MY BEST KEEN chosen by hers!
Photo_Harumi Obama 
Styling_Koji Oyamada (The VOICE MANAGEMENT) 
Hair & Make-up_Tomomi Fukuchi 
Interview & Text_Ayana Takeuchi

The women’s outdoor fitness shoes which just debuted this spring,TERRADORA”,
and the model with a novelty design and an extraordinary functionality,UNEEK,
are produced by the footwear brand, KEEN,
as these models are exceptionally reputational since they can be worn at any surroundings.
Girl Houyhnhnm picked three notable girls
who will each introduce us a pair of shoes that matches three disparate situations
including city, mountain, and beach environments.
What’s kind of shoes construct their stylish lifestyles?
We’ll interview each of them to figure them out.


TERRADORA, the women’s outdoor fitness shoes
which can maximize the performance for both playing and working.
This low-cut model can be easily matched with our daily outfits
and undoubtedly upgrade our city-styles.

〈KEEN〉Terradora Waterproof ¥15,000+TAX (KEEN JAPAN +81 3-6416-4808)

〈HOLIDAY〉Tweed Jacket ¥40,000+TAX (HOLIDAY +81 3-6805-1273), 〈MURRAL〉Shirt ¥30,000+TAX, Pants ¥35,000+TAX (MATT.

〈KEEN〉Terradora Waterproof ¥15,000+TAX (KEEN JAPAN 03-6416-4808)

〈INFANONYMOUS〉Shirt ¥26,000+TAX, Skirt ¥37,000+TAX (MATT., 〈Jean genie & hungry freaks, daddy〉Pants ¥29,500+TAX (Jean genie & hungry freaks, daddy



The absolute pair adored by an active city girl.

ーMIKI, I heard you used to have a part-time job at a sports shop, did you?
I have started my career as a model since last December, but I was working at a sports shop just before a month of that. One day, I crushed on one particular sneaker, which actually wasn’t the pair from the brand I started working, but since then I was heavily obsessed on sneakers. The encounter with the model was a catalyst for me to work at a sports shop. I don’t even remember what I used to wear before the crush, but the sneakers are my absolute favorite shoes of today.
ーDo you have any principle when purchasing shoes?
I really do care about sizing. If the material of a pair is elastic, I wear true to my size, but if a model comprises leather, I’d go for a half size larger of my TTS. Shoes from different brands often acquire different sizing and fit, so I invariably try it on every single time.
ーHow did you perceive TERRADORA LOW, which obtains the stylish design with the functionality for trekking?
I love the design as it can be matched with designers’ clothing. In addition, the footbed has moderate solidity, but the outsole acquires a springy cushion, so I love the feeling when it rebounds. The shoe-tongue is united with the body which make it sturdy, so the model is also sufficiently stable when running. A great pair for me on an audition day when I must travel a lot. This is the absolute pair adored by an active city girl like me!
ーWhere would you like to go wearing the shoes?
Probably, the site of the Odani Castle ruins in Shiga prefecture. I’m a nut of Sengoku Generals and love visiting castles during weekends. Especially, I’m a big fan of Azai Nagamasa, so I strongly desire to visit the castle where he fought to his last breath against Oda Nobunaga. Since the castle is located in a mountain, I was looking for good trekking shoes, and eventually I encountered TERRADORA the masterpiece!


MIKI is a hope of Japanese models as her sensational debut to Paris runway show as an exclusive of〈Louis Vuitton〉after only two months model activities proves. The gap of ‘I like girly clothing’ makes her more attractive despite her epicene looking. Her dream is to drive around Porsche Cayenne (Black metallic Hybrid type, left handle and wheels must be thick).