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Stylist’s Bag Selection

Seeking spring bags with a stylist, Nobuko Ito.
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“Intentionally opting this ‘Boston’.”

“In general, Gregory is renowned for its backpacks, but the tricolored Boston bag was especially notable on this season. The model should fit with a mature spring-ish style such as a trench coat. On the other hand, putting only one side of the handle over the shoulder could make you look younger just like a teen-style. Since it is an outdoor brand, the item is pretty affordable and also easy-to-wear with any style.” As its 40th year anniversary this year, Gregory is producing plentiful items including exclusive and limited goods. The model is available with 20 different patterns and sizes exclusively in this spring.


Duffle Bag XS


Gregory/Samsonite Japan


“The next bag I’ll purchase is this.”

“The zattu’s backpack – I personally crave it rather than to recommend it here. I adore the bag where it adopts cushioned microfiber-suede that generates an extraordinary shape and style to it. While the entire figure is relatively small, the strap on the upper side is quite lengthy, so the bag is not only functional as a backpack, but it can also be a shoulder bag. Additionally, the item doesn’t occupy too much space during rush-hour which is great for a commuter, and it can be worn with versatile styles.” The bag from zattu, produced by the designer of ithelicy, is super-light in weight as well, what a woman-friendly brand it is.






“My best buddy when travelling abroad.”

“Before F/CE. changed its brand name, I purchased the same model which is my absolute favorite of today. I used it excessively when travelling abroad, so the bag is quite rumpled. In addition, the new brand logo is pretty, so I wanna actually get the new model, haha. Moreover, the outside pocket in front of the bag is huge which makes it very convenient. The model adopts the roll-up lid where it has a large capacity, and the design is highly praised overseas.” The backpack is focused on the functionalities and details such as its side zippers and subdividing pockets inside of the outer pocket.






“A business bag unlike ‘the business’.”

Merely switching the front pocket to be white completely transforms the typical dull helmet bag! “Initially, the coloring generates the absolute transformation as well as its functionality where you can carry it in two ways. Girls had better shorten the strap and carry it than to put it over the shoulder with a longer strap. PORTER is a prominent bag brand; thus, the bag is sturdy and its functionality is always more than expected. I’d rather use it formally than casually.” The model adopts a manly military fabric which comprises the mixture of CORDURA and ripstop fabrics.






“Exactly like a 90’s backpack.”

“My first impression – the square backpack which seems to contain a record carried by a skater several decades ago. Nowadays, I don’t spot the design in public, so I honestly feel so fresh observing this old-fashioned model. I’d say a boyish outfit just like a 90’s skater such as a hoodie & denim style could be fire as well as a girlish outfit such as a single dress.” The flap-type daypack is quite rare produced by Outdoor Products. As the black-backpack boom is gradually fading away, now is the real time to start wearing the all-black items!


Metal Buckle Flap Backpack




“’Backpack for a girl’ is unquestionably this model.”

“The combination of not too vivid yet refined white with the purple logo makes the bag so stylish. Since the bag acquires a classical mood, it would undoubtedly suit with a spring lengthy outer such as a trench or a long coat. I’d recommend only wearing it with a girlish outfit rather than a boy-like style. The purple tag anyway appeals the boyishness.” The item is based on its initial design created in 1970’s but manufactured with lighter nylon fabrics. The main pocket is just as large as a magazine can fit inside!


Book Rac Pack L


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