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vol.12 Few more weeks till the new year!
Items that brighten the new year’s break selected by the editors.
Photo_ Hiroyo Kai(STUH)

“SHOPPING ADDICT for GIRL” — the serial publication in which we, the editors,
introduce our most desired items of a month.
Surprisingly, this year is almost demising in a few weeks,
so the last theme of 2017 will be “items that enrich the new year”.
Check out all the fantastic items that will unquestionably enliven your new year!

Purchased too much this year…

Since this is “SHOPPING ADDICT for GIRL vol. 12”,
2017, the year which I was introducing
and purchasing all the items in the past articles, is finally ending.
Please favor Girl Houyhnhnm next year as well!

SELECTED by Rachel


テHard-Wear Collection from TIFFANY & CO.

Shape your strength.

“Spend money for small goods.” It’s like a biblical phrase for Japanese, and the quote is especially crucial for a vintage nut like me. Thus, silver jewelries from Tiffany&Co. are must-have items to add elegances into my vintage style! The brand sometimes produces very distinctive designs in jewelries like “Bone Cuff” series, and this hard-wear collection is definitely super unique too. Well, acquiring fresh items for a new year certainly brings a good fate, so I’m pretty sure the pierces and the bracelet will be my first purchase of 2018 to enrich my fortune!

Pierce ¥113,000+TAX

Bracelet ¥156,000+TAX

Tiffany&Co. Japan inc.



PVC Corset from Tibi

Let’s visually show the new year’s aspiration.

Shame on me that my “goal of a year” has always been to “lose weight” in these recent years, yet it’s never achieved. However, I gotta seriously work on diet this year, so the first clothing I’m thinking to buy next year is the PVC corset from Tibi that I saw in its showroom recently. In its runway show, the item was styled with a glen-plaid jacket and that was so gorgeous, but since it’s a corset, it is way too tight for me today… I always make an action first to accomplish a goal, so I’m gonna buy it asap next year and will generate a path for my diet in 2018. I promise I’ll declare a different objective at the end of the next year!

Corset ¥56,000+TAX

T-Shirt ¥24,000+TAX



The one-year anniversary is around the corner!

『Girl Houyhnhnm was initially launched in January 20th of this year.
And, the chief editor mentioned we’re gonna hold
the one-year anniversary party in January 20th of the next year,
so please visit us if you are free then!



Jack Purcell from CONVERSE for BIOTOP

A temptation so-called a new year’s sale.

A new year’s sale. Usually, at the ending and the begging of a year, all the shops start to launch sales everywhere. At the same time, many of you including me have failed into the temptation of the sales. Therefore, I determined myself that I won’t buy nothing because it’s “cheap” or “a new year” anymore. Yet, I’m sure the Jack Purcell from Biotop that will be released in the new year won’t make me regret. Well, the pair is a slip-on without a cap toe which is rare, and the leather in this basic tint is ultimately elegant, so it’s gotta be my first pair of shoes of 2018 without a doubt!

Sneaker ¥14,000+TAX

*Will be released at BIOTOP on January 2nd and at BIOTOP OSAKA on Jan 3rd.



M tree

Palo Santo from M tree

Clear, clean flavor that suits the new year.

Throughout a year, I always buy countless clothing, so I usually got no money to spend on furniture. Nevertheless, I at least try to spend money on lightings and fragrances to make my house a bit better. And, I’ve been using the Palo Santo from M Tree for long years and I strongly recommend you to try one! These are mere pieces of a natural tree with natural oils, but they can also function as an aroma or even as an insect repellent. The item supposed to be used by burning it, but just leaving it somewhere in a room is enough to make a space with a clean scent. On top of that, the price is so affordable! In the past, these things were being used by Latin American indigenous people for talisman, so these sacred pieces of trees really match for wishing a happy new year too!

M tree (2-4 pieces) ¥1,200+TAX



Relying on the Scorpio’s good fortune on 2018!

2017 was a whole mess to me…
Well perhaps, that wasn’t totally a bad year maybe…
Anyway, thank you so much for your support this year
and look forward to see you next year as well!



G’z EYE from CASIO

Like a spy good.

In every new year season, I always go back to my hometown, Toyama, and this year, I’m planning to go skiing during the trip. It’s been a while to visit a ski slope there, so I wish to capture such a memorable moment then! And, I was wondering which camera I should carry with since the weather in a mountain is pretty extreme. At such time, I found G’z EYE from Casio which is consisted of a shock, water, dust, and low-temperature resistance. According to the maker, Casio focused on producing the world toughest camera and this is what’s being created. Additionally, there is the app that can control the camera with a smartphone which makes all the operations easy and smooth. This camera is for sure to capture my wonderful memories in the upcoming local days!


CASIO Customer Service




Firstly moisturize, and secondly moisturize!

I like winter in Tokyo since the weather is mostly sunny, yet it’s always so dried! I like the dried air since clothing can be dried easily, but my hair and skin would also be dried as hell. Thus, I’m currently using the 5 SENS Oil from RENE FURTERER, a hair and body moisturizer, which is comprised of five different natural plant oils. Personally, I really love the scent a lot, so I put it both at my home and office. Then I was thinking to bring the 100ml model, the one I’m currently using, to my hometown-trip, but this thing is too big to carry for a short trip… At such time, the 50ml size is produced recently. It’s not only for a new year good, but it can also be an awesome Christmas gift too!


Customer Service


Year-end vibe.

Christmas Carol is being played, a notification of the year-end party is arrived,
and a phone call from my mom is reached.
It’s already the new year after the several sleeps!



Hanafuda from NISHIKI

Surround a kotatsu with all the family members.

When I was a kid, my favorite moment of a new year was a hanafuda party with my family and relatives. The tournament starts with competitions among kids, women, and men, and the winners of each group would compete in the final. I was pretty good at it, but I never won the championship since my uncle was too good at it… Unfortunately, the tournament is no longer held, and I haven’t even touched hanafuda for a long time already, but I just found this stylish hanafuda that I gotta cop! I’m sure the hanafuda party will be held this year, or I gotta forcefully hold it haha!

¥1,800 +TAX




Shine in the back.

Auspicious! The item is just like a backpack-shaped sacred object. The holy-like backpack is created by the superb collab between PORTER and B JIRUSHI YOSHIDA. The detail of the bag is exceptional in which the inner part of the backpack is also entirely filled with the gold. With this shiny reflective backpack, a good luck will surely hit you too. Gotta wear it really casually, since it’s not casual. Irony, haha.

¥26,000 +TAX



Love watching entire TV series in a day.

People say it’s unhealthy, but who cares!
For me, a new year’s break is the season to watch foreign dramas
and films from early morning till late night.
Recently, Finland movies are my boom,
so I’ll probably complete watching all films directed by Aki Kaurismäki.


Morgan Lane

Romper from Morgan Lane

Lifeline as a girl.

No makeup, unorganized hair, and glasses. Sadly, that’s a typical look of a girl during a new year’s break. As a result, we gradually lose our elegance and femininity at the end of the break. So, why don't we at least wear something pretty at such lazy days? And, I discovered the saving grace which is this item from Morgan Lane. Without specific reasons, items from Morgan Lane are just so kawaii, and the romper is particularly amazing! In its loose figure, the balance of its satin fabric and the exquisite blue is superb. In addition, the small star pattern with the yellow piping is incredible. I wanna match it with a thick long cardigan with puffy socks and spend such a girlish day offs in the new year.


Brand News



Smartphone Case from AGACIC

Say bye to a bag for a while.

Is it a pochette? I bet most of you just thought so! Well, that’s the reason why I wanna cop this “case”. During this season, there’s a lot of occasions we go out somewhere just nearby. At such period, we don’t wish to carry a large bag, so I thought a pouch-like smartphone case that can be hanged on our shoulder could actually be the best choice, and I finally found it! Take a look at the one and only smartphone case from AGACIC. It’s a fur pochette, isn’t it? This is a perfection. The inner side of the fur is openable which is consisted of pockets that can accommodate cash and cards, so the functionality is also marvelous. By just carrying it, our gloomy day-off outfits can be upgraded into a next level.


Showroom Session


Hey, Santa!

It’s right before Christmas, the season where the city is filled by happiness and illuminations.
I don’t love illuminations, but they somehow thrill me. By the way,
this is the last Shopping Addict article in 2017. Hey Santa, I’m here!

SELECTED by Aileen

Polaroid Originals

Polaroid One Step2 from Polaroid Originals

High-spec polaroid.

I’m a type of a person who wants to save memories by physical images, not only in my head. Thus, I always take pictures with my smartphone, but the images come out just too general and I crave something better. Then I recently downloaded a smartphone app that I can take instant camera-like pics, but I thought “why don’t I just buy the real one then?” Polaroid One Step2, the developed model of Polaroid One Step, is a legendary camera that made instant cameras prevalent in the world about 40 years ago. With its classic look, a high-quality lens, a strong flash, and self-timer are also included. Let’s gather memories through this modern-analog instant camera!

¥18,000+TAX Each



Fill The Bill

Pajama-like Set from FILL THE BILL

More than a one-mile wear.

I’m sure everyone desires to chill at home at least during the new year’s break! Yet, it’s actually pretty busy where we have to meet with relatives or friends in our local areas. At such moment, the pajama-like set from FILL THE BILL could be an outfit to wear in such occasions. The loose frill sleeves in the wine-red body with light blue piping—the balance is so exquisite. They could definitely be a room-wear, or if matching this shirt with a pair of a denim, we can even go to Shibuya in the style. This is the ideal one-mile wear, or I could say it's much more than that.

Shirt ¥25,000+TAX

Pants ¥26,000+TAX

Pressroom 4K


The happiest moment in 2017.

There were quite a lot of things that made me happy in 2017,
but the happiest moment this year was that I worked together with my high school classmate!
After the graduation, we’ve always been talking if we could someday work together on something,
and it finally came true! What a wonderful year it was.



Stole from INSCRIRE

The best brand of this season.

In retrospect of a half year ago, one of my closest PR acquaintance strongly recommended me of a fresh fashion brand and since then I was obsessed with its products. And, that is INSCRIRE, a brand that just debuted in 2017 A/W season. Yumika Oka, the designer, is a person who obtains an extended experience and knowledge in fashion as she used to be a designer, a buyer, and a MD in several select shops. Her style is that she creates a feminine figured item by adding a mannish vibe of a detail into it. Particularly, the coloring of the stole is manly which made me really like it. Wanna visit a shrine in the new year by covering my neck with the stole.





Look Book from Jamie Hawkesworth

The book that should be kept in a shelf forever.

The catalyst I started to like him was when J.W.Anderson became the designer of LOEWE in 2015 S/S season. In its look book, there were two persons wearing LOEWE clothing in front of a beach, and that was all there was in the pic, but the look somehow excited me so hard. PRESTON BUS STATION, his first look-book, focuses on people who visit the Preston Bus Station which is a brutalism architecture in Preston, England. Actually, he used to live there as well and every day for a month, he kept taking pics of people with unique look, hair, or fashion, whoever distinctive that captured his eyes. Recently, I was too busy to read or look at books, so my plan for the new year’s break will definitely be scanning everything in this look-book!