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The end of summer, and the new Teva.

The closure of summertime with the Ember Moc from Teva.
Photo_Kodai Ikemitsu 
Styling_Ayano Santanda 
Hair&Make-up_Katsuyoshi Kojima (Tron) 
Model_Nina Endo 

Teva was the brand where we all relied upon during this summertime.
Yet, the autumn is around the corner,
so we must put on something warmer despite our unwillingness.
So today, we’ll introduce the two unique models from Teva
which must be your next devoted footwear of this autumn.
Relish the fall with your new Tevas!

Ember Moc

Ember Moc is a slip-on which is comprised of inner cotton on its upper.
Thus, its comfortability is exceptional which makes it a soft and warm “foot bed”.
Moreover, it’s designed to be 2-ways which can also be worn
by flattening back of the shoes just like a pair of sandal.

〈Teva〉 Slip-on Sneaker (Ember Moc) ¥12,000+TAX Each (Deckers Japan 0120-710-844)

Original Universal Puff

The classic Teva shoes, Original Universal,
are now updated of its straps with the autumn-ish quilts to them.
The new colorways attain somewhat vintage-like ambiences as well.
Such a must-buy.

〈Teva〉 Sport Sandal (Original Universal Puff) ¥8,800+TAX (Deckers Japan 0120-710-844)


〈Teva〉 Slip-on Sneaker (Ember Moc) ¥12,000+TAX Each (Deckers Japan 0120-710-844), 〈CHRISTIAN DADA〉 Tops ¥24,000+TAX, Pierce ¥29,000+TAX, Belt ¥18,000+TAX (CHRISTIAN DADA 03-6451-1056), 〈P.A.M. / PERKS AND MINI〉 Bare Top ¥21,500+TAX, 〈BlackEyePatch〉 Socks ¥2,000+TAX (Concord 03-6434-7136), 〈UNIF〉 Mesh Tops ¥21,500+TAX (The Showroom 03-6450-5371), 〈NUDE TRUMP〉 Vintage Dot Skirt ¥2,800+TAX, Vintage Enamel Skirt ¥6,800+TAX, Vintage Necklace ¥7,800+TAX (NUDE TRUMP 03-3770-2335)
〈Teva〉 Sport Sandal (Original Universal Puff) ¥8,800+TAX (Deckers Japan 0120-710-844), 〈UNIF〉 Mesh Tops ¥16,800+TAX (The Showroom 03-6450-5371), 〈Aries〉 Cheetah Underwear Tops ¥14,500+TAX, 〈BlackEyePatch〉 Pants ¥26,000+TAX (Concord 03-6434-7136), 〈CHRISTIAN DADA〉 Choker ¥39,000+TAX,Key Chain ¥9,000+TAX (CHRISTIAN DADA 03-6451-1056), 〈NUDE TRUMP〉 Vintage Tops ¥12,800+TAX, Vintage Earrings ¥4,800+TAX (NUDE TRUMP 03-3770-2335), Towle & Socks (Stylist’s Properties)