Girls Just Want To Have Fun!

for GIRL

GIRL HOUYHNHNM wise shopping catalogue
Photo_Kazumasa Takeuchi (stuh) 
Styling_Miki Sayama (LOVABLE)

Girl has many items on her wish list!
Everyone bother over which one to buy as we can’t buy them all
(well, we wouldn’t deny that thinking time is kind of fun.)
‘Wise Spending’ is the words said by Yuriko Koike,
the governor of Tokyo who’s representative of Tokyo Girl
and also is theme of「HOUYHNHNM Unpluggd vol.5」magazine.
Although words of wise spending are a bit formal, isn’t it something girls really want to know?
So here is GIRL HOUYHNHNM presents
‘Wise Spending’ by collecting 30 items that show reasons to buy.