wear an overall with hoop pierces to show off your ideal tomboyish style. Don’t forget to apply dark lipstick for finishing up the style!





Clear Belt (G.V.G.V.)

Tropical but juicy belt!

Winter, the season when everyone tries to rely on plain colors, is nearly ending and it’s time for spring! Thus, vivid accessories are recently conspicuous and notable. The clear belt just like a gummy that was found at grapevine by k3 is from G.V.G.V. The belt is not only practical as a belt, but it is also functional as a choker when rolls it twice. Since the item is made of the vinyl-material, a tight outfit such as a shirt-dress could match well to appeal the accessory expressively. I conceived the belt is somewhat enchanting that it spontaneously allures a man into a world of adulthood (in my personal opinion).


k3 CO.,LTD.