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vol.9 The real season of fashion has come! 
The most craved items for this autumn selected by the editors.
Photo_ Hiroyo Kai (STUH)

“SHOPPING ADDICT for GIRL” — the serial publication in which we, the editors,
introduce our most desired items of a month.
The theme of the ninth volume is “clothing we wanna wear right away in this autumn”.
As the hot summer is almost ceasing, we start to obtain happy agonies
that what we should start to wear in the upcoming days…
Thus, the editors will recommend you the must-cop items to enrich the autumn!

Nowadays, disposing of…

As I’ll be moving soon, I unfortunately don’t have much time to shop autumn items.
Today, my goal is to dispose of more than the half of my clothing,
yet I cannot find great reasons to throw away my precious stuffs… oh dear.

SELECTED by Rachel

Acne Studios

Turtleneck Knit Tops from Acne Studios

Wrapped in 2017.

I believe anyone at least has one knitwear that is truly essential for an autumn every year. And, I’ve chosen the latest thick turtleneck sweater from Acne Studious as my indispensable knitwear of the year. Since the turtleneck part is pretty large and thus really stands out, my favorite “bundle”-vibe will be presented nicely. On top of that, the sweater acquires a classic ambience yet it is somewhat unique and different from the ordinary pieces. Well, the balance is superb. I think it would match the Gwendoline Sunglasses, which acquire pretty offbeat designs, that models were wearing in its collection. By the way, the knit also conceals our face lines too. Not only for the fall, but it must also be a must-have item for the upcoming winter as well.


Acne Studios Aoyama



Chester Coat from OVERCOAT

What I desire is an essential.

I encountered this coat in a random showroom. Overcoat is an original brand by Ryuhei Oomaru, the president of oomaru seisakusho 2, who possesses an atelier in New York, manufactures apparel patterns, and sometimes even consults. Even though it's a unisex brand, the coat rather looks elegant and gorgeous on a woman as that is what a press claims, and I fell in love with it instantly when I tried it on. It seems like a drop-shoulder when observing it from its front, but there are pleats on its shoulders which generate a little accent to it. Therefore, no one would possibly feel uncomfortable or tight on shoulders because of the pleats. This piece reminded me that the most essential criteria of clothing is a comfortability.


oomaru seisakusho 2


The most fearing season has come.

Fall and Winter items that I ordered at the exhibition half a year ago
delivered together and my wallet is screaming.
There was a book titled "French people have only 10 pieces of clothing", but is it really true?
By the way, I will be in Paris on business trip when this feature is up.



Velour set top & bottom by NÏUKU

I want to recommend it to lazy people.

Though I buy a tons of clothes, I tend to wear the same outfit always. The reason is simple, because it is kind of awkward to think about the combination. In that sense set clothes is pretty useful. Styling is done simply by wearing them together without thinking difficult things. Besides, each tops and bottoms can be worn separately, so practical not twice, but three times! This velour set top and bottom of , is fresh its combination of cropped length hoodie and wide pants. By the way it reminded me the fashion story that I was in charge, then stylist Keiko Hitotsuyama was proposing "cropped length hoodie × hoodie layered". Easy and cute.

Parka ¥52,000+TAX

Pants ¥54,000+TAX





Design◎, Variation◎ and Price◎◎◎!

Buying a piece of clothes that you absolutely want to have. It is commonly known as “Just like you dive off a cliff into water.” Sometimes I tend to do it too for fall and winter season when the unit price goes high, but for that reason buying what to wear daily in reasonable price is an ideal. I was shocked when I saw denim of at the exhibition. It is rich in designs, silhouettes, variations of color, additionally damaged work is given, and all around the price ¥ 7,000! I know that it sounds like phrase of mail-order program, but it’s that shocking for a man who is used to the denim price of men's field. May be it’s good to buy a couple of them in different silhouettes.

Denim ¥5,990+TAX、¥6,990+TAX、¥6,990+TAX



Over the fall.

Since I just finished a shooting for Christmas gifts,
I feel like it’s already at the end of the year.
There really were so many misfortunes to me in this year…
Hopefully, the rest of the year will be bright to me!



Double-Faced Checkered Zip Blouson

Minor change!

Wash→Dry→Wear→Wash→Dry→Wear… This was the unchangeable routine of the summer with my few favorite clothing. As it was pretty boring summer for me, I’d definitely love to try something more different and fun during this autumn. At such time, the double-faced checkered zip blouson from Auralee really got me! I often tend to prefer a longer hem for an outer, but today, this right-sized jacket somehow matches with my feeling. The slightly oversized figure and the exquisite balance of the coloring are such top-tier. Furthermore, the gun club check acquires a somewhat classic yet strong presence which really grasped my heart!





Laundry Bag from AïE

Full of dream and hope.

The laundry bag from AïE was such a notable product when I visited a showroom. AïE is actually a men’s brand which just debuted this spring-summer season, but there were countless amazing items I truly loved. By the way, the brand name is derived from the first letters of “Arts in Education”. Generally, I like a girly small bag which seems there’s nothing inside, but a bag as immense as this one is also fire. The measurement is 81cm×49cm which is huge enough to even accommodate a child haha. Honestly, I usually don’t carry much staffs, yet a huge bag rather makes me more comfortable, you know. Additionally, the prints which were also used on the brand’s t-shirts were so pretty! Anyway, I’ll probably only carry my wallet and cellphone though, haha.




Climax Series

Apparently, it’s already at the end of the baseball season.
My mind around this time is always just hoping the winning teams of the Central League
and the Pacific League to finally compete at the Japan Series.
Anyway, my beloved Chiba Lotte Marines is stably at the last place though…



Pullover Jacket from HYKE

Dangerous zone.

In these recent years, I tried on countless numbers of MA-1s, but not even one item really got me. When I tried them on, they somewhat didn’t fit me well hence give them up every single time, but then I always start to feel like copping one again every next season. And eventually, this great MA-1 from Hyke appeared in front of me. It’s a mere pullover jacket observing from its front, but it actually has a zipper on its back, so it’s certainly a very functional and comfortable outer. Finally, I could resolve my longtime issue! Now, I even wanna change my nickname here on Girl Houyhnhnm to “Maverick” of Tom Cruise from Top Gun, haha.





Bordeaux (wine) knitwear from A.P.C

Sentimental moon sensation.

I wonder why autumn is such a sentimental season of an entire year. Honestly, I don’t really mind a summer is nearly ending, but then I somehow begin to feel something emotional in my mind. However, in terms of fashion, I feel so thrilled to wear autumn clothing and thus start to pull out my knitwear from my wardrobe. I know it’s still hot, but I really wanna wear ‘em already! And in this year, a color, Bordeaux, caught my special attention. Anyway, A.P.C. is already my lifelong favorite brand in which 80% of my all knits are from the brand, and there were innumerable awesome items this season as well, but the Bordeaux sweater was the brightest of all. By the way, when had we stopped calling the color as wine red??

V-Neck Knitwear ¥23,000 +TAX

Crewneck Knitwear ¥25,000 +TAX

A.P.C. Customer Service


On season.

One of my friends is a person who always starts to wear a next season’s clothing before anyone initiates to.
My friend makes me pretty jealous in such a situation,
but I also whisper within myself that “hey, it’s still too early to wear them.“
In contrast, I’m more like an individual who prefers keeping purchased items
in closet till the proper season appears. Which one are you?



sacai Line knit

What’s wrong with being overambitious?

To be honest, I’m a super greedy person. As it’s the trend color of this season, I was thinking to cop a red knitwear which acquires a uniqueness and a street-vibe as well as a femininity and… Well, you now can probably tell why I’m so greedy. Nevertheless, believe it or not, I finally encountered a knitwear which passes all my conditions! Look at this! The knit from Sacai obtains white lines from neck to the sleeves which generates a sporty street-vibe, but at the same time, the pleats on arms make it so feminine as well. Additionaly, the cuffs are made of a flexible material which can adjust its size around wrists. On top of that, the entire figure, especially the silhouette from neck through shoulders, is so smooth and elegant. It’s a piece of perfection! Shopping clothing is often such a hard task especially for a person who possesses high requirements like me, but I guess I won the game of this season with this item.





Corduroy Pants from doublet

Ungirly pink.

Doublet is a men’s brand that I really wanted to try its products for a long time, and the pink corduroy pants were especially the ones that seemed so special to my eyes. Recently, I was sick of myself that I was merely putting on denims and black bottoms and thus I began looking for a nice colored bottoms, and this pink pants were the great discovery! Its faded pastel color exquisitely matches with the soft corduroy material. In addition, the pants acquire a vintage but street taste where they insist a pink is no longer a girl’s privilege. Moreover, those slits within this slightly slim shape are amazing as well! The design generates a real cool figure when wearing them and it also makes our legs look longer. Just like one of the looks on its website, I wanna put on a black hoodie to match it with as a bit aggressive styling.




Next year for sure.

Summer has just ended in a moment as always.
My motto is always to revel in a summer,
but it’s just ceased again without me doing anything like “summer” haha.
I must start considering plans for the next summer from now!

SELECTED by Aileen


Fake Leather Skirt from TOGA PULLA

It brought me a fall.

Generally, most leather skirts are pretty complex to fit in an outfit. Especially, for a person who has a distinctive face like me, the skirt produces a too strong rock-look haha. Yet, I’ll be totally fine once with this fake leather skirt from Toga Pulla. It’s comprised of a soft material with light thin pleats which generates a mature vibe to it, and the highly balanced coloring is definitely no need to explain. The skirt really shifted my melancholic mind of the end of the summer to welcome the fall. I strongly believe this item is pretty adaptive to my current clothing hence the first priority in my wish-list today.


TOGA Harajuku



Knit Dress from PAMEO POSE

Wish to be overwhelmed by the volume.

Once the temperature gets lower, I start to feel like the knit season is around the corner. Personally, I like a large, thick, and soft knitwear to be totally covered in such season. As red is a trend color of this season and is also my favorite tint, the sweater from Pameo Pose grasped my soul. The texture, the shaggy around the arms, and the volume are just perfect. Also, the length is pretty long enough to be worn as a dress, and I guess I don’t need any accessories if I put on this dress! I don't like a cold weather, but unfortunately that is my only excuse and reason to wear it. Fashion’s always full of incitements.




My wish came true!

I was finally able to see a live performance by Tatsuro Yamashita
listened to a song named「Sayonara Natsunohi」with my coworkers who are his fans.
It became the best summer's closing.
I would love to definitely go next year again!



Leopard Skirt from PHEENY

As a crazy fan of leopard patterns.

When I open my closet, there are countless leopard-patterned items that some I don’t even remember if I had bought them. As typical of me, I’ve already purchased two leopard products at showrooms in this season, and one of the items is this skirt from Pheeny. For a long time, I’ve constantly been to Pheeny’s showroom, and I always loved their original-patterned items all the time, but leopard’s always been my absolute choice and hence for this time. Surely, it was a crush. The skirt which is made of quilts acquires the front zipper that can adjust slits, and it can be worn itself or to be layered with something else like denim pants. Cannot wait this my new pet to be coming my home soon haha!

Skirt ¥28,000+TAX



Hender Scheme

Shoes from Hender Scheme

Savor the autumn with the footwear.

As a season turns around, I always wish to cop a new pair of shoes. And, this autumn is determined with the single monk strap shoes, which is made out of velour, from Hender Scheme. I personally perceived that there were a lot of shoes which were made of furs in this season, but they were somewhat “too much” and I couldn't really be into it. However, the pair is a total exception. The classic model is updated into a modern creation and I just love its plainness. On top of that, the velour is consisted of a water-resistant functionality, so we don’t even need to be worried about a rainy day or its maintenance. In every perspective, I must admit it’s an absolute perfection.

Shoes ¥54,000+TAX