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vol.6 When will the rainy season end? Items for a rainy day selected by editors.
Photo_ Hiroyo Kai (STUH)

“SHOPPING ADDICT for GIRL” — the serial publication in which we, the editors,
introduce our most desired items of a month.
The theme of the sixth volume is a “rainy season”.
Our editors selected fresh, stylish items
that can eliminate our annoying feelings of the recent damp days.
Surely, the goods are functional for the season as well!

Water-resistant spray.

I’m recently interested in a made in Singapore water-resistant spray
and a textile product that are dealt at Tokyu Hands.
Watching the promotion videos make me to think purchasing the items,
but I unfortunately have to give them up by looking at their prices…
That’s so typical of me, haha. Anyone please tell me if they worth or not!

SELECTED by Rachel



I don’t mind even if I’m not an umbrella person.  

Usually, we carry a bag pack in a rainy day, but when we fold an umbrella in such a day, we notice the bag often gets so wet and documents inside of it are heavily soaked. Thus, we’d better rethink about our protection, and so I’ll introduce the raincoat in which AUGUSTE-PRESENTATION and ELKA, a Denmark’s rain-brand, collaborated. Despite the fact that I already own plenty of Gore-Tex outers, I really crave this raincoat since it comprises a belt on its back where it can adjust the size of its width, so I can carry a bag pack within the raincoat. It’s so innovative! For a person who doesn’t like holding an umbrella in rain like me, the item can definitely revolutionize our lives in such a bad weather.

¥42,000+TAX (EACH)


agnès b. VOYAGE

Knapsack from agnès b. VOYAGE.

Knapsack re-debuted.

Even though I just introduced the outer that accomodates a bag pack for a rainy season, I think a knapsack is also a great choice for such a weather. The bag is sufficiently casual to be worn and the functionality is more than enough as well. I knew a knapsack is an exceptional option for a rainy day, but I didn’t feel like to carry it since I have an impression that it is often worn by a kindergarten kid. Nevertheless, the new bag from agnès b. VOYAGE is certainly a knapsack for adults. In general, a knapsack somewhat obtains an immature atmosphere, but agnès b. made it elegant, and the border lines of the back side of straps are so pretty. Since it will be started selling on this mid-July, I cannot attain it by this rainy season, but it is my priority to purchase.


agnès b.


I heard that you can identify a character of your neighbors
by looking at their umbrellas.

When I was talking about a move in the office, one of the female editor told me that
“neighbors are so important criteria whether to move in there or not.”
Additionally, she said she usually identifies personalities of neighbors by observing their types of umbrella.
Hopefully, I’ll find a nice housing with good neighbors soon…



Rain Coat from Stutterheim.

Too much options rather suffer me.

If I will purchase a rain coat, it will unquestionably be the one from Stutterheim. Recently, high-tech is a trend for clothing, but the item is comprised of a rubber coated cotton which is a classic, water-resistant material that is rather comfortable for me. Moreover, there are different types of designs such as a Chester or trench coat with a variety of colorways, and the sizing starts from XXXS till XXL. Even if you cannot find your desired model with your favorite color, the shop ships you worldwide for free. Personally, I cannot decide which specific piece to purchase and thus I am still thinking. In a perspective of the fashion world, Marni recently chose the brand for its collaborator which must speak to you the quality of this brand.

Rain Coat ¥34,000+TAX

Swedish Lifestyle


Building Block

iPhone Case from Building Block

iPhone case as a fashionable tool.

Steve Jobs complained an interviewer who owned an iPod covered with a case — this is a famous story. I actually agree with his idea, but at the same time, I’m afraid if the screen will easily be damaged or cracked. Recently, I damaged my iPhone’s screen and so I was looking for a new protector, but I figured out that a tempered glass is pretty pricy… Thus, if I have to buy whichever cover for my iPhone, I decided to buy the case from Building Block. If I hang it on my neck, I won’t lose it and it won’t be harmed by rain so easily as well. I must put my iPhone out of the case when using it, but the design is too pretty, so who cares.

iPhone Case ¥13,000+TAX



The season with mysterious coughing.

In the recent years at this season, I always start to cough unexpectedly.
I found out that my parasympathetic nerve system gets very active while I’m sleeping at night
and thus my throat gets narrow and hurt.
I don't have much good memories in this season, so I wanna skip it asap.



Eyewear from MYKITA

Temperature and our mood are raising.

Low atmospheric pressure, high humidity, and temperature differences… It’s such an annoying season for us to pick which clothing to wear, and I was thinking to match distinctive styles based on the specific weather every single day. Yet, I encountered the eyewear from MYKITA, and it truly changed my entire concept on styling. The product is made of 0.5 mm stainless steel without using any screw which made it really tough and strong, and the design is way too pretty as well! Additionally, the pleasant coloring will brighten our emotion in such a bad season. I’ll put it on during a rainy day that I will definitely be full of glee with it.

¥51,500+TAX (EACH)





Moisturized, united, and then touched!

A disorder of our hairstyle is a disorder of our hearts. Isn’t there anyone who is annoyed of the humid weather which messes up your hairstyle? For those of you, I'd strongly recommend PATAGONICOIL. This is an item that I was introduced by GO, a hairstylist, when I saw he was applying it for a model to generate a beautiful wet hair. There are three types of them, and Iceberg Moist is the best fitted for a person with a hard, thick hair in which it gives you a softness to it. Cathedral Smooth allows your hair to be moderately elastic which is favorable for those of you who have a softer hair. Alkanition Extra is made of non-silicon materials, so it can also be applied to your skin, not only to your hair.

From Left
Iceberg Moist 100mL ¥3,200+TAX
Cathedral Smooth 100mL ¥3,200+TAX
Alkanition Extra 80mL ¥4,000+TAX
demi cosmetics Customer Service

Endless rain.

I hate raining. Occasionally,
I encounter a person who likes raining, but that’s unbelievable for me.
Yet, I like the shiny sky after a heavy rain,
and there are a lot of great songs about raining, so I maybe like it somehow.



Snail T-Shirt from Kirime

Señorita, Escargot!

Hydrangea is a typical flower of a rainy season and a snail is a typical creature which resides on it. When I was a kid, its look which is like a worm with a shell was impulsive, and I heard it’s actually one of a kind of a conch. Recently, I thought I haven’t seen it for a while, but it eventually emerged in front of me so fashionably as the t-shirt. Soushi who is the designer of the skating-brand, Kirime, is whom I met for the interview at “Teenage Boogie”, and then he told me that he designed the tee since he loves a snail. We tend to feel melancholic in a rainy season, but staying with this snail undoubtedly cheers me up like I even wanna hum a pop song in rain.



Hender Scheme

Fragrance Tag & Tablet from Hender Scheme

Sheltering from raining on your arms.

The largest problem of the current, damp season is “smelling”. Indoor drying causes clothing to smell badly, and the air inside of subway is humid and fetid, so everything and everywhere in this season stinks so bad. At that time, I found these fragrance tag and tablet! Both of the items are based on smoky leathery scents, and they are also comprised of clary sage which acquires refreshing aroma. The tablet which is made of a vegetable tanning is best fitted for a bag, a pouch, and a pocket, and the cool leather tag could be hanged in front of a door in which visitors would be amazed by their extraordinary scents. By doing so, you can always go back to your housing with the fresh moods, and your friends will also appreciate the elegant smells when they step into your housing.

Fragrance Tag¥3,600 +TAX
Fragrance Tablet ¥2,400+TAX

My hair notifies me the beginning of a rainy season.

My hair is very easy and quick to absorb dampness in the air,
so my hair always gets so messy in this season, and I really hated it,
so I purposely got my hair permed in the beginning of this year.
Therefore, if you notice my hair gets curlier than usual, it's the sign of raining.

SELECTED by Samantha


Nylon Poncho from TOGA ODDS&ENDS

Never lose on raining but always utilize under the sun.

Personally, I like to use rain goods even in a sunny day, not only for a rainy day. Under my recent research, I found the nylon poncho from TOGA ODDS&ENDS, which is a remake-line of TOGA. It’s relatively large as a poncho, but it surely covers our entire figures. Additionally, the poncho adopts a super light nylon which is usually used for a general camp good, so it's so light when wearing it. Furthermore, it can even be utilized as a tarp, so it can also prevent sunlight, not only from raining. Well, where should I use it in this season?






The new colorway is out from EVA series!

EVA series are the product line which is consisted of light water resistant materials. I used it for three years already since 2014 when I initially looked at the article about a release of the series on Houyhnhnm. You can definitely wear it on a rainy day, and they won’t easily gain any damage by water just like a typical cork sole footwear. Moreover, you can actually carry it with you in a bag since it’s so light in weight and change your shoes when it starts to rain. In the initial release, there were only white and black colors, but there are currently vivid colors available including red, blue, and yellow in this season. Especially the silver color, which is also a new model, is very sharp and thus it can add an accent in a simple outfit such as merely wearing a t-shirt and a denim. I wanna wear it based on my feeling with the white and black ones that I already own.

Sandal ¥4,000+TAX



Prevention of the May blues.

Summer is my absolute favorite season
where I can chill outside, bask in sunlight, and drink beers whenever I want.
Yet, I have to experience this dark season before summer…
In such the grey season,
my routine is staying at home and watching Netflix with a Häagen-Dazs on my hands.

SELECTED by Saskia


Vinyl Jacket from UNIF

Beat my lazy feeling with the RED.

Even if I make a plan to go outside with my friends, everything would be messed up under the bad weather. It’s just about the weather, but it’s such a big deal. Yet, the UNIF’s red vinyl jacket makes me feel like “when is the next rainy day?” that I’m actually excited and waiting for raining, so I can put on the jacket. It’s made of a thick vinyl material, so it can be a great alternative of a rain coat. In addition, when I wore it, I recollected my nostalgic memories where I used to wear a vivid rain coat during my childhood. As I have become an adult, I wanna try wearing the jacket with a red bag or skirt to complete a monotone outfit.

Jacket ¥19,500+TAX



Adidas Skateboarding × Hélas.

Skate Shoes from Adidas Skateboarding × Hélas.

Skater so-called a rain-hater.

The umbrella trademark is a famous logo from Hélas, a brand directed by Lucas Puig who is a contracted skateboarder of Adidas Skateboarding. According to him, the shoes are created for skaters to revel in raining which is usually the worst weather for them. The collaborated model of the two big names is designed with the white entire body with green and orange accents to it which is truly a stylish piece. I won’t put on rain boots even in a heavy rain, but I will rather wear the white clean sneaker to show off my freshness under the grey weather!

Sneaker ¥12,000+TAX



Let me win the raffle for the live ticket.

For me, a rainy season denotes Tatsuro Yamashita.
Many people possess an impression of summer on his music,
but he actually produced a lot of rain-based songs.
I raffled his live tickets countlessly, but still never won it… Please let me!



Vinyl Bag from JUN MIKAMI

Transparent items are conspicuous this season.

I had an impression that transparent items are somewhat childish, so I wasn’t a big fan of them, yet I am recently getting interested in those clear items such as sandals and accessories. Especially, the JUN MIKAMI’s vinyl bag is remarkable. The small sizing which is like a purse is great for me who usually don't carry much things in a bag. Furthermore, it’s not totally clear that it has a slight color into it, so my stuffs inside won't be fully revealed which is a nice design as well. The material is perfect for raining in which I can rather enjoy the dark season holding this stylish bag!






Wanna enjoy the material and the prints.

ECKHAUS LATTA is a Brooklyn brand established in 2012. The brand was recently notable since its campaigns based on sex and toilet were so provocative yet fascinating, and I like the mysterious, see through print which makes me guess what that is. I wanna match the socks with a transparent footwear or specifically Dr. Martens shoes to show off the hem parts! Generally, socks get wet in a rainy day, but I’d rather enjoy such a day with the colorful socks and the fancy outfit.


grapevine by k3 aoyama