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vol.5 Tropical items selected by the editors.
Photo_ Hiroyo Kai (STUH)

— the serial publication in which we, the editors, introduce our most desired items of today.
The theme of the fifth volume is “tropical”.
We will not only recommend those typical Hawaiian clothing,
but we also introduce unique items which enhance our vacation moods.
Let’s go to a beach with these items!

I’m no match with the tropical though…

Honestly, the summer is my most disliked season of all for me.
I don't even remember when was the last time I went to a beach…



Sealed Bottle Plants from N/G

Tropical for an exhibit.

When we hear the word “tropical”, we instantly imagine a summer, but it actually denotes just “warm and humid”. For my comprehension, my chief editor told me that I’m too picky for its meaning, but I’m confident that my item is the most suited piece among this article’s entire selections, haha. The plant within the bottle of a glass is a family of amaranthaceae which exists in the “real” tropical and subtropical areas. The stern changes its shape to become like a petal and so it is called “Kei-to (Feather cockscomb)” in Japanese. Additionally, the plant is soaked in a special liquid, so you don't even have to be worried about watering it. It’s splendid for a lazy person like me that I can enjoy this mysterious yet charming plant semi-permanently without any physical endeavor!

Sealed Bottle Plants (2L) ¥26,000+TAX




Scarf from sacai

Extension of a bandana.

Let me ask a question as a representative of all men. Is that okay for a man to put on a scarf? I personally feel it’s a prohibited item for men since it obtains a more sexual attractiveness than a pure elegance. The permanent collection of Carres from Hermes is a fantastic piece, but I cannot imagine a man wearing it… So, I was a bit jealous of a woman who can put on a scarf without any hesitation. However, I thought this item from sacai can become like an extension of a bandana. It’s navy-basedcolor, yet it actually acquires the pineapple-pattern if you observe it carefully. By the way, it actually is a men’s item, so I’d recommend it for those ladies who don’t like straight tropical goods.

Scarf ¥16,000+TAX



My tropical island = Iriomote Island (Iriomote-jima)

Iriomote Island, known as the Japanese jungle,
is my most favorite “tropical” island over the entire planet!
Paddling a kayak for a few hours, swimming in a waterfall basin,
and eating a peach pineapple after that… what a great paradise it is!!

SELECTED by Rachel


Mesh Parka from SOUTH2 WEST8

One of a kind ambience and quality.

I’m an absolute summer person who don’t mind getting tan on my skin (except for my face), so I tend to look dark yet tropical just by wearing primary-colored clothing on every July. Yet, I have a problem in every summer that I’d frequently be stung by mosquito and gnat. Moreover, I’m allergic to them, so that’s a nightmare once they sting me. However, I surely don’t wanna put on full-length clothing during summer, and then I found this mesh parka from SOUTH2 WEST8! I firstly thought “no way…”, but the khali part around the hoodie is designed for the insect repellant, haha. It seems like a beekeeper, but that’s honestly a great design from such the stylish fishing brand. The tie-dye texture with the short-length is definitely one of a kind. Furthermore, there is a mesh pants with the same design, so if you wear both the parka and the pants, you can probably become the most tropical-est girl in the city this summer!




Cath Kidston

Pajama Pants from Cath Kidston

Intentionally revel in the gap.

Anyone who didn’t recognize the brand, raise your hands! I totally understand since I was the same. Cath Kidston is a London based brand which is renowned of its floral and polka dot textures. The brand released distinctive tropical items in this season such as a handbag which is comprised of banana grips or a pirate parrot-shaped pouch. And, my favorite piece is this lobster-patterned pajama pants! It’s so casual yet pretty, and I initially had a negative impression toward the brand as relatively conservative, but my opinion is totally changed when I saw this too cute print which catches my eyes every single time I see. In addition, it’s made of thin cotton 100% which is super comfortable, and I wish to wear it during work, haha.


Cath Kidston Japan Customer Service


Let’s chant tropical.

Does anyone like the sound ”tropical”? I definitely do.
“Tropical, tropical, and tropical…”
I start to be cheered up after reciting it for three times, haha.



Hawaiian Shirt from SUN/kakke

Vacation coming soon!

On the previous SHOPPING ADDICT article, I wrote my ideal plan for a vacation “OFF TO HAWAII~( ´`)/” in which many of you believed that I’m really going, but I’m actually not. I’m sorry… hehe. YET, I really wanna go to a southern island and thus I declared it. And, the Hawaiian shirt from SUN/kakke is what I wish to wear by a beach on my future vacation. According to the brand, the item is derived from a 40’s vintage Hawaiian shirt which is stylish and retro, but not merely old-fashioned. I love the coloring of the item that I fell in love with it instantly. Even though it’s a men’s brand, the shirt worn by a girl looks amazing, and it’s made of silk 100% in which the quality is exceptional as well.





Comfort Lip Oil from CLARINS

Moisturizing, coloring, and enchanting your lips.

I still don’t give up my hope going to a tropical island this summer! The prioritized cosmetics for our vacation is definitely a moisturizer since we’ll undoubtedly get sunburn then. We shouldn't apply too thick makeup during a trip, but no-makeup is out of the question. At such the time, we crave a good scent and a nice color for our cosmetics, and CLARINS resolved our concern! “Comfort Lip Oil” is a lip oil essence which also has an effect of a treatment. There are six different colors and scents which are all comprised of jelly oil textures where every single piece will apply a lustrous fascination to your lips.

Pic from above
06:Mint (Exclusive color)
03:Red Berry

¥3,200+TAX EACH



Coconut Juice.

During the summer when I was a fifth-grader, my friend and I rode on a bicycle
and cycled about 3 to 4 hours going to a city next to ours.
However, we were too exhausted to do anything there, hence went back right away.
Next day, my dad cut a coconut for us, which we bought during our little trip,
and drunk it together — what a great summer nostalgia.



Swimsuit from Patagonia

You’re my beach idol for this summer.

Generally, I see a lot of gaudy tropical patterned swimwear everywhere, but a plain southern island-ish swimwear is hardly found. The Patgonia’s swimsuit acquires the exquisite balance of a tropical texture and a simple vibe. Actually, the item is reversible in which the other side is entirely the monotonic navy. Personally, I think the item is more fascinating than typical bikinis that I wanna put it on wandering a beach with my smug face.


Patagonia Japan Customer Service



Ceramic Ring from NACH

Welcome to the bird’s world.

The red and blue birds, which mesmerize our fingers, are not necessary delivering happiness to us, but at least they will brighten our emotions. Items from NACH, which is known for its ceramic jewelries, are decorative, elegant, and pretty. Beside the rings I selected today, there are the other distinctive items such as a banana- or a monkey-shaped necklace, an elephant brooch, or a flamingo stapler. With these rings residing in our hands, we can probably overcome the current humid weather to feel like it’s a subtropical ambience.

¥10,000 +TAX EACH

goldie H.P.FRANCE


Tropical seems to be trendy in different industries as well.

When I searched the term “tropical” on Google,
the first words which came up was “kotobank”
and then “Okidoki tropical ver. new slot”.
Tropical seems to be trendy in the Pachinko industry as well.

SELECTED by Samantha


Accessory from AUDEN

Revel in a fruity outfit.

Accessories from AUDEN are often edgy and graphical in its designs, but its fruit-based goods are recently conspicuous as well! The necklace on left is derived from a chili pepper, and I really like its distinctive concept and the playful mind for design. Let’s not think if the chili pepper is considered as a fruit, but I truly believe the colorful necklace will enhance our style this summer. I’ll probably use the necklace as a bracelet by binding it around my wrist and finish up my outfit by matching the pineapple earrings with designers’ clothing.

Necklace ¥26,000+TAX EACH

Pierce ¥33,000+TAX

Journal Standard L'essage Aoyama



Floral Skirt from HartM

Fully relish a sea breeze.

The item is not a typical “tropical” skirt you see, but it actually comprises the detailed designs which perfectly matches with a resort beach. At the first glance, you’d maybe think it’s a full-length skirt, but it actually is a slit skirt which is consisted of a black mini-skirt that is hidden inside of it. The entire figure is so beautiful in which your legs will be sexy anywhere at anytime including when standing, walking, and even sitting. In addition, the colorful patchwork-like print grasped my heart as well. It must be a great choice for our daily wear as well as wearing it like a Pareo by a beach or a pool.


sho inc.


Admiring the west coast.

I, Saskia, am a person who becomes outgoing once the summer shows up.
I really wanna get sunburn to be the summer girl
who perfectly matches with an ocean and summer fruits!

SELECTED by Saskia



Tanned skin with red nails.

The hand-shaped accessory is somewhat becoming a trend where fashionable stylists and editors in London are all wearing. Since I was so interested in its boom, I searched and then discovered that the brand is called Eyland Jewellery in which two girls who live in East London established it in 2014. Additionally, the red nails, which is one of my most favorite thing in the world, are the motif of the model and the price is surprisingly affordable! It’s not made of a pure gold, but I wish to obtain every single piece in the series at this price. Definitely, I need to get sunburn to match the item with for summer!

Ring ¥5,400+TAX

Necklace ¥6,800+TAX




Blanket from bfbf

Laying on the summer beach with it.

When I was routinely doing the Instagram Patrol, my daily hobby that I check random accounts to catch up with whatever real-time posts, I found this west coast-like catchy yet slack illustration. I initially thought it’s a painting, but it actually is a large blanket. The in-between of the good and bad painting exactly matches with the theme of this article. Rather than laying on a beach with the straight sunlight, I’d prefer staying under the shadow of a coconut tree in a cooler temperature with this blanket. Furthermore, I surely can use it as a rug or a tapestry at home, yet it’s rather worth using in such a special occasion.



Nice to meet you.

I’m a new editor who just came in GIRL HOUYHNHNM since this April.
It has been a month already though!
I’ll try to present my own style as much as possible,
and nice to meet you everyone!



Knit Bra from Babaco

Addictive comfortableness once you put it on.

As a devotee of a vintage tuxedo-shirt, the shirt which hugely opens its back, selecting the right lingerie and inner-shirt is always a prioritized work for me. Previously, I tried the bandeau bra which is like a swimwear, but it unfortunately did not fit me well. Thus, I’ve been looking for a perfect innerwear for a while and then finally found this knit bra from Babaco, the brand which is established by Yoko Shiraishi in 2015. The item is consisted of a high-quality fabric which is made in Japan, so its fit to a body is just superb, and I was even touched with its comfortableness. In every season, the brand changes the color combination of the cup- and the under-part, so I constantly check it to not miss any product. I wanna show off the exquisite orange on my back in this summer!





Knocked out with the splendid wave design.

When we wear a simple outfit, we spontaneously crave an accent, especially for an accessory such as a pierce or an earring. When I was thinking so, the refined blue with the wave-motif pierce from Annie Costello Brown caught my attention for my ideal summer style. It’s a brand from Los Angeles, and its every single item is handmade that really grasped my heart. By wearing an oversized white cotton shirt with wet hairstyle, I put on this blue pierce which suits with an ocean walking by a beach. That’s my upcoming vacation. Hopefully…