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Stylist’s Sneaker Selection

Ultimate pairs for this spring explored with a stylist, Nobuko Ito.
Photo_ Kazumasa Takeuchi (STUH) 
Styling_Nobuko Ito

As a season passes, we simultaneously change our footwear. That’s our principle.
Today, we contemplate must-buy sneakers on this spring from the world leading brands
with a stylist who is specialized in a mixed style of street and designer brands, Nobuko Ito.
We will introduce 8 indispensable pairs including reproduced pairs
from the past to the hottest models on the latest season.

“Cortez, and then Waffle Racer are my current fashion.”

“Nowadays, the black-bodied Cortez with a white swoosh is my personal bias that I wear daily. Waffle Racer, my another preference, somewhat embodies the squashed figure of Cortez which has an impressive design. The sneaker doesn’t have much volume, so it doesn’t suit well with shorts or cropped pants where you present your bare legs. Hence, I think the sneakers are best-suited with slim pants such as slacks.” This NIKE’s masterpiece, Waffle Racer, was released in 1976. “Its bumpy outsole is inspired and derived by an actual waffle”, said the NIKE’s founder – what an adorable episode that is.


NIKE Women’s Waffle Racer


NIKE Customer Service


“Superb design with functioning ‘more than a sneaker’.”

The new NMD, which is once again collaborated with White Mountaineering, will harmonize with a dress or a t-shirt with pants outfit, the monotonous styles, as a decorative accent. “Wearing a casual sneaker with elegant or designers’ clothing is often unmatched. Yet, if the sneaker is as casual and stylish as this piece, the pair will definitely boost your ‘casual down’ outfit.” Additionally, this tricolor NMD will truly upgrade your sneaker collections.

adidas Originals by White Mountaineering



Adidas Group Customer Service


“Shaping an old-fashioned mode just like an 80S dancer.”

“Until quite recently, high-tech sneakers like Pomp Fury were my boom, yet Reebok Classic’s retro-fitness shoes, Freestyle Hi, are personally remarkable on this season. Various colors are available with the model, so it’s fun picking one you like from the vast options.“ Its popular collaborated model with a Scandinavian cosmetic brand obtains mild and tranquil colors which are dyed through eco-friendly processes. “I want girls who wear an oversized outer and tight leggings to put on this sneaker and to show off her minimal style.”


Freestyle Hi


Reebok Adidas Group Customer Service


“Outside zipper makes the original to the next level.”

“I personally have a rule when selecting a color of an All Star. When purchasing a Low model, I’d go for an exquisite color to present its charm under my bottoms. On the other hand, I prefer a basic color for a Hi model since I usually wear it with cropped bottoms or leggings.” The up-coming model which resembles a bomber jacket is one of the All Star’s 100th year anniversary products. “The model has olive color, so it suits well with any style, and it’s made of nylon which is stain-resistant. In addition, the model acquires the outside zipper which allows us to get rid of our frustration of putting a high-cut sneaker, haha.”




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“Exhibit a basic design yet with a luxurious material.”

“Onitsuka Tiger is well-known for its thin outsole for the most of its models, but I personally prefer the one with a thick outsole. Additionally, I favor unisex designs rather than female models.” GSM is a renowned model which acquires a luxurious look with its suede body where it was inspired from tennis shoes in 80S. “Recently, the high-tech, new sneakers are notable in the society, yet I uphold retro and standard models. Especially, the navy one with white lines is my most-suggested pair.”

Onitsuka Tiger



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“Have good chemistry with a street style.”

“Puma has long been attracting its customers because its collections always present distinctive concepts every season.” On this season, Puma announced Swan Pack Collection which is a new line that focuses on New York City Ballet, a ballet company in NY, and its dancers. The sneaker with the feather-pattern covered by the mesh-fabric represents the tutu from their prominent program, Swan Lake. “The smooth design clearly depicts the current trend. Oversized tops, cropped denims, and this sneaker will be the best buddies.”


Fierce Strap Swan Woman’s


PUMA Customer Service


“’The chicness’ for GIRL HOUYHNHNM generation.”

The sneaker is already notable since the model was exhibited in Koche’s runway. “This color is undoubtedly loved by fashionistas. Especially, the sneaker fits with a blend of designers’ and street styles so-called the intense fashion. I recently feel it’s kinda cool to wear ‘too sporty’ shoes like this one with a very ordinary, daily outfit.” The upper is made of mesh-fabric, so it is very comfortable wearing it. “The model is pretty affordable as well, so please get it and experience how comfortable ‘New Balance’ shoes are.”

new balance

MRL247 Sports


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“Sneakers with various materials are actually easy to pair with.”

The Authentic from Vans which is made of a real unborn calf “resembles a polar bear, which has a very charming look. The model seems just like a typical 1LDK product which obtains chic sense to it. I wanna wear it with wide pants and slightly cover the sneaker to confound people ‘whether it is a sneaker or not’.“ The sneaker is designed as a basic, low-tech model, yet it acquires elegant unborn calf material which is arranged as a mature, special piece. “I often prefer plain sneakers, but I enjoy purchasing various colors and diverse materials when it comes to Vans.”




1LDK me.