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Stylist’s Bag Selection

Seeking spring bags with a stylist, Nobuko Ito.
Photo_Hiroyo Kai (STUH) 
Styling_Nobuko Ito

As the last month’s feed “Ultimate pairs for this spring explored with a stylist, Nobuko Ito” was reputational,
we undertake the sequel to the last edition!
The theme of this month is the latest bags for the spring.
New bag-lines are produced by “our favorite” brands as well as reformations of our daily commuter backpacks,
and a lot of the other remarkable items are introduced this season!

“For a commutation as well as for a nightlife.”

“Since this bag is just as the same size as a smartphone, I personally wanna use it when going to work. I suggest GIRL HOUYHNHNM readers to merely carry sufficient cash, a smartphone, and a lip for the nightlife. Especially, girls do not need too much cash at night since boys would anyway treat us there, haha. Carrying the bag together in a short dress or any danceable style will differentiate yourself from the others in the nightclub.” The roundish outline neutralizes the hardness of leather and studs which forms an exquisite balance of elegance.

3.1 Phillip Lim



3.1 Phillip Lim Japan


“Let the bag be the protagonist.”

On this season, MSGM released a lot of colorful bags which were inspired by 90S cheerleaders. “Every parts of this large tote bag such as the look, the sizing, and the rubber material hit the bull’s eye. I’d recommend not to put too much stuff inside the bag and use it more like an accessory than a general handbag. Additionally, a maxi-dress or a t-shirt & skinny style must fit with it. Anyway, it’s so exceptional that a bag can be a protagonist of any outfit just like this piece.”


Big Tote Bag




“A luxurious laundry bag.”

“The excellent look that I’ll probably use it everyday once I get it. I’m actually really aiming at it, haha. Generally, a tote bag can be too casual, yet this model comprises the gold metallic parts which suits with a mature elegant outfit, and its large capacity is notable as well. In addition, I can put the bag over my shoulder, so it’ll probably fit any style.” sacai just debuted its first bag collection from this season. The tote is the type which rolls up its upper-lids, and it also acquires zippers on its sides which obtains a great functionality in its luxurious design.


S006 Large dry bag




“Crush on a nostalgic ‘red square tote’.”

“I use a tote almost everyday. As a devotee of totes, I believe its thick handles, large capacity, and wide gusset make this bag real attractive. Moreover, I usually don’t crave a tote to be too meaningful or too cool with its design, so the ‘PARISIEN’ logo from MAISON KITSUNÉ is exceptionally slack yet adorable in which I fell in love. The combination of red and white coloring is so spring-ish and marvelous.” As the season’s theme is inspired by Jacques Tati’s satirical comedy, the tote incorporates somewhat humorous design to it.


Tote Bag Parisien Cut


MAISON KITSUNÉ Customer Center


“Can’t wait for summer with this skeleton bag.”

As a big fan of Japan, Julian David’s new mini bag is derived by “Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji” of Katsushika Hokusai which illustrates waves on its PVC surface. Even though the theme is tropical, he chose rough “wave” design to intentionally mismatch its subject. “Because of its coloring and material, we apparently need it for summer rather than spring, haha. I suggest putting only a cellphone, a wallet, and a bottle of water inside of the bag and styling it with a denim jacket & denim skirts or mini-skirts, whatever outfits which present active summer styles.”

Julian David

Printed Bag


Julian David Jingu-mae Shop


“Sensational backpack with rib-texture!”

“Its large outside pocket and the border rib-knit are so lovely as well as its coloring like retro sport-tank-tops and the vivid yellow texture inside of the bag. The backpack itself has a sufficient color, so it fully matches with the all-black style.” The model with its brand name on the rib-part is only available at its official retailers. Actually, the bag contains the brand logo on its upper handle parts as well. The item is superior because of its remarkable use of the primary colors displaying this season’s mood.


BACKPACK (Only available at official retailers)