The trend sneakers from ACE Shoes, shown by it girls.
Photo_Yuhki Yamamoto 
Styling_Erica Mimura 
Hair & Make-up_Taro Yoshida

What we need is just like “ACE Shoes”,
which recommends us items that meet mood by catching world trend very quickly
and sorting out what's good for the time
that the world's sneaker trend is broken up more than ever.
Among such best selected models, girls attracting attention
in each city of Tokyo, Fukuoka, and Osaka wore a pair of sneaker of what they like.
This time, NIKE meets FUKUOKA girls.


What do you do?
I am working at a vintage clothing store called “THE MONDAYS” and Fukuoka brunch of the “BOOK AND BED TOKYO”. Since I came to Fukuoka in August this year, I’ve just started working. Originally I like fashion, I wanted to study culture as well, and I chose the “BOOK AND BED TOKYO”. There are magazines of the 90's and “VOGUE” back numbers which are useful reference to me.
What kind of fashion do you like? Do you often wear sneakers?
Vintage clothes. The almost items I choose are men 's like things while making the silhouette remaining the girly taste. I like to wear short length pants, so styling low-tech sneakers and socks with them.
How did you find the sneaker you wore today?
The material texture of rubber sole and suede is cute. As I’ve started dressing more matured these days, it’s quiet colors seem to match my outfits. Maybe I can coordinate long socks to roll up like loose socks.
What have you been into recently?
I’ve just started living alone, so watching a movie. Recently I watched 'Sing Street' on DVD.
Please tell us what you are aiming for future.
As I’m in good environment now where the vintage clothing store can take me around for buying, I'm studying variously and I’d like to become a buyer in the future.
〈NIKE〉sneaker ¥13,000+TAX

〈Cry.〉Jacket ¥55,000(Cry. +81 3-5785-1453), 〈LITTLEBIG〉T shirt ¥9,500(LITTLEBIG +81 3-6407-0270), 〈JUN OKAMOTO〉Pants ¥29,000(JUN OKAMOTO +81 3-6455-3466)

(002BL/BK GUM)

You are still a high school student, aren’t you?
Yes, I am a second year in high school.
What do you usually do after school?
Chatting with my friends at a shopping mall nearby. I also go to lessons of my agent office and gym. As I don’t do exercising at school, I'd like to keep my style.
What kind of fashion do you like? Do you often wear sneakers?
I often buy 〈ZARA〉 and vintage clothes as I can’t afford so much yet. Sneakers always stay on my foot. My favorite is pure white AIR FORCE 1 of 〈NIKE〉.
How did you find the sneaker you wore today?
Thanks to gum sole, it looks more voluminous compare to the AIR FORCE 1 I usually wear so the impression was really different. I'd like to wear a miniskirt, knee high socks, and big size MA-1 together with it to make the points of silhouette.
What have you been into recently?
Working on to make a free paper with good friends around me so I enjoy thinking about its composition. We’ll make it in DIY way by bringing our own clothes, and self hair make-ups. We’ll have shooting at the end of October and I can hardly wait to see it taking shape. By the way its title is already decided. “error”.
Please tell us what you are aiming for future.
I want to become a model. Matsuoka Mona-chan is my idol. I hope someday I can work in Tokyo.
〈NIKE〉 sneaker ¥11,000+TAX

〈Chika Kisada〉Tops ¥29,000, Pants ¥27,000(EL-BAGUS +81 3-3373-7493), Earrings, Socks Stylist’s own


You do singing, right?
Yes, I’m a member of the group called BASEBALL GIRLS. I longed for Amuro-chan so learned dance since I’m little, and my dance teacher at that time asked me to join the group. I’m having lots of experience as I can go overseas as well as across country for live performance. I do DJ and modeling too. For now, retirement of Amuro-chan is just so shocking. Lol
What kind of fashion do you like? Do you often wear sneakers?
Always black color. Lol My favorite item is the riders jacket. I tend to dress street-like loose style when wearing sneakers.
How did you find the sneaker you wore today?
Though some courage is needed to wear pink color sneaker, this suede material makes it to be able to wear with my usual style. I should go well with skirts and also wide trousers.
What have you been into recently?
DJ. I was pleased to see audience from adults to children having a fun at the Fukuoka Castle Festival when I played and thinking of the set list is fun since then.
Please tell us what you are aiming for future.
To appear on stage of Kouhaku (The biggest music program, presented by NHK at end of the year) as a singer!!!
〈NIKE〉sneaker ¥11,000+TAX

〈BELPER〉Jacket ¥53,000(KIDS-COASTER +81 3-6721-0566), 〈CULTCLUB〉T shirt ¥8,800(4k +81 3-5464-9321), 〈Dead Studios〉Skirt ¥12,000(Lignespring +81 3-6337-5253), 〈Stussy Women〉Belt¥5,800(Stussy Women +81 3-5414-5505)